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How to facilitate an attendance meeting syllabus
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How to facilitate an attendance meeting


ED 501


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Catalog Description

An effective attendance meeting can save your school team time and resources. Meetings are a vehicle to bring out the best ideas, utilize resources for effective problem solving and resolve conflict that impacts effectiveness. In this course you will explore how to run a successful attendance meeting, and receive practical examples of successful strategies for an effective meeting.


All materials are accessed via the course website.

For additional reading

o   on school culture you may wish to review Deal, T. E., and Peterson, K. D., Shaping School Culture: The Heart of School Leadership, 2003

on teamwork you may wish to review Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team



Course objectives


1.     Define postvention.

2.     Identify self-care activities that can be utilized during the trauma of a suicide.

3.      Explain the developmental stages of grief that are impacted by age.

4.     Discuss ways to address suicide in a school setting.

5.     Explain the terms grief wave and brain attack.




This course addresses the following student learning outcomes to the degree shown in the table. Degree Addressed is rated according to the following scale:


1=Basic, 2=Developing, 3=Proficient, 4=Advanced


Student Learning Outcome

Degree Addressed

1. Demonstrate growth in content knowledge related to teaching assignment and the

application of content knowledge to classroom instruction and assessment.


2. Understand scientifically based practices in teaching and learning, including strategies

in literacy education, instructional technology, differentiation of instruction, and apply them to raise student achievement.


3. Demonstrate multiple means of assessing and evaluating student learning and use them

to change teaching and learning.


4. Locate, interpret, synthesize, and apply educational research in best practices in teaching.


5. Understand models for professional change, including teacher collaboration, professional learning communities, strategies for mentoring and coaching to facilitate

change, and effective professional development.


6. Demonstrate understanding of reflective practice that results in improved classroom teaching and learning, including teacher reflection, use of technology in self-

assessment, collaboration for change, and self-management of change.


7. Demonstrate understanding of system and organizational change in education, including models for school change and current research and trends in school change.


8. Demonstrate responsibility for student learning at high levels.


9. Demonstrate responsibility for school reform and leadership in school change.






Student Effort (hours)

Reading textbook (10 pages)



Apply your Knowledge – Creation



Apply your Knowledge – Script creation



Apply your Knowledge – 2-page paper



Apply your Knowledge –












1. Create a list of meetings rules.

2. Create a script a teacher could use to contact a parent regarding poor attendance of their student.

3.   Write a 2-page paper regarding meeting preparation.

4. Write a paper explaining how can be used to improve school attendance.




Grade Level


100% to 90%



89% to 80%





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Turn in assignments once ALL have been completed.

The process

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How to Submit coursework

Do not submit coursework until all the sections are complete. Students will submit coursework via email attachment. (Word document or PDF) Send directly to

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Formatting Requirements

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Academic dishonesty

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Need a Transcript

Our academic partner will provide your transcript. After we have emailed you your final grade, your transcript will be available within approximately10 business days.



Course Deadline

Final coursework must be submitted within 6 months of registering for the course.

Course Rubric




Proficient - B grade level work

Advanced- A grade level work



4-page summary paper


Work is unacceptable. Student must redo.


Adequate use of proper grammar and spelling.


 Information is shown.



Proper use of grammar and spelling.


Information is documented thoroughly.


Meticulously summarizes key terms.

Apply your Knowledge - Create

Work is unacceptable. Student must redo.

Topic researched and explained.

Topic completely researched and explained in a detailed manner.

Apply your Knowledge - Research

Work is unacceptable. Student must redo.

Topic researched and explained.

Topic completely researched and explained in a detailed manner.


2-page paper

Work is unacceptable. Student must redo.

Adequate use of proper grammar and spelling.


 Information is shown.

Proper use of grammar and spelling.


Information is documented thoroughly.

Meticulously summarizes key terms.