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Sing Joyfully to the Lord
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Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth.
Sing to the Lord, praise his name;  proclaim his salvation day after day
Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.
Psalm 96

Let us Sing!

We seek your kingdom here

The song for Thy Kingdom Come. This is to the tune of Abide with me. There are two backing tracks, one with guide vocals which you might find it easier to sing along to, or atleast to get to know the song.

Words                                Music with vocal guide

                                        Music alone

Note: This might be mixed more like the song than congregational singing!

Add your voice to the song!

You need no special equipment or microphones. Your mobile phone or tablet is sufficient, but there are a couple of things that really help.

  1. Download the music and words. The links are below.
  2. Using headphones, listen to the music through and practice.
  3. Using a separate phone or tablet, record you singing, and send this back to us.
  1. You can record your singing in a number of ways on audio or video.
    Most smart phones have an audio recorder and a video function - both are fine.
    WhatsApp has a sound recorder function - just click and hold the microphone in the bottom  right hand corner of the screen. If you slide this up it will lock on to record.
  2. Send the file to us in a number of ways:
    By uploading direct to our Google Drive. Click here

By WhatsApp to 07419 759741.
By email -
Using - and entering

  1. Sit back and relax.

To make it sound better

Finally, please respect the musical recording. Do not distribute it to anyone, it is provided here just for us to add our vocals!

Catalogue of recordings
Sing Joyfully to the Lord started on Sunday 19th April, one month into the lockdown. Prior to that, St Peter’s and St Philip’s had used recordings made by St Paul’s Cathedral for their worship. St Paul’s stopped making these available after easter Sunday.

The full catalogue of previous recordings can be found here


Notes about music choice and copyright.

The music styles of both churches are different, and as a consequence, both churches are covered by different music copyright licences. We are still navigating our way through this and so at the moment, our hymn and song choices are selected from those which are copyright free, or for which we are confident that we have been given permission to reproduce. All the recorded music is either free of copyright or has been produced ourselves. The reproduction of the words are covered by our CCLI and One Licence church copyright licences. We do not always have permission to reproduce the music scores so are staying safe and not reproducing these.

Finally, the singing on here does not need to be perfect. We are looking for congregational singing so that when we are at home ourselves, we do not feel like we are singing alone, but that are own voice joins those of others. You need no special microphones - the sound recorder on your mobile phone or tablet is more that sufficient, but please do follow the guidelines!