Tairangi School Procedure Statement

SUSPENSION - NAG 5 Health & Safety, NAG 6 Legislation & Regulations

The following procedure will be strictly followed by the school:

Student offends:        Gross misconduct or continual disobedience AND
Harmful or dangerous example (or likely to harm)

Principal        Consults senior teacher in offending student’s area

        ONLY Principal – unless BOT appoints someone to act in Principal’s absence

May stand the student down for a specified period of up to 5 days in a term, up to a total of 10 days in a year.

To School


May suspend the student until the BOT decides the outcome.
Student may be allowed to attend (eg exams)

BOT                 Meets within 7 days to decide1 on what action to take

May lift the suspension and return student to school with or without conditions.

To School


May extend the suspension for a reasonable set period with a view to getting the student back to school.
BOT must set conditions.
Principal must provide counseling and educational programme.
If the suspension is over 4 weeks, Principal must report progress at BOT meetings

To School


May exlude the student (under 16) or expel (over 16) – only in the most serious cases, meaning they don not want the student back in the school.
If expelled, student may ask the Ministry for help to enroll in another school

If Excluded:

Principal must now try and get the student into another school within 10 days.

Accepted by another school                                                        To School

Failing acceptance at another school                                                To Ministry

Ministry of Education after consultation either:

Arrange with suspending school to return student – MOE lifts suspension        To School

Or Arrange with another school to enroll the student                                To School

Or Direct parents to enroll student at the Correspondence School (TCS)                To School
(first refer to SES to get a report for TCS)

If student is out of school – the system has broken down, refer to NETS                To School

1.        After information is given and parents/students heard, the BOT may take their decision in one of three was:

File:suspension5.doc        Procedure Statement – Suspension Flow Chart