U p s c a l e

M e n t a l

H e a l t h

( U M H )

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary        4

1.1 Mission Statement        4

1.2 The Concept        4

1.3 The Location        5

1.4 The Market        5

1.5 Management Team        5

1.6 Long-term Goals        6

1.7 Financial Projections        6

2.0 The Business        7

2.1 Business Description        7

2.1.1 Nature of the business        7

2.1.2 Legal form of organization        7

2.1.3 Licenses and/or permits required        7

2.1.4 Company history/background        7

2.1.5 Present situation/growth opportunities        7

2.1.6 Major business objectives        8

2.2 Products and services        8

2.2.1 Description of products/services offered        8

2.2.2 Benefits of products/services offered        8

2.2.3 What is unique about the product/service offered        9

2.2.4 Long-term development plans/proprietary features        9

2.3 Location        10

2.3.1 Description of the location        10

2.3.2 Description of the facility        10

2.3.3 Terms of lease        10

2.3.4 Why is this particular location/facility desirable        10

2.3.5 Are Market shifts and demographic shifts occurring?        10

3.0 Marketing Plan        11

3.1 Target market        11

3.1.1 Demographics        11

3.1.2 Market size        11

3.1.3 Market share        11

3.2 Market trends        11

3.3 Company positioning        12

3.4 Products/service mix        12

3.5 Industry profile        12

3.6 Competition        12

3.6.1 Competitive comparison        13

3.6.2 Strategic opportunities        13

3.7 Pricing strategy        13

3.8 Distribution        13

3.9 Promotional Plan        13

3.10 Promotional budget        14

4.0 Management and Operational Plan        15

4.1 Ownership        15

4.2 Key Management Members        15

4.3 Outsourced tasks        16

4.4 Suppliers        16

4.5 Risk management        16

5.0 Financial Data        16

5.1 Assumptions        16

5.2 Start-up business        18

5.2.1 Start-up costs        18

5.2.2 Use of funds break down        18

6.0 Supporting Documentation        21

6.1 Sample of marketing material        21

6.2 Copies of legal papers        23

6.3 Letters of Intent        23

6.4 Capital equipment and supplies list        25

6.5 Copy of lease        25

6.6 Statistical analysis and other supporting data        29

1.0 Executive Summary

Upscale Mental Health (UMH) with five therapists providing specialties that span from young children to the elderly, for families, individual adults and couples to the community of Newport Beach, California.  Our focus is to provide quality treatment in a modern safe confidential environment.

Amy D. Montague Ph.D., started and successfully built a practice in Torrance California with Heidi Bacani MFT in 2010, which consisted of three offices and a waiting room.  Due to a massive right brain stroke, Dr. Montague had to stop practicing in 2017.

Dr. Montague has now recovered sufficiently to begin practicing again and this business plan is meant to map out her new venture in Newport Beach.   This suite of six offices will better meet the needs of the community by providing diverse disciplines to cover a wider range of symptoms than did the Torrance Office.  This business plan maps out sustained growth, improving revenue, and a broader network of specialists where both the community and the practitioners benefit.

1.1 Mission Statement

To promote the well-being of individuals and families in Newport Beach by providing accessible, quality mental health services and care for children, adolescents, adults, and their families, utilizing a service system that emphasizes trust, respect, confidentiality, and compassion. We are committed to the philosophy that we exist for our patients.

1.2 The Concept

Open a suite of offices with a spectrum of therapists providing a large scope of services. These therapists, including Dr. Montague, will cross reference patient needs in a common working environment. They will be independent practitioners working with each other to provide continuity and  comprehensive treatment in a modern safe and confidential environment.

The proposed location near Fashion Island in Newport Beach is conveniently located near PCH with shopping and fine dining options. This is important for the privacy of patients who do not want the appearance of seeking psychological help and it provides additional motivation for those patients  to make and keep their appointments.

The costs of individual psychological office space is prohibitively high in this part of Newport Beach.  By volume leasing, Dr. Montague can reduce the lease price for practitioners while at the same time provide office space for high end therapy.

This approach shares utilities, cleaning services, common office equipment and supplies, a waiting room, space for group sessions, testing, conferencing, play therapy, and part time rental for interns or recently licensed clinicians.

1.3 The Location

Corporate Plaza is conveniently located between PCH and Fashion Island. It is popular and well know as a attractive location for medical and psychological businesses. Located in the heart of Newport Beach it is easy and quick to access with plenty of free parking.

1.4 The Market

According to Newsweek, 16 percent of California residents seek psychological services each year. Orange county has a population of 3 million which translate to 480,000 potential psychological patients per year near Newport Beach.

Newport Beach and the area around it are comprised of a higher percentage of patient with means, who value privacy and do not use insurance in order to increase privacy.  This population demands privacy, high standards, quality and competency.  They prefer referrals from satisfied patients rather than insurance companies.  

Dr. Montague intends to sublease dedicated office space to independent private practitioners with diverse specialties.  They must meet her  high standards of care and have a sufficient number of existing patients to demonstrate their experience and success.

1.5 Management Team

Dr. Amy Montague with over 20 years of private practice experience will oversee the vetting and standards of practice to insure only the best and diverse practitioners sublease office space at the facility.

Christopher Montague with a degree in Math from Cal State Fullerton will be in charge of accounting.

Jaimie Montague currently works for Leaf Commercial Capital as a senior account executive and recently obtained a salesman of the year award. He also has a successful internet sales site that teaches insomnia suffers how to get a good night's sleep.  He will be in charge of finding potential therapists to fill office space.   He will also market the facility to patients looking for quality mental health care with a high level of privacy.

Warren Montague is a retired aerospace engineer who will be in charge of IT. He will manage WIFI, printing and fax services, phone automation and safety equipment.

Family members will work as independent contractors paid only for the work they do.

1.6 Long-term Goals

To build a reputation in the community that helps maintain full office space utilization with practitioners working full time. Patients referring family, friends and colleagues as the primary source of new referrals.

1.7 Financial Projections

Practitioners who already have a successful practice need to be sure there will be an office to move into and that their patients will be willing to move as well.

The goal is to sublease office space to cover the leasing agreement and expenses of the six office suite within six months of opening.

The one year projection is to have all five offices and the mixed use space fully utilized.

2.0 The Business

The name Upscale Mental Health (UMH) summarizes the unique mental health treatment facility which is a cut above current mental health standards.

2.1 Business Description

A team of diverse specialties that create a one stop facility that can offer mental health care to a wide spectrum of patient.

2.1.1 Nature of the business

Affordable high end office space for a diverse group of mental health practitioners.  Where Dr. Montague can attract well to do patients and build a high end psychological practice.

2.1.2 Legal form of organization

Limited Liability Company

2.1.3 Licenses and/or permits required

Business license from Newport Beach and fire inspections.

2.1.4 Company history/background

This is a new high end business approach based on Dr. Montague’s previous practice in Torrance California.

2.1.5 Present situation/growth opportunities

The field of psychologists is very fragmented.  Most mental health practitioners work independently from a single private practice location.  A few work at facilities that have several offices with one waiting room and occasionally a shared receptionist.  Even fewer join consultation groups that discuss patients cases to obtain the most effective treatment.

Typically patients schedule an appointment with a therapist where they are often referred to another practitioner with a different specialty, psychiatrist or testing facility which is often in another building or even another city.

UMH plans to address this fragmentation by leasing office space to a variety of specialists who are willing to work together and cross reference patients at one facility.  Most patient mental health care needs will be met in one location with practitioners working in cooperation, serving not only the patient but their families if needed. This holistic approach is more comprehensive and convenient which will make it more appealing to affluent patients.

Groups like this one are uncommon yet seem to be highly successful since they all appear to be at maximum occupancy.

2.1.6 Major business objectives

Develop successful practices and business relationships by selectively leasing offices to highly qualified mental health practitioners with an array of specialties who agree to work in a cooperative environment.

-Sublet 4 offices

-Obtain 20 patients

2.2 Products and services

2.2.1 Description of products/services offered

Psychiatry, psychotherapy, mindfulness, group sessions, testing, play therapy, hypnosis and relaxation therapy all at one convenient address with plenty of free parking, handicapped accessibility, and security.

2.2.2 Benefits of products/services offered

Quality mental health care at one convenient location serving individuals, couples and families.   Patients that insist on using insurance will be served but will not benefit from the greatly increase privacy and care of not using insurance.

Insurance companies dictate what is covered and how many visits a patient can have.  Governmental agencies, companies and industrial researchers have access to information about who a patient is seeing and how often.

2.2.3 What is unique about the product/service offered

Upscale Mental Health facility will offer office space to specialized practitioners who wish to work cooperatively in a prestigious area of Newport Beach.

Currently mental health care is very fragmented and specialized, making finding the right specially and service challenging, and often frustrating.  UMH will provide a wide spectrum of services not often found in one location free of insurance company meddling.

2.2.4 Long-term development plans/proprietary features

UMH has a goal of treating patients discretely and confidentially. Private and governmental insurance violates both privacy and confidentiality. The vast majority of patients seeking psychological services cannot afford to get psychological help without using insurance.

Upscale Mental Health is located such that patients of means can get mental health care with confidence.  They will be getting the best quality care available  where their privacy is protected at one convenient  location. This goal requires carefully selecting practitioners who share the same values and are willing to work together to achieve the highest quality of care.

One service UMH is able to provide is cross referrals, which greatly reduces the need for other therapists to rely on insurance companies for referrals.  Im addition to referring in house, we have established contact with many other doctors in the area who are seeking a variety of cross referral opportunities.  While Dr. Montague is rebuilding her list of patients she will be reaching out to the vast majority of psychologists in the newport area.

Once this team of practitioners are assembled, UMH will be self functioning without the need of management oversight.  

Insurance companies take a generic approach where all doctors are required to follow a specific criteria for diagnosis and treatment.  UMH practitioners will provide individualized care designed specifically for individual unique patients, which research has proven to be more effective.

2.3 Location

2.3.1 Description of the location

The location must be convenient to the patients that UMH will be marketing to.  It should be located close to shopping and restaurants for anonymity.

Newport Beach has a large population of individuals of means that do not desire insurance and demands extreme privacy.

2.3.2 Description of the facility

The facility must have plenty of free parking with handicap accessibility.

It must have adequate office space for a team of diverse specialists such that cross referrals can be made at one location.  It will have a waiting room,  offices for individual psychotherapy, a common area for groups, testing, play therapy and miscellaneous activities not normally available.

The offices must be sound proof with secure WIFI access. The furnishings must be exquisite to reflect the lifestyle of the surrounding communities that UMH will be marketing to.

2.3.3 Terms of lease

UMH will need a minimum of a five year lease to insure stability.

2.3.4 Why is this particular location/facility desirable

UMH will market to patients of means and is conveniently located near shopping and restaurants which will mask it’s location, providing anonymity.  

2.3.5 Are Market shifts and demographic shifts occurring?

Newport Beach is recognized as one of the most exclusive marinas in Southern California. It is zoned and constructed in a way ensuring that it will maintain this status quo into the foreseeable future.

3.0 Marketing Plan

Cross referrals from other psychologists within a 20 mile radius of the practice.  We have already reached out to a large portion of the roughly 1,000 private practices in the area and found a highly consistent interest in cross-referral relationships (roughly 10% of psychologists seem to be open to this relationship.)

3.1 Target market

3.1.1 Demographics

Located in the heart of Newport Beach.

3.1.2 Market size

The largest population of patients of means in Orange County.

3.1.3 Market share

UMH is unique in its concept and implementation. There is no other business like it that we have discovered in Newport Beach.  Patients of means who desire one location mental health care for a variety of needs in an upscale modern facility will have very few alternative choices.

3.2 Market trends

Private and governmental insurance is nearly a monopoly for both patients and doctors. This trend extend far into the foreseeable future.  Facilities that prefer not taking insurance will remain elusive.

Most psychologists are single practicitioner offices, whereas groups of practicitions are uncommon, yet highly successful.  Our research indicates that other practictioners prefer an environment with other professionals, but that finding such a place is difficult.  Since doctors are not business people, they usually operate out of a single office instead of starting a business like UMH.  By reaching out to these doctors directly we will give them a very affordable opportunity to join a more fulfilling work environment.

3.3 Company positioning

UMH is a mental health care service which targets patients of means and their desire for privacy and convenience.  

There are other individual practitioners who offer their services to the wealthy but they are highly specialized and must refer their patients and family members to other doctors when mental health issues are not within their specialized practice.

They also occasionally network with other practitioners of various specialties but these doctors are at other addresses or even in other cities.  Consultations are difficult when practitioners are not at the same address.

3.4 Products/service mix

UMH offers a full spectrum of mental health care services at one location to children, adults and groups who demand privacy that cannot be obtained while using insurance.

3.5 Industry profile

Mental health care practice.

3.6 Competition

There is very little competition for patients of means who do not use insurance.  While there are practitioners out there that cater to these clients they are almost exclusively private practitioners that specialize in a narrow field of mental health and must refer their patients to another location if they need testing, medication or other services.

Hospitals and managed health care facilities have practitioners that work together and will accept cash instead of insurance but cater to the general public most of whom do use insurance and many who are on public assistance.  This environment is lacking in privacy and not very appealing to patients of means.

3.6.1 Competitive comparison

UMH has a unique status because it neither contracts or hires employees. Individual practitioners may accept insurance in special circumstances but as a policy do not believe that insurance aids in patient care.  UMH offers a wide variety of specialties and services not often found outside of managed health care facilities.

Hospitals and  managed healthcare facilities hire or contract mental health practitioners to work as a team but cannot offer as high a level of confidentiality due to management practices and oversight.  Privacy is also lacking due to the large number of patients that frequent these facilities.  

3.6.2 Strategic opportunities

UMH has a strategic opportunity in Newport Beach to provide mental health care services to patients of means who desire complete and  comprehensive mental care for themselves and their family with a high level of privacy and confidentiality all at one location.

3.7 Pricing strategy

Highly skilled mental health practitioners in Newport Beach are paid a much higher fee than what insurance companies pay.  Patients in higher social economical circumstances expect to pay more for location and aviance.

3.8 Distribution

Patients do not need to drive to various locations or cities to find a specialist that can treat and or test children, teens, adults, couples, groups, or special needs.

3.9 Promotional Plan

Part one of the UMH promotional plan will attract highly skilled and already successful practitioners to lease office space.  Orange County Psychological Association will be used to advertise office space.   Dr. Montague found that Los Angeles County Psychological Association was a good source of practitioners at her Torrance practice and had great success at finding doctors who wished to sublease space.

Part two of the plan will be to target affluent communities in and around Newport Beach.  Patients of means do not use insurance for mental health care visits and demands privacy.  Psychology Today, Orange County Psychological Association and the Upscale Mental Health website will all be used to reach this demographic as well as other to be discovered marketing ideas.  

According to an article in Psychology Today by Utpal M Dholakia;  a high price is perceived as having more value than a low price.  A quick google search reveals that psychologist commonly charge from $5 per hour in free clinics to over $300 an hour in Newport Beach.  Dr. Dholakia’s article would suggest that the affluent will value the services of a practitioner who charges near the high end.  


It will be up to each practitioner to set their own fees.  Dr. Montague believes her 20 years of experience in the field and positive reviews are worth $250 for each 50 minute session.  This fee is near the upper end of fees charged in the Newport Beach area.

During both phases, we will be reaching out to all psychologists and therapists in the area to establish a broad network for cross referral business.

3.10 Promotional budget

Orange County Psychological Association and Psychology Today offer various ways to promote office space as well as psychological practitioners.  Their fees for these services are very reasonable and therefore have low risk.

TV, radio, and publicity advertising carries a high cost and in our case too much risk as we are only trying to reach patients of means in the Newport Beach area rather than the general public.

Calling other practictioners is a free way to utilize time inbetween patients and has shown to generate opportunities at a very high rate.  More than 1 in 10 calls result in some interest and about 1 in 50 result in an opportunity.

4.0 Management and Operational Plan

4.1 Ownership

Amy D. Montague Ph.D. , Warren J. Montague, Jaimie C. Montague and Christopher P. Montague will be LLC partners in the ownership of Upscale Mental Health facility.

4.2 Key Management Members

Dr. Amy D. Montague with over 20 years of private practice experience will oversee the vetting and standards of practice to insure only the best care providers with a wide variety of specialties are offered office space.

Christopher Montague with a degree in Math from Cal State Fullerton will manage accounting, billing, and insurance if needed.

Jaimie Montague currently works for Leaf Commercial Capital as a senior account executive and recently obtained a salesman of the year award. He also has a successful internet sales site that teaches insomnia suffers how to get a good night's sleep. He will be in charge of marketing and finding potential therapists to fill office space and for promoting the facility for patients looking for a high quality of psychological care and privacy.

Warren Montague is a retired aerospace engineer who will be in charge of IT. He will manage WIFI, printing and fax services, phone automation and safety equipment.

Family members will work as independent contractors paid only for the work they do.

4.3 Outsourced tasks

Cleaning will be done by bonded professionals.

4.4 Suppliers

Utilities, high speed internet, drinking water, furniture rental.

4.5 Risk management

UMH does not manufacture any products and all the practitioners are independent contractors including the management staff.

In the event of a natural disaster that prevents patients from access, UMH can quickly relocate.

All accounting files will be stored in secure cloud servers.

Individual practitioners are responsible for their patient files and accounts.

5.0 Financial Data

5.1 Assumptions

The OCR published - Forecast shows deepening shortage of mental health professionals in California.  According to this article “the state would have 41 percent fewer psychiatrists and 11 percent fewer psychologists, therapists and social workers than would be needed, according to the researchers’ calculations.” in the next 10 years.

Psychology Today published - Mental Illness on the Rise in the U.S, by Tyger Latham Psy.D.  In this article it states that one in five adults in the US have some form of mental health problems and that sixty two percent of these americans do not seek mental health care for various reasons.  Ten percent did not seek mental health care because of confidentiality fears.

There are two major assumptions in these reports that point to the fact that the industry is still growing and patients seeking care are overwhelming the mental healthcare industry.  Mr. Montague furthermore addresses the issue of privacy by not accepting insurance.

Dr.  Montague had a full time psychological practice in Torrance, California that lasted for 15 years.  Her patients overwhelmingly appreciated the help she gave them and many returned years later for follow up care.  In March of 2016 Dr. Montague suffered a massive right brain stroke and was forced to give up her practice.  She has now recovered her independence so that she can again have a private practice.

Dr. Montague and Heidi Bacani MFT leased a suite with three offices and a waiting room in 2010 and immediately had multiple mental healthcare practitioners sharing the third room.  This suite demonstrated the power of multiple practitioners working together and Dr. Montague went from an average of 20 patients a week to over 30 patients per week soon after switching from her single room practice to this suite of rooms.    

Psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social works, art therapists and psychological testing practitioners all need an office to work with clients.

Upscale Mental Health intends to selectively populate the five office suite with diverse private practice specialties which can cross reference clients. Presently clients must seek other services if the practitioner they were referred to do not specialize in the needs of the client. Practitioners in the UMH environment can have meetings and work as a team on complex issues that cross over multiple specialties.

This approach makes finding help and getting help far more likely and less complex than the normal search and hope method needed to find the right help at one location.  

Hospitals and other managed care organization, who use a team approach, hire practitioners on a commission or salaried basis and always take insurance which often dictates what therapy and how much therapy a patient can receive.  This compromises patient doctor confidentiality and limits care.

Dr. Montague wishes to have  control over patient doctor confidentiality as much is possible and will not work in the clinical environment which takes insurance.  By leasing a large suite and subleasing to mental health practitioners with various specialties, Dr. Montague is creating a more efficient and confidential practice that will attract patients of means in the Newport Beach area.  These patients will be more likely to refer family and friends who are looking to find a variety of mental health practitioners at one location.  

5.2 Start-up business

5.2.1 Start-up costs

Upscale Mental Health is a service and has no products to buy or sell.

The suite of offices will have a five year lease starting for $6,000 per month.  

Dr. Montague has furniture for the reception area and her office.  Mental health practitioners who sign subleases will have the option of a lower price for an unfurnished office that  they will move their own furniture into or a higher price that will include the rental of furniture they need.

In Supporting Documentation is the two year income statement showing cash flow and a balance sheet.

5.2.2 Use of funds break down

There needs to be enough funding to insure that the lease is paid for six months or until enough subleasing is done to pay the monthly lease.

42floors.com is a search engine for leased office space.  The following graphic was clipped from their site.

Below is a spreadsheet showing properties that listed office space from LoopNet.com - It should be noted that over 50% of properties on this site did not list the price and asks that you contact them to get prices.   An assumption can be made from the above graphic that most of the unlisted sites charge more than the $59.00 /SF/Yr  

520 Newport Center Dr

$96.00 /SF/Yr

High Rise Office Building

3800 E Coast Hwy

$63.00 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

1601 Avocado Ave

$60.00 /SF/Yr

3 Story Office Building

100 W Coast Hwy

$60.00 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

180 Newport Center Drive

$54.00 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

450 Newport Center Dr

$54.00 /SF/Yr

High Rise Office Building

3701 Birch St

$54.00 /SF/Yr

4 Story Office Building

149-177 Riverside Ave

$54.00 - $62.40 /SF/Yr

Storefront Retail/Office

201 Shipyard Way

$51.00 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

2700 E Coast Hwy

$48.00 /SF/Yr

Storefront Retail/Office

680 Newport Center Dr

$45.00 /SF/Yr

3 Story Office Building

447 Old Newport Blvd

$42.00 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

4675 MacArthur Ct

$40.20 /SF/Yr

High Rise Office Building

2 Corporate Plaza Dr

$40.20 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

366 San Miguel Dr

$40.20 - $45.00 /SF/Yr

3 Story Office Building

5000 Birch St

$40.08 /SF/Yr

High Rise Office Building

220 Newport Center Dr

$39.00 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

2043 Westcliff Dr

$38.40 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

4440 Von Karman Ave

$36.60 /SF/Yr

3 Story Office Building

4695 MacArthur Ct

$36.00 - $49.20 /SF/Yr

High Rise Office Building

4100 Newport Place Dr

$35.88 - $38.40 /SF/Yr

High Rise Office Building

3300 Irvine Ave

$35.40 /SF/Yr

High Rise Office Building

3991 MacArthur Blvd

$35.40 /SF/Yr

4 Story Office Building

20151 SW Birch St

$34.20 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

20280 Acacia St

$33.60 /SF/Yr

3 Story Office Building

130 Newport Center Dr

$32.40 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

20301 Acacia St

$31.80 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

20321 Acacia St

$31.80 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

3600 Birch St

$29.40 /SF/Yr

3 Story Office Building

1400 Quail St

$28.20 - $28.80 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

3700 Campus Dr

$27.60 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

20101 SW Birch St

$27.00 /SF/Yr

4 Story Office Building

901 Dover Dr

$27.00 - $34.20 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

4100 Campus Dr

$25.80 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

20250 SW Acacia St

$25.80 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

1300 Bristol St N

$25.80 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

1451 Quail St

$25.80 - $30.00

2 Story Office Building

4060 Campus Dr

$25.80 - $26.40 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

1101-1111 Quail St

$24.00 /SF/Yr

2 Story Office Building

4533 MacArthur Blvd

$22.20 /SF/Yr

Storefront Retail/Office

6.0 Supporting Documentation

6.1 Sample of marketing material

What is

Upscale Mental Health

My name is Dr. Amy D. Montague and I have been practicing psychology for over 20 years in Southern California.  In March of 2017 I suffered a massive right brain stroke and had to give up my successful private practice in Torrance, CA.

When I first received my psychology license, I leased a furnished office for two days a week and after a few months I built my patient load to a level where I was able to lease a private office.

I practiced at that location for seven years but found that I was  very isolated and lacked connections to other practitioners which I could cross reference and discuss patient care with.

There was another doctor who was looking to share a suite with me so we leased a three office suite with a waiting room.  This idea of working with another practitioner was immediately rewarding in a number of ways.

We advertised the third office and within a month had two part time mental health practitioners renting.  The isolation was gone and we both began getting returning patients and often other family members as well.  

Cross referencing was easier and I started getting patients from other doctors rather than insurance companies.  What I realized from physician referrals were that they were of a higher quality than insurance referrals and they tended to remain for long term treatment.

I have now recovered from my stroke to a degree that allows me to work again and expanding upon what I learned in Torrance.  As the name Upscale Mental Health implies, I am working with a larger group of mental health practitioners to create the highest quality mental health care possible.

There are two very strong principles which I am using to make Upscale Mental Health live up to its name.

First - Insurance companies take a generic approach where all practitioners are required to follow a specific criteria for diagnosis and treatment.  UMH practitioners provide individualized care designed specifically for individual unique patients, which research has proven to be more effective.  

In addition insurance violates a patient's privacy and can even compromise their confidentiality.  Therefore, I only sublease office space to practitioners of like minded thinking.

Second - This unique approach is understandably more expensive and requires having office space that is located near patients of means.  UMH is located between Fashion Island and PCH in Newport Beach for convenience and anonymity giving patients alternate motivation for keeping appointments.

At UMH there are no managers or guidelines that practitioners must follow.  These practitioners are all independent and offer a full spectrum of specialties, so that cross referencing and case consultation create more complete and comprehensive patient care.

Below is the floor plan and pricing of the office space available.  The window offices will be for sub-lease by one practitioner only while the two inner offices will be rented on a daily basis.  The conference/testing room can be rented by the hour or day and has a dedicated google calendar for scheduling purposes.

There will be an ipad in the waiting room for patients to check in with and notify practitioners.  There will also be coffee and tea available.  Soothing meditation music will help relax and comfort patients while they wait.

Computer equipment, supplies, and locked file cabinets will be in the utility room.

There are unlocked public restrooms available in the building.

Parking is free and under the building.  The elevator is handicapped friendly.  There are four staircases for emergency exit or exercise if you care to avoid the elevator.

6.2 Copies of legal papers

Copies of legal  papers (business license, LLC) will go here when available.

6.3 Letters of Intent

Date: ________________

Via Email

Brian Martini & Laura Acuña

DMP Properties

250 Newport Center Drive, Suite 300

Newport Beach CA, 92660



Re: Proposal to Lease Suite #255 within 180 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach

Dear Brian and Laura:

On behalf Amy Montague (“Tenant”) of the following proposal is made to 180 Investors, LLC.  (“Landlord”), for Suite 255 within the building at 180 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA (“the Premises”):

1.  Premises:

180 Newport Center Drive, Suite 255 consisting of approximately 1,316 rentable square feet (RSF).

2.  Tenant:

Amy Montague

3.  Guarantors:

The lease shall be guaranteed by Jaimie Montague

4.  Term:

The term of the lease shall be sixty (60) months.

5.  Lease and Rent    


The term of the lease and rent shall commence upon _________.  

6.  Use:

For the operation of a psychological services offices and its administrative offices.

7.  Base Rent:

Monthly rent for months 1-12 shall be $4.50/RSF per month.  Rent shall increase by four percent (4%) on the thirteenth (13th) month of the Term and every twelve (12) months thereafter.

8.  Operating Expense Base  



9.  Prorated Rent/Security    


Upon lease execution, Tenant shall no pay Landlord for first two months which will be prorated into the next 11 months.  Landlord shall not require a security deposit.

10. Landlord's Work:

Landlord will upgrade suite 255 according to tenant specification including sound proofing.  Landlord will prorate this expense over 58 months.  Upgrade shall not exceed $50,000.

11. Brokers:

Tenant represents that it has not been represented by a broker in this transaction.

Landlord and Tenant acknowledge that this proposal is not a binding contract and is intended as the basis for the preparation for a new lease by the Landlord. The lease shall be subject to Landlord’s and Tenant’s mutual approval and only a fully executed lease by Tenant and Landlord shall constitute a binding lease for the Premises.

Should this proposal meet with the approval of Landlord, Landlord shall return a signed copy to Tenant before 5pm Pacific Time, ___________, after which it shall become null and void. Within ten (10) business days after a mutually executed proposal, Landlord shall endeavor to submit to Tenant a lease, on Landlord's form, containing the terms and conditions set forth in this proposal.



Amy Montague

Agreed to By:

DMP Properties / 180 Investors, LLC






6.4 Capital equipment and supplies list

Furniture for the waiting room and WIFI.

6.5 Copy of lease


Please complete the following questions as thoroughly as possible. All information will be kept confidential.



Type of proposed business: Upscale Mental Health

Please detail type of business experience you have: 20 years in private practice.  7 years leasing four room suite at 24050 Madison St # 108, Torrance, CA 90505 a Bayco Financial Corporation.


Name of business:Amy D. Montague

Address: 24050 Madison St # 108, Torrance, CA 90505

Number and Street City State Zip Code

Length of time in this business: 7 years # of employees:4  independent contractors

Type of business: Psychology

Landlord name: Bayco Financial Corporation  Landlord telephone number: (310) 378-8181

Gross Annual Revenue: $140,000 Tax ID #:

Are you:  Relocating present business   LLC  Partnership

Have you ever been evicted from a property in which you were a tenant? Yes___ No_X_ IF YES, please explain: NA

Do you have a Business bank account? YES _X_   NO ___

IF YES: Bank Name: _______________________________________ Account No: _________________________________

Name(s) on account: ____________________________________________________________________________________________


Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Prefer To Be Called: ____________________________________ Email Address: __________________________________________

Home Phone: _____________________ Cell Phone: _____________________ Other Phone: _____________________

Social Security No: ________ -________ -______________ Date of Birth: __ __ / __ __ / __ __

Driver’s License No: ________________________________ State of Issue: _____________________________

Number of Dependents: _______ Age(s) of Dependents: ___________________________________________

Marital Status: Single ___ Married ___ on _______ Divorced ___ on _______ Widowed ___

Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Yes___ No_X_

Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? Yes___ No_X_ IF YES, when?

Present Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Number and Street City State Zip Code

Length of Residence: _____________ Rent or Own

(choose one)

Monthly Payment $ ____________

Previous Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Number and Street City State Zip Code

Length of Residence: _____________ Rent or Own

(choose one)

Monthly Payment $ ____________

DMP Properties | 250 Newport Center Drive #300, Newport Beach, CA 92660 | P (949) 720-8166 | F (949) 720-8184 | DMPProperties.com



& L

LIABILITIES ASSETS LIABILITIES Cash on Hand and In Bank Accounts Payable

Savings Accounts Notes Payable to Banks and Others

IRA or Other Retirement Account Installment Account (Auto) – Monthly Payment

Accounts & Notes Receivable Installment Account (Other) – Monthly Payment

Life Insurance – Cash Value Only Loans on Life Insurance

Stocks & Bonds Mortgages on Real estate

Real Estate Unpaid Taxes

Automobile(s) – Present Value Other Liabilities

Other Personal Property TOTAL LIABILITIES:

Other Assets NET WORTH:



Present Employer: _____________________________________________________ Nature of Business: ______________________

Employer Address:______________________________________________________________________________________________

Position: __________________________________ How Long? _____yrs _____mos Income $: __________ Per: __________

Other Income: $ _________ Frequency: __________ Source of other income: __________________________________________

Previous Employer: _____________________________________________________ Nature of Business: ______________________

Previous Employer Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Position: __________________________________ How Long? _____yrs _____mos Income $: __________ Per: __________

Military Service: Branch _______________________ Rank ______________________________ From __________ to __________


Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Social Security No: ________ -________ -______________ Date of Birth: __ __ / __ __ / __ __

Employer Name: __________________________________________________________ Employer Phone: _____________________

Employer Address:______________________________________________________________________________________________

Position: __________________________________ How Long? _________________ Income $: __________ Per: __________

Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Yes___ No___ IF YES, please explain: _______________________________________


Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? Yes___ No___ IF YES, when? ____________________________________________________


Year: _______ Make: ___________________ Model: ____________________ License: _______________ State: ______

Lien Holder: ____________________________________________________________ Account No: _________________________

Lien Holder’s Address: __________________________________________________________ Monthly Payment: $____________

I hereby submit the above information and verify that it is true and correct. By signing below I authorize DMP Properties, or its agent, to order and review my credit, criminal history and investigate the accuracy of the information contained in this application. Such authorization shall extend to obtaining a credit profile in considering the application of the credit applicant and subsequently for the purposes of update, renewal or extension of such credit and for reviewing or collecting the resulting account. I further authorized all banks, employers, creditors, credit card companies and references to provided to DMP Properties any and all information concerning my credit or account history.


By: ________________________________________________ By: ________________________________________________

signature signature

Print Name: _________________________________________ Print Name: ________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________

DMP Properties | 250 Newport Center Drive #300, Newport Beach, CA 92660 | P (949) 720-8166 | F (949) 720-8184 | DMPProperties.com


DATE: ________________________________________________________

TO: ________________________________________________________


________________________________________________________ BRANCH/ADDRESS

This is my written authorization to provide verification of my accounts stated below:


_________________________________________ ___________________________ $ ____________________

_________________________________________ ___________________________ $ ____________________

_________________________________________ ___________________________ $ ____________________

_________________________________________ ___________________________ $ ____________________

_________________________________________ ___________________________ $ ____________________

ACCOUNT HOLDER: __________________________________________ SIGNATURE: __________________________________________

ACCOUNT HOLDER: __________________________________________ SIGNATURE: __________________________________________


__________________________________________ AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE

DMP Properties | 250 Newport Center Drive #300, Newport Beach, CA 92660 | P (949) 720-8166 | F (949) 720-8184 | DMPProperties.com

6.6 Statistical analysis and other supporting data

Sample of 100 practitioners in Newport Beach

16 practitioners charges $250 or more.

Only four practitioners from this sample specialize in children.

None of these practitioners mention stroke victims.

Many practitioners at similar addresses but on a couple in same suite.

All data obtained from Psychology Today Database

Sara B. Sanchez

$160 - $180



Mickey Wilson


5020 Campus Dr 37


Marcie Pham


5020 Campus Drive


Alicia Dominguez

$170 - $180

901 Dove Street 140


Melody Foxx

$190 - $230

1151 Dove Street 245


Deborah Hendlin

$250 - $300

230 Newport Center Drive 220

Affairs, Grey Divorce, Shopping

Margreta Klassen

$100 - $130

1000 Quail Street 175

Anger Management

Susen S Kay

$150 - $250

1000 Quail Street 150


Jennifer Park

$100 - $170

1151 Dove St 105


Kristen Platt


1151 Dove Street 200


Katerina Sorrell

$150 - $170

120 Virginia Place #204


LeAnne Pleasant

$130 - $150

3700 Campus Dr 208


Brian Olsen


4060 Campus Drive 100


Richard Morhaime

$200 - $250

450 Newport Center Dr 380


Dawn M Hoekman

$60 - $180

5001 Birch St.


Lucy Vo

$200 - $250

1300 Quail St unit 204


Lisa Bahar


567 San Nicolas Drive 190

Behavioral Issues

Sarah L Giokaris


1400 Quail Street Suite 265

post partum depr

Courtney Westin

$180 - $210

366 San Miguel

Borderline Personality

Leslie Drozd


1001 Dove st Ste 110

child custody evaluator

Jeannie Colvin

$120 - $180

1000 Quail Street 240

Child or Adolescent

Cindy May

$180 - $200

1101 Dove Street 155

Child or Adolescent

Elsie Echevarria

$150 - $270

1151 Dove Street 100

Child or Adolescent

Alina Bright


1001 Dove st ste 165


Martin A Perez

$140 - $180

1100 Quail Street 206

Chronic Pain

Michael Fenton


1000 Quail Street ste 170

clinical psychology

Steve Davidson


1001 Dove st Ste 240

clinical psychology

Kimiko Miller


200 Newport Center Drive 206


Sharon K Frick

$120 - $160

4695 MacArthur Court

Coping Skills

Cynthia D Baker

$150 - $200

1001 Dove Street 280


Edward Margines

$150 - $200

1101 Dove Street 155


Judy Zevin

$150 - $200

1151 Dove St 278


Leilah Madorsky

$120 - $130

1151 Dove Street 105


Roya Haghighat

$120 - $180

200 Newport Center Plaza 202


Lawrence Allison

$150 - $200

260 Newport Center Dr 100


Silvana Charison


4000 MacArthur Blvd  600 E T


John Barrett

$100 - $180

4060 Campus Dr 120


Nasrin Vossough


4425 Jamboree Road 184


Debbi Z Hensling


901 Dove Street 299


Teri Pokrajac

$150 - $300

4060 Campus Dr 120

Dissociative Disorders

Diane L Sagen

$90 - $100

1000 Quail St 175

Domestic Abuse

Karin Sakahara

$90 - $110

1151 Dove St. 295

Dual Diagnosis

Ken Graves

1000 Quail St 189

Eating Disorders

Anna Wiggins


4695 MacArthur Court 1100

Eating Disorders

Olga Wingood


1300 Bristol Street N 100

Family / Marital

Rosemary M Kane


1151 Dove Street 280

Family Conflict

Sam Wasfi

$100 - $150

4000 Birch Street 112

Family Conflict

Cindy Finch


4299 Macarthur Blvd 200

Family Conflict

Connie Hsu

5020 Campus Drive

Family Conflict

Gregg. Baringoldz


1001 Dove st Ste 110

forensic and clinical psychology

Daniel Franklin .

$120 - $250

11340 W Olympic Blvd 250

Franklin Educational Services Inc

Hui  Reccow

$200 - $230



Misa Butsuhara


4667 Macarthur Blvd 320


Susan M Jerome

$80 - $200

1151 Dove Street 230

Life Coaching

Marni Reinhardt

$190 - $200

1400 Bristol Street N 245B

Marital and Premarital

Jennifer Anderson


3300 Irvine Ave, Ste 261

Marital and Premarital

Chelsea Fuentes

$200 - $360

5020 Campus Dr

Marital and Premarital

Bert Shepley

$90 - $130

1151 Dove Street 245

Men's Issues

Erick Godel

$100 - $130

4425 Jamboree Rd, Suite 263

Mood Disorders

Tracy Kuhar

$150 - $250

1151 Dove Street

Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

Cigdem Coyle

$150 - $200

1400 Quail Street ste 165

Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

Jessica Borelli

$150 - $350

4063 Birch St 220


Mauri  Heller

$180 - $240

1400 Quail Street 136

relationship concerns

Susie Duffy

1000 Quail Street 175

Relationship Issues

Cheryl Dale

$110 - $170

1151 Dove Street 220

Relationship Issues

Shelby Castile

$180 - $280

1151 Dove Street ste 105

Relationship Issues

Danielle Mee

1151 Dove Street ste 113

Relationship Issues

Trish Levine


1303 Avacado Ave 235

Relationship Issues



$170 - $180

1400 Bristol St, N 250

Relationship Issues

Steven M Harris

1400 Quail Street 210

Relationship Issues

Jennifer Francisco

$160 - $190

1601 Dove Street ste 292

Relationship Issues

Shahrzad Jalali

$120 - $180

180 Newport Center Dr 270D

Relationship Issues

Lee Blackwell

$220 - $250

369 San Miguel Dr ste 360

Relationship Issues

Quentin Hafner

$220 - $250

4100 Campus Drive 200

Relationship Issues

Bret Turecek

4000 Birch Street 203

Self Esteem

Stephanie Buehler


500 Superior Ave ste 315

Sex Therapist

Michael Smith


1601 Dove Street 230

Sex Therapy

Ari Shahabaldiny


4100 Newport Place Dr 730

Sex Therapy

Maria Darcy

$150 - $180

4425 Jamboree Road 270

Sex Therapy

Jennifer Sasaki

$100 - $130

1151 Dove St 245

Sexual Abuse

Sandra Chalupnik

$90 - $110

1300 Bristol Street N

Sexual Abuse

Kelly Garrity

$150 - $200

5020 Campus Dr

Sexual Addiction

Michelle Iankowitz

$150 - $300

5020 Campus Drive

Sexual Addiction

Robert Yeilding

$250 - $280

1500 Quail Street Suite 250

Sleep or Insomnia

Stefanie Tweedly


1151 Dove Street 105

Testing and Evaluation

Eileen Paniagua

$180 - $200

23 Corporate Plaza Drive 150

Testing and Evaluation

Aaron R. Montgomery


4000 MacArthur - East Tower 600

Testing and Evaluation

Chase Espinoza


4000 MacArthur Blvd 600

Testing and Evaluation

Ellen Veenstra

$220 - $230

100 Bayview Circle 560


Lesley Davis

$100 - $150


Trauma and PTSD

Laura C Nelson


Trauma and PTSD

Ben Culhane

$150 - $200

1420 Bristol St. North ste 230

Trauma and PTSD

Paul DePompo


20331 Irvine Avenue ste E1

Trauma and PTSD

Lillian Strom

$100 - $140

5020 Campus Drive

Trauma and PTSD

Brandy Henning

$90 - $130

5020 Campus Drive

Trauma and PTSD

Dimitra Takos


901 Dove Street 150

Trauma and PTSD

Dee Clark

$130 - $150


Women's Issues

Suzy Roberts


1000 Quail Street, #275

Women's Issues

Karen Ogden

$120 - $180

1151 Dove St 100

Carole A. Bardin

$110 - $120

32 Rue Grand Vallee