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YNAB Budget Coaching with AJ Frenzel

YNAB Foundations: 8 weeks, $850*

1:1 Personalized YNAB implementation support

1:1 Weekly live connections (90, 60, & 20 min)

Bonus! Two month extension of your YNAB trial or current subscription

In our sessions you will:

- Integrate YNAB's Four Rules and Six Habits that set the course for a thriving relationship with your budget.

- Set up the bones of your budget, or review and reinvigorate what you already have.

- Start the moving pieces. Giving dollars their jobs, linking accounts, entering and approving transactions, reconciliations, rolling with the inevitable punches.

- Develop spending and savings targets, add a debt reduction plan if needed

- Identify personalized tips, tricks, and strategies you can put to use right away

YNAB + Money Mindset Coaching

A 3-6 month journey of inviting ease, starting at $1600* 

Alongside the Foundations Program,

1:1 Bespoke budget adaptation support
1:1 Money & Life coaching

Before, beyond, behind, and in between the numbers, this is for You.

 - Energetics: releasing judgment from your money relationship

 - Visioning: identifying inner and outer goals

 - Creating awareness: honest and supported deep dives in and out of the numbers

 - Action and accountability: aligned next steps with purpose

Quick-Win Strategy Session

90 Minutes to jump right in, $200*

1:1 Budget triage and targeted laser coaching.

Before: You'll answer a set of questions to prepare us both and maximize our time.

After: You'll get a recap with resources, personalized recommendations and tips to watch out for the roadblocks and detours that may previously have sent you off track. NOTE: This is not a resource for technical advice or substitute for the YNAB Support Team.

* A note on pricing:
MoneyDoula clients know that a solid budget is one way to bolster conscious consumerism.

Another way is by learning to spot psychological pricing strategies, designed (very effectively!) to undermine mindful spending decisions. Rates ending in zeros are my way of walking the talk.

Go ahead, subtract $3 or $0.03 from the posted rates if it speaks to you. ;)