SCMAC provides a customized service for those residents and businesses having special functions or events on their property. Priority service requests are usually scheduled for the evening prior to the event. Treatment is performed during the normal spray shift, usually between sunset and midnight. Each address is limited to two priorities or special function requests per year. SCMAC completes requests for more than 2,000 events annually for property owners in Saginaw County.

Any county resident may request their property to be treated by calling (989) 755-5751. Please note that we are limited to the number of requests that can be completed in a single evening and availability for services is never guaranteed. Please call well in advance to better ensure availability.

A Liability Release Form must be signed by the property owner anytime a mosquito control vehicle is requested to leave the driveway to complete treatment. This form states that SCMAC and the County of Saginaw will not be held responsible for any property damage associated with the request. For property that is inaccessible for treatment with a truck mounted sprayer, hand held units are available.

There will be times when mosquito numbers rise significantly, and/or mosquito disease is detected in bird or mosquito samples. In these instances we reserve the right to reduce the number of priorities we will accommodate or put a temporary hold on these special services. Mosquito and disease control is more effective for the entire county if our trucks treat from the road rather than individual yards. We are able to treat several miles of road in the same amount of time it would take for one priority.

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