Standard Ruleset

This is the TMCR Standard Racing Rules as of 2020-08-17. The @Race Mods reserve the right to make changes to this document at any time without notice.

The Race Mod's Process for dealing with Violations of these rules is outlined in the TMCR Infraction and Punishment Guidelines. Keep in mind that public accusations of cheating will not be tolerated. It is unlikely for conduct more than two weeks in the past to be investigated (due to the availability of VoDs and other corroborating evidence).

Scope of this document

The TMCR Standard Racing Rules ("Standard Ruleset") described here applies to all races in the tmcr category on with the exception of races with a custom goal wherein all participants have a mutual understanding of changes to these rules to apply to that race.

These rules can vary based on the goal of the race, sections where they do are indicated as such.

Gameplay rules

Major Glitches not allowed are patched by the randomizer. In cases where those patches fail to prevent the use of some or all Major Glitches, their use is still not permitted.

Major Glitches that are banned include:

Minor Glitches that are permitted include:

Examples of things that don't constitute a glitch and are thus permitted include:

Permitted Tools

The randomized game may be run on official hardware (e.g. a gba, a gamecube with the gba player or a Wii/WiiU VC) or the mgba emulator or an emulator using the mgba core for emulation (e.g. Bizhawk or Retroarch with the mgba core).

The use of emulator tools not available on original hardware is not permitted, including but not limited to

The only exceptions to this rule are listed below:

Approved Auto Trackers may be used.

To be approved, an autotracker may only inspect the inventory data and data about completed locations in memory and not the rom data itself.

The currently approved auto trackers are:

Other scripts to run in the emulator may be used if approved.

To be approved, a script may not modify the way the game runs or provide information not otherwise accessible.

The currently approved scripts are:

Other tools that do not interact with the game may be used so long as they do not violate a different rule.

Out of Game

Gameplay, specifically pressing A to start a file, may be started upon the racetime room's timer hitting 0:00:00.00. Runners may hit "done" (.done) after the last hit to kill vaati 3. A runner's official time is that shown in the racetime room (except in cases like service outages to racetime, which will be ruled upon on an individual basis).

Before and during a race, no racer may attempt to obtain information or advice about the seed or other racer's progress. No person may disseminate such information or advice with the intention of having a racer obtain it.

Excepting this is the seed hash used to assure all racers are on the same seed.

Racers that agree to share some information in a voice chat accessible to all participants may still use the "Race Settings" category rather than a custom category provided no other rules are changed.

Streaming Requirement

By default, streaming is not required for tmcr races. The person opening a race may choose to change that requirement.

In that case, entrants to a race are required to stream their gameplay.

They are also required to save a VoD of their stream on twitch.

Official Races

Some Races, such as Weekly Races and Tournament Races are opened by a Race Mod not participating in the race and are subject to the following additional rules:

All official races require streaming. In cases where a racer's stream is interrupted, they can be asked to provide a complete recording of their gameplay.