Research and Publications


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2018        ‘Charpentier: La descente d’Orphée aux enfers’, Ensemble Desmarest (Ronan Khalil, director), Glossa (B07D3GTZ6R).

2018        ‘A German Christmas’, Margaretha Consort (Marit Broekroelofs, director), Naxos (8551398).

2015        ‘Gaetano Veneziano: In Officio Defunctorum’, Ensemble Odyssee (Andrea Friggi, director), Pan Classics (PC 10319).

2013        ‘Divine Rapture (trailer)’, Vox æterna, Kevin Skelton (director), YouTube:

2013        ‘Divine Rapture (extended trailer)’, Vox æterna, Kevin Skelton (director), YouTube:

2012        ‘Zefiro Torna’, Vox æterna, Kevin Skelton (director), YouTube:

2012        ‘Sol io’, Vox æterna, Kevin Skelton (director), YouTube:

2012        ‘Sol io (trailer), Vox æterna, Kevin Skelton (director), YouTube:

2011        ‘LAMENTO’, Vox æterna, Kevin Skelton (director), YouTube:

2011        ‘Residency 2011’, Vox æterna, Kevin Skelton (director), YouTube:

2010        ‘Vita della mia vita’, Vox æterna, Kevin Skelton (director), YouTube:

2009        ‘Monteverdi: Madrigali Libro V & VI’, Nuove Musiche (Krijn Koetsveld, director), Brilliant Classics (93799)

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2003        Gaude Virgo, Mater Christi (Josquin des Prez). CPDL:

2003        Le chant de l'alouette (Clément Janequin). CPDL:

2003        Hellas mon Dieu ton ire (Clément Janequin). CPDL:

2003        Quelqu'un me disoit l'aultre jour (Clément Janequin). CPDL:

2003        Senex puerum portabat (prima pars) (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina). CPDL:

2003        Hodie Beata Virgo (secunda pars) (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina). CPDL: