S32: Environment WP

Chair / Contact

Manuela Magliocchetti (manuela.magliocchetti@inaf.it), Gabriella de Lucia (gabriella.delucia@.inaf.it), Simona Mei (simona.mei @obspm.fr)


Since this WP has grown quite a bit in the past years and now embraces people coming from different scientific backgrounds (from the clusters SWG to the Local Universe SWG) who do not necessarily know each other, we have set up this small splinter to present the WP and have a get together

Room and Time

Wednesday 13th, from 9.00 to 10.30. Room BS


9.00-9.15 -- Welcome and general info on aims of WP

9.15-9.45 -- Updates on simulations and Euclid mock

                    by F. Castander

9.45-10.30 -- General discussion

Note: the content of this document is publicly viewable on the meeting website. Please contact the splinter chair about any privacy-related questions. To share internal information, chairs might want to link to redmine pages.