School Counsellor

This is a full-time role for a professionally trained counsellor/psychologist who is committed to contributing to the socio-emotional well being of India’s brightest girls.

What is Avasara Academy?

Avasara Academy is a nonprofit institution located in Lavale Valley, just outside Pune, India. Avasara is a progressive secondary school intended to educate young women of exceptional promise for a lifetime of leadership and contribution to society. Students are selected to attend the Academy based on merit alone. Avasara students engage in a specialized program which couples the academic excellence of the Cambridge curriculum with a focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, and Indian studies. Avasara Academy launched in 2015 with 50 students in 7th and 8th standard. Today, 272 students study at Avasara from Grades 6th to 11th. Avasara Academy will eventually have an enrollment of 500 students from Grades 6th to 12th.

Avasara provides its students with extensive educational resources—most of which are not currently offered to high-potential young Indian women—including unique mentorship and internship opportunities to explore their personal strengths and interests. Students are provided with ongoing counselling services to help them reach their highest potential in their psycho-social and emotional journeys. Students engage in hands-on leadership and entrepreneurial experiences culminating in either an entrepreneurial business or an innovative social venture that serves as a platform for their future leadership development. Avasara will continue to nurture these leaders throughout their lives by connecting them to powerful networks of people and capital that can facilitate large-scale change. Avasara Academy, therefore, is not just a school but a life-long network that will cultivate innovative, entrepreneurial leaders.

Counselling Services at Avasara

Students come to Avasara from diverse backgrounds and situations. The School Counsellor should have the training and experience to plan and execute interventions for a wide range of socio-emotional, familial, behavioural and academic concerns. Specific understanding of adolescence, its accompanying needs and challenges is a must. At Avasara, the Counselling Program includes:

Key Responsibilities

Personality Profile of the Ideal Candidate

Desired Experience

Location: Pune, India

Start Date: March 2019

To Apply: Email with a CV or resume and cover letter detailing your experience and interest in the position as soon as possible.