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Policy Agreement 2022-2023
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2685 Lapeer Rd., Suite 208, Auburn Hills, MI 48326



Upon registration, you are agreeing to the following.


Class Fee: I understand that each 1-hour class costs $150 if paid in full by 5PM September 9, 2022, for Fall Classes and January 6, 2023, for Winter Classes.

After 5pm on those dates, I will be billed at $180 per class.

Registration Fee: I understand that I am responsible for a registration fee per child each semester and this fee is non-refundable.

Class Change Fee: I understand that voluntary changes made to Fall Classes after 5PM on September 6, 2022, will be assessed a fee of $50 for each change; changes made to Winter Classes after 5PM on January 3, 2023 will be assessed a fee of $50 for each change. Beginning the second week of classes, dropped classes will be charged an additional $10 per class session attended. If you drop a class during the third week of classes, you will be charged half of the class fee.

Refunds: There will be no refunds for Fall Classes beginning October 8, 2022, and February 4, 2023, for Winter Classes

Lunch Fee: I understand that I will be charged a $15 fee per semester/per child for lunch if on campus.

Study Hall Fee: I understand that if my child is on campus during a class period and not with a parent, he/she will be enrolled in study hall and expected to remain in the designated study hall area. I will be charged $65 per class period per semester.

Late Pick-Up Fee: I understand that end-of-day pickup is 3:25, and I will be charged a late pick-up fee of $1 per minute, per child, beginning at 3:45.

Class Cancellations: I understand that any class that does not meet the minimum number of required students will be canceled.

Account Disputes: I understand that any disputes regarding my balance must be handled before registering.

Balances: I understand that any outstanding balance must be paid in full before registering for the next semester.

Financial Responsibility: I understand that I am financially responsible for my Homeschool Connections Fees.

District-Funded Families: If my family is registered with district funding, I understand that it is my responsibility to complete the necessary paperwork and turn it into the appropriate funding source. It is also my responsibility to

communicate directly with them to ensure proper credit is applied to my account and if I don’t follow the proper procedures (count, mentor communication, etc.) as specified by the funding district to ensure that they cover my children’s classes, I am financially responsible for paying for the classes. I understand that I can access my balance through my Orbund account.


Property Damage: I understand that I will be responsible to pay for or repair any property damage caused by my child/children.

Leaving Campus: I understand that students are not allowed to leave the premises before classes unless they are with a parent, drive themselves to campus, or are 18 years or older.

Photos: I understand that photos may be taken on campus and used in promotional material, including the Homeschool Connections website. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify campus supervisors, administrative staff, and my child’s teachers in writing if I do not want my child’s picture to be taken.

NOT Allergy Free: I understand that Homeschool Connections does not guarantee an allergy-free zone.

Parent Portal: I understand that it is my responsibility to log in weekly to my Parent Portal (Orbund) to check my students’ grades and homework assignments.


        In order to attend Homeschool Connections classes, I understand that my child

must be able to function and behave appropriately in class. If they are not

able to do so, they may be asked to leave the program.

Medical Alerts: I understand that it is my responsibility to inform registrars, campus supervisors and teachers of any medical needs, allergies, behavioral issues, family issues and/or learning differences my child has. Failure to do so could result in dismissal from the program.

Medical Waiver: I authorize the teacher of the class or one of the campus supervisors to seek medical attention for my child in the event of an emergency in which the parent cannot be reached.

Behavior & Learning: I understand that Homeschool Connections may remove or withdraw my student from the program or a class at their discretion.


I hold the churches, teachers, supervisors, administration, and CEO of Homeschool Connections Educational Services, Inc. harmless for any injury that might happen to a student while attending classes and activities.

My children will be attending Homeschool Connections at any of the following location(s):

Community Bible Church - Brighton (Brighton Campus)

7372 Grand River Ave., Brighton, MI 48114

River of Life Church (Clarkston Campus)

5482 Winell St, Clarkston, MI 48346

Bethany Baptist Church (Clinton Township Campus)

19700 15 Mile Road, Charter Township of Clinton, MI 48035

Central City Dance (Plymouth-Canton Campus)

6700 N Canton Center Rd. Canton, Mi  48187

Rochester Church of the Nazarene (Rochester Hills Campus)

1799 Walton Blvd., Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Fishermen's Net Church (Shelby Township Campus)

46026 Cass Ave, Utica, MI 48317

I understand that Homeschool Connections has permission to use the above facilities where my children attend and are completely independent of those facilities. I acknowledge that the above facilities do not plan, administer or oversee any of the programs or activities of Homeschool Connections. I further acknowledge that any involvement of members, attendees or staff of the above facilities with Homeschool Connections is on a personal/independent level and does not represent the facility. Therefore, I release the above facility from all liability in connection with the events/activities/programs of Homeschool Connections.

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