Whittlebury Park.

Golf Members Constitution.

Document issue: 06                                      March 2018


  1. Whittlebury Park Golf Members Constitution.

Responsibilities & Objective.

  1. The management, organisation and governing of member’s golf

      (Definition of membership: paying an annual subscription for playing  

       privileges “Full Privilege” )  competitions at club, county and

      national levels.

  1. Administration of members “Handicaps”.
  2. Promote social and mixed golf events with other golf clubs.
  3. Promote and support social events.
  4. Ensure all golf is operated in accordance with the “Rules of Golf,” golf’s governing bodies and the Rules and Bye Laws of Whittlebury Park.
  5. The Committee shall at its discretion be entitled to establish and operate a Members fund for competitions, prizes, hospitality and the like and this fund shall not form part of the Club’s funds nor shall the Proprietors be entitled to any interest therein.
  6.  The full committee retain the option of introducing a small levy if required to cover any additional operational cost.  
  7. Members fund, cheque approval signatures, Treasurer, President plus two approved other officer of the committee e.g. Captain or Lady Captain. Any two signatures will suffice.
  8. All members fund expenditure over (amount agreed at the first full committee meeting in April) and recorded in the minutes.
  9. Men’s and Ladies Captains hold equal standing within the club.
  10. Captain’s authority.

They hold no authority to over rule or make independently of the committee, any decisions related to the operation of competitions, handicaps, disputes or matters pertinent to the running of the members club.


 l.     Casting vote.

     l.a   General committee, the chairperson has casting vote.

     l.b   In matters relating to the operation of this constitution either in full or

            in part, or disputes (See “ Disputes” below) covered by this

        Constitution, the President has the casting and final vote.



Committees, Captains, Vice Captains.

  1. Committee members shall be drawn from the membership.
  2. Full Committee consisting of

President. (Appointed by the WPB)

Men’s Captain & Vice Captain

Lady Captain & Vice Captain.


Handicaps & Competitions Secretary. *

Whittlebury Park Board (WPB)

Plus  “Others”

Other 4 Men  ( inclusive of the Seniors Captain)

Other 4 Lady members.

  1.  The Club Men’s Captain and Vice Captain and a Lady Captain and Lady Vice-Captain will hold office for one year and will serve on the committee.
  2. Nominations for Club Captain and Lady Captain shall require the approval of the Proprietors / Whittlebury Park Board  (WPB)
  3. Approve the level of the Captains Honoraria.
  4. The committee shall be entitled with the approval of the WPB to appoint sub-committees from its number and/or co-opt Members to serve on the Committee and/or sub-committee.
  5. A “quorum” of 5 committee members is required before any meeting can


  1. Committee Elections.
  1. Each year “Others” having completed two years’ service stand down and are eligible for re-election, if unopposed they may continue for a further term of two years.
  2. * Exception being the Treasurer & Handicap Secretary. These “Officers” positions are renewed annually automatically unless the full

Committee deems that their conduct or performance in the role merits    subjecting their role to an election process.

  1. Immediate Past Captains (Men’s and Ladies) have an open invitation to attend meetings in the year after their term of captaincy. 
  2. Vacancies shall be posted on both Ladies and Men’s notice boards 6 weeks prior to the AGM.  Nominations close 2 weeks prior to the AGM.
  3. If not already a full serving committee member, there will be no automatic right for the Men’s A. B or Hollingsworth team captains to attend full committee meetings.
  4. If not already a full serving committee member there will be no automatic right for the Ladies Cecil Leitch, Mixed or Daily Mail captains to attend committee meetings.
  5. Voting slips, detailing names of nominees will be distributed on the day following the closing date for nominations. Voting will close

48Hrs prior to the AGM. Names of those elected to the Committee will be announced at the AGM. If insufficient nominations are received the committee can co-opt members to serve on the committee.


  1. Disputes arising from any golf competition should be made in writing to the Competitions committee. Disputes over handicaps should be directed to the handicap committee.
  2. Right of appeal, should the decision of the respective committee be in question the member has the right to request an interview with the full committee. The member has the right to have another member present at this interview if they so wish.  If after a hearing of the full committee, its decision is final.

      (See “Casting Vote” above)

  1. If the dispute involves a member of the committee, that committee member cannot participate in the committee’s discussion or adjudications.
  2. Disputes related to the operation of the golf course, Bar, Pro shop etc cannot be addressed by the committee, and must be made directly to the WPB and in full accordance with the Rules and Bye Laws of Whittlebury Park.

Exclusion of Liability.

  1. No officer of the committee shall be liable for: -
  1. Injury to members or visitor.
  2. Any loss or damage to any property of members or visitors.
  3. Any loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents occurring on the golf course or golf ranges.

  1. In the event neither Men’s Captain or Ladies Captain or both cannot be appointed the full committee with fulfil these responsibilities.

 Approved by the President / Full Committee                          Date March 2018