Welcome to Camp Cherith!!

The following useful information may help you prepare for your child’s week at camp: 


How to Reach Us

Driving directions: Go to www.camp-cherith.com and click on How to Reach Us. Then click on Map/Directions.

Phone: 218-334-8454

Email: nccc47@gmail.com (for contacting staff only)

Directors: Rob Scott (Boys Week 1) & Scott Taylor (Boys Week 2); Emily Rauch (Girls Weeks)


Contacting Campers

It’s fun to receive a cheery hello from home, so invite friends and family to write to you at camp! 

Mail travels to camp rather slowly, so it should be sent very early in the week or even a day or two before camp starts. Please don’t send large packages of treats because food cannot be stored in cabins. Send mail to:        

        Camper Name 

        Camp Cherith

        32884 Camp Cherith Rd.

        Frazee, MN 56544

Emails may be sent for a small fee. You can sign up when you register online (one-way email on the camper’s dashboard). Email is delivered once a day in the form of printed copies; campers do not have email access.  

Phone calls are restricted to emergencies only. Campers are not permitted to bring cell phones. We will not hesitate to call home if necessary.


Arrival and Departure

Check-in is on Sunday from 1-2 p.m. Please arrive within this time frame as we’re unable to process campers any earlier. If arriving after 2:00, please call ahead and let us know when to expect you. During check-in the camper will:

Camp Cherith officially begins at 2:30 p.m. All campers should be settled into their cabins and ready to start the week! Visitors should plan to leave the cabin area by this time.

Check-out is on Friday from 2:45-3:15 PM. Remember, only those persons designated to pick up campers from camp or the bus will be permitted to do so.


Each camper must be signed out on a release form. Only

those persons designated (on the Camper Profile) to pick

you up from camp (or the bus) will be permitted to do so.

Camp must be notified of any changes in plans before

the departure date.        

Health Matters

Campers cannot be admitted to Camp Cherith without a completed and signed Medical Information Form (enclosed if you mailed the registration form). The form must include a physician’s signature if medication is to be administered. (Since camp is a structured learning environment, we recommend that children with ADD/ADHD who take medication during the school year continue it during their week at camp.) 


Money Matters

You will receive an invoice indicating your balance.

Fees are due in full prior to arrival at camp.

Questions? Contact Gerri Wilson at 612-991-3124.

Spending money can be deposited during online registration, or turned in during check-in and a debit account is set up. (You may bring cash or a check payable to Camp Cherith.) Whatever you spend during the week is deducted from your account. Any remaining balance will be returned to you in cash at the end of the week.

The Tuck Shop (camp store) is open daily for the purchase of snacks, souvenirs, and clothing. Items range in price from 25 cents to $30. Average food purchases are about $2.50 a day.


Parent Input

We’ve included a camper profile in the online camper registration that provides an opportunity for parents to help us get to know their child better. This is an extremely important resource for our counseling staff. So, parents or guardians, please complete that portion of your online camper registration.



It’s normal for children to experience some homesickness, especially their first time away from home. Our staff is trained to deal with homesick campers in a loving and supportive way. For most, homesickness is quickly overcome. Parents can help by being enthusiastic about the upcoming camp experience and all the terrific things their child will get to do. Enthusiasm is contagious!      


Updated 12/2018