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ICT Acceptable Use Policy
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ICT Acceptable Use Policy

Our school’s philosophy and values statements clearly indicate expectations for our students to behave as responsible and outstanding citizens.  This vision is applicable to all behaviour in both the real and virtual environments.

It is within the spirit of this, that we expect all users to behave with respect, be responsible, considerate, confident and informed in their use of all ICT.

By ICT, we mean the use of the Internet, the Intranet, all digital devices and all RE Learn & Develop systems, hardware and software and school accounts.  By equipment, we mean all school hardware and software, systems and infrastructure, including all digital equipment and digital files that may be created by a mobile phone, digital audio/video recorder, tablet, or similar device.

Students, staff and parents will understand that students represent the school even when they are off campus, and their ability to utilise resources on campus is tied to their behaviour off campus.


All RE Learn & Develop Community Members have the right to feel safe online - keep yourself safe and do not endanger another person's safety.

All RE Learn & Develop Community Members agree:


All RE Learn & Develop Community Members:

Appropriate: all RE Learn & Develop Community Members:

Legal: all RE Learn & Develop Community ICT users:

Contacting us

If you would like to contact us to understand more about this Policy or wish to contact us concerning any matter relating to this policy, you may send an email to or contact us using our website communication forum.

Created: 13 January 2020

Updated: 3 February 2021

Review Date: June 2024