2 open positions for Software Engineers

The Spirals project-team (https://team.inria.fr/spirals) from the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research center is now recruiting 2 advanced computer engineers (24–36 months contract) who are motivated to work with members of the team on research projects related to the energy efficiency of software systems deployed in the cloud.


Your mission is to actively contribute to the development of software solutions within the Docker ecosystem (http://docker.com) in order to promote the technologies of the Spirals project-team. The recruited engineers will work not only with researchers and engineers of the Spirals project-team, but also with academic and industrial partners to contribute to the improvement and valorization of the following tools:

  1. PowerAPI (http://powerapi.org) which is a software library for the real-time measurement and monitoring of energy consumption of Docker containers;
  2. Docker-G5K (https://github.com/Spirals-Team/docker-g5k) which is a tool for provisioning architecture and deployment of Docker containers on the Grid5000 computing infrastructure (http://grid5000.fr);
  3. OCCIware (https://github.com/occiware) is a software platform for modeling and managing virtual resources (virtual machines, containers, networks) compliant with OCCI standard (http://occi-wg.org) .

As part of this mission, we also consider the optimization of energy efficiency of SAT solvers deployed in the Cloud by taking advantage of the works published by the Spirals project-team in this field. By using the above-mentioned tools, the recruited engineers will contribute to develop a new generation of SAT solutions, which able to solve complex problems with high energy efficiency.



The salary of the two positions follows the public service grid for a position of confirmed engineer and patient taking into account the experience of the candidate. An estimate of the salary can be provided by the human resources department of the center depending on your experience.


If you are interested in any of the positions, please contact Romain Rouvoy <romain.rouvoy@inria.fr> and Philippe Merle <philippe.merle@inria.fr> as soon as possible.