Sprint 3

Sprint Overview:

This sprint, our main goals were to make our system more robust and aesthetic. Our kaizen from the end of last sprint was “Quality TM” pushing us to focus on making our sorter more consistent and stable. During the first week of our sprint, we went to Star Wars Adult Night at LEGOland Discovery Center in Somerville for team bonding and research. Thanksgiving break was in the middle of the sprint, and we decided that our deliverables for the break would be creating content for our website. The week we came back from break, we focused on building the next physical iteration of the Lego sorter. On the mechanical side, we built a frame out of 2x4s in order to make our sorter a free standing structure,  re-fabricated our cardboard parts out of clear acrylic, and designed a new mount for our stepper motor. For software, we added a second camera in order to make our 3D object detection easier and more accurate, and worked on writing controls for the stepper motor. The stepper motor proved to be our biggest challenge this sprint. Since we do not have a designated electrical engineer on the team, understanding the setup and controls of the motor took longer than expected.

Project Goal:

The goal of our project is to design, create, and build an aesthetically pleasing LEGO brick sorter.

Modified MVP:

Isolate single LEGO brick from a larger group and sort by three different colors and three different sizes

Sprint Goals:

Roadblocks and Lessons:

Next Sprint: