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Honors ELA / 10th grade


Mrs. Melissa Irwin


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Google Classroom code: reiucg (6th period) and 3ulysb (7th period)

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Course Description

10th grade Honors English is a fast-paced, rigorous language arts course for high school sophomores with a thematically designed approach to literature and non-fiction. This course is devised to prepare students for the demands of a four-year college degree programs and career readiness. Throughout the year, students will participate in student-centered learning in the form of group, partnered and individual work, and perform both individual and group presentations. Elements of language are addressed daily through sentence examination along with vocabulary and SAT words. Critical Writing  is also addressed through several forms, including inquiry based, argumentative, literary analysis, informational, research skills, and techniques. Honors students will learn to use literary criticism to analyze texts, and learn more about the historical and cultural contexts of their readings. Students will also be participating in collaborative discussions and lessons based using chosen literature circle books.

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