City of Onkaparinga Council 2018 election survey

Candidate name

Robyn Holtham

Robert Godden

Jake Neville

Alayna de Graaf

Bill Jamieson

Edward Pivnik

Cobi Calyx

Joshua Reiter

Krystal Scanlan

Richard Griffin

Saskia Gerhardy

Lorraine Rosenberg






Mid Coast Ward


South Coast

South Coast Ward

South Coast Ward

Southern vales

Southern Vales

Southern Vales

Statement of Support submitted

If elected will raise awareness of the climate emergency with the community and other councils

If elected will advocate for emergency action by state and federal governments

If elected will use available council levers to transition to zero emissions and drawdown excess greenhouse gases

If elected will help protect the most vulnerable from climate impacts

Promise to adhere to the Fitzgerald principles of good government·