The Position of Farm Market Manager

The Farm Market at Mill No. 5

Overview of the Market Manager Position 

The manager of the Farm Market is a part-time, year-round position with an average of 15-20 hours per week. Work days can be varied, with the exception of a weekly staff meeting (usually on Fridays) and on Sundays where the Market Manager must be present from 8 am to 4 pm. The compensation is $13 per hour plus weekly tip sharing with other Mill No. 5 businesses.

Coco Luna LLC is the company that runs Mill No. 5 and operates Coffee and Cotton, The Luna Theater, Dows Soda Fountain, A Little Bazaar, and The Farm Market. Tips are pooled and shared between these entities.

The Farm Market Manager reports to the Assistant Director and will be part of the management team, working together, to enliven our community.


The ideal candidate will have experience with the local agriculture and food movement. The candidate will have previously managed a weekly event or the equivalent in duties with a previous employer. Being a self-starter/self-motivator is imperative. Other skills required are: being an excellent communicator, knowledgeable and successful in marketing/promotion, the ability to resolve conflicts when they arise, the ability to multi-task and to be financially responsible with market fees.

Our Story

The Farm Market operates year-round indoors at Mill No. 5, an indoor streetscape of salvaged storefronts. The market emphasizes a direct connection between producer and consumer with the purpose of supporting local food producers, building the local food economy, and increasing food access. We emphasize sustainable practices and a diverse selection of farm products, community resources, and prepared foods. As a destination for community, the market features live music and all of the offerings of Mill No. 5 including independent shops, cafe, movie theater, and soda fountain. The Farm Market is run by Mill No. 5 and adheres to its mission and core values creating a friendly and vibrant social environment at the center of the Lowell community.


The Farm Market brings together local farmers, food producers, and consumers for a joyful celebration of food in a vibrant gathering place and destination.

Education and Outreach 

Raising consumer awareness and education on the importance of The Farm Market as part of the local food system is imperative to the goals of the market as well as the success of the market. Identifying and initiating partnerships with businesses and community organizations of the Greater Lowell community will further expand the reach of the market and is encouraged. The manager should take it upon her/himself to create cultural and educational programming at the market on a consistent basis.

Vendor Application Process

The manager updates an online application each season to gather, review and select vendors. All necessary documentation must be collected. The2 Farm Market Policy document must be signed and accepted and rejected applicants must be notified. Potential vendors and the weekly schedule must be reviewed with the Assistant Director prior to notices being sent.

Invoicing and Collections

It is the responsibility of the Farm Market Manager to invoice vendors each season using Square. All payment must be collected before the vendor attends the market.

Market Logistics

The manager is responsible for curating vendors who align with the mission and policies of The Farm Market. Specifically on Sundays, the manager must help with the setup of the market, load-in of the vendors and load-out when necessary. Ensuring that there are tables and chairs for the vendors and assigning spots for those vendors in the hallway is imperative to organization. The Manager is responsible for general maintenance, cleanliness and security of the mill on market days. A consistent presence by the manager is necessary for both vendors and customers throughout the market day.


Live music is an integral part of the offerings. The manager works with the Assistant Director to generate a list of approved musicians, oversees the coordination of the act, sound technician, and payment.


Consistent, creative and educational marketing is crucial to the successful on-line community that must coincide with the weekly hands-on community. All forms of social media are used as well as direct email to promote The Farm Market. Responsibilities include:

Reporting and Accountability


Working with Mill No. 5 partners and others to co-market and promote The Farm Market.

To apply please send a cover letter with ideas on how to expand/improve the market and your resume to: