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Student Handbook 22/23
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Student Handbook



Nathan Dennis, Principal                               Katie Omercevic, Career Counselor

John Bale, Assistant Principal (A-L)            Ann Marie Waibel, Counselor (A-L)

Erin Kubena, Assistant Principal (M-Z)               Jenny Hanson, Counselor (M-Z)


3608 S. Milwaukee Ln., Boise, ID 83709   

      Main Office - (208) 854-5650                             Attendance Line - (208) 854-5656

Our School

Frank Church High School is an alternative school of choice designed to assist students in developing academic, citizenship and work readiness skills with the goal of earning a high school diploma.

Our Mission

We promote resilience and perseverance.

Our Vision

Preparing all students for college, career, and citizenship.

Our Values






Our Colors

Maroon and Black

Our Mascot



ARRIVAL AT SCHOOL Once students have arrived on campus, they must stay on campus.  Upon arriving, students should enter the building and ask permission to leave the building or campus via a PTL (Permit to Leave) or administrator approval.  

Students who do not follow this protocol will be considered truant and could be searched upon return.

If a student arrives before 8:55am, students must go to the designated areas.

Students can not be in the hallways or classrooms before 8:55am without permission and a staff member present.

BAGS/BACKPACKS Students are ONLY allowed to carry string bags.  One will be provided for you by Frank Church.  All non string bags, skateboards, guitars, etc. must be placed in a locked storage closet. The school assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

BULLYING AND HARASSMENT Unwanted physical, verbal (including sexual words), actions or behaviors, including those through electronic means, are illegal and not allowed at Frank Church.  See District policy for further information (#3231).

BUSES Buses to and from school are provided for those students who meet the District requirements.  Remember that riding the bus is a privilege, not a right.

CELL PHONES  Students will appropriately use (or not use) cell phones as per teacher policy/request. If at any time a student is using a cell phone disrespectfully, inappropriately, or illegally they may no longer be allowed to bring a cell phone on campus or will be asked to check it in upon arrival.  

DELIVERIES  Food deliveries of any kind are not allowed.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES Students need to use the district-issued Chromebooks (provided in each class). Students will respect and abide by their individual teacher’s cell phone policies and expectations.

FIELD TRIPS All students participating in a field trip must arrive at school and attend with their class/group. All students must be checked out from the school attendance office at school.

GANGS Identified gang activity, dress, and/or paraphernalia are strictly prohibited at Frank Church High School.  Any involvement in this type of activity will result in suspension or possible expulsion.

HALL PASSES Students must have a signed pass to be in the halls during non-passing periods.  Students will only be allowed to leave class one at a time.

Make Up Work When students are absent, they need to communicate with their teacher and look at Google Classroom to obtain work missed.  Additional academic support is available before school daily.

ID BADGES  Every student is issued an identification badge that indicates he/she/they are a student at Frank Church High School.  Students will use their ID badge daily and must always have it.  It will be used in the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch, in the library to check out books, in the attendance office, if you need to use the City Bus, or to leave the building if you are able.  Different colors of badges will be issued according to grade level and status.    

FCHS will provide the first badge free of charge.    There is a $3.00 charge to replace a badge that is lost or stolen.   


LANGUAGE Appropriate language must be used at all times in and around school, including on the buses. Everything we do can be communicated with kindness and respect.

LOST AND FOUND If a personal item is misplaced, students should contact the Security Officer as soon as possible.  The Security Office is in the main hall near the cafeteria.  The Security Officer will document the lost item and direct students in the appropriate next steps, if any.

MEDICATIONS All prescription medications and over-the-counter medications must be checked in with the school nurse immediately upon arrival of school.

OPEN CAMPUS By credits, sophomores, juniors, and seniors in good standing can leave campus during lunch with their ID card. Students must enter and exit through the front door and show their student IDs upon leaving and returning to the building.

Excessive tardies, illegal activity or inappropriate behavior off campus during lunch may result in revocation of open campus privileges.

Once students arrive on campus they are to stay on campus except for during lunch.

If walking off campus at lunch, students need to stay on the sidewalks until they leave District property and may not loiter on public or private properties.

PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION No excessive public displays of affection are allowed on campus.

PARKING ALL students who drive to school must purchase a parking permit.  

To get your parking permit you must bring the following to Ms. Allen:

Students driving vehicles without a pass will be issued a ticket.  Vehicles parked on campus may be searched by school officials or police at any time.  If students chose to not park at Frank Church, they may be ticketed and towed.

SCHOOL BOUNDARIES Boise School District property extends from Trabucco St. (West) to the edge of the neighborhood on the East and from the canal bank (South) to Victory Road.   All District policies apply in these areas.  

WHEELS ON CAMPUS  Nothing is to be ridden on campus.  This includes skates, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters and bicycles.  Skateboards must be placed in the main closet for the entire school day. Bicycles should be locked in the racks provided. The school will not be held responsible for loss or damage.


Student Dress Code (#3223) - Clothing, accessories, cosmetics, tattoos and jewelry that are immodest, disruptive, gang-related or displaying illegal or banned substances are not appropriate.  Students may not wear head coverings in school buildings during school hours, except as authorized by the principal.  Shoes are required at all times unless a school official indicates otherwise.

In Addition:


Students not in compliance with dress code will be asked to correct the problem immediately.  They may:

Please be advised, the administration will have final determination on all matters dealing with the dress code.  The dress code is in effect from the time the student arrives on campus until he/she leaves campus.The school will not be held responsible for loss or damage.  Items may be searched by school officials.




All students who are late to school or a class block need to sign in at the attendance office and get a tardy slip before going to class.  

Tardy Procedures:

Once a student accrues 4 tardies they are assigned 20 minutes of detention per tardy and risk losing credit in their class.  If a 4th tardy is hit in their class after lunch, they will lose the right to leave campus at lunch for the remainder of the quarter.


A truancy is when a student is not where they are supposed to be during the school day.  A truancy is a Major Disciplinary Violation and student/parent/guardian will be         informed that the missed class will be made up on their own time (70 min).