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Instructor Program
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Instructor Program

Instructor Program Overview

PCC-ACNA has a reputation of running efficient, informative, and safe Driver Safety and Education events as a result of our excellent track management and educational process and commitment. The instructor is a core element that optimizes the experience and learning the student receives at our events.

We recognize that all instructors must be good drivers and exceptional communicators who are always aware of the track, their student, and the car. Good drivers do not necessarily make good instructors.

We have evolved into a very efficient educational organization and have organized our event instruction around three Chief Instructors with specific classroom, on-track, and leadership responsibilities and a cadre of well-qualified instructors to support them. In addition, each run group is led by a Senior Instructor responsible for that group’s classroom sessions, on-track behavior, safety, and overall operation.

Our club is constantly evolving. Students move up the ladder in proficiency as do our instructor corps with potential new instructors being identified within the club and other instructor applicants coming to us from other clubs and organizations. Our goal is to ensure as much quality and consistency at our events as possible

All instructors and candidates MUST be ACNA members before participating in a Driver Safety and Education School that includes high-speed sessions

Current Chapter Club Members

Within the chapter, new instructors are cultivated through a mentoring and training program where potential candidates are identified and developed through our Instructor Clinics and with the help of Instructor Mentors. Club members who are interested in eventually becoming instructors should maintain a detailed log of their driving history and experience, references, and other related experience and will be expected to go through a similar review and evaluation process as Outside Applicants detailed below.

Outside Applicants

Instructor applicants from outside the chapter interested in participating with our driver education events are directed to follow the instructor application procedure below which allows for a uniform processing and evaluation of requests. To be considered, the instructor applicant will submit the following via email to PCC registrars at for submission to the Chief Instructor for review and approval.

A written request to join PCC-ACNA and a resume of track and, if applicable, instruction experience showing:

The applicant will be acknowledged and the information will be forwarded to the chapter Driving School Committee for review and evaluation. Those accepted will be admitted to the next event as a Provisional Instructor or Instructor Candidate with the following conditions. ACNA membership is required to participate in any PCC high-speed Driver Safety and Education School.

Provisional Instructor

Instructor Candidate

Both categories will be evaluated for Instructor advancement. Provisional Instructors will be either appointed to Full Instructor status at the end of the event or continue as Provisional until Full Instructor status is awarded. Instructor Candidates will either remain as Candidates or advance to Provisional status.

NOTE: In certain cases a requester will be given Full Instructor status or a Provisional or Candidate Instructor may be eligible for advancement immediately to Full Instructor status by the recommendation/approval of the Chief Instructors.

Final Thoughts

Instructors are urged to continue self-improvement through course (i.e PCC or other ACNA Instructor Clinics, Instructor Clinics through other clubs or organizations, etc.) and event attendance and more rigorous participation and involvement at the chapter and club level. We are always looking for those interested in assisting in the classroom and/or participating as Group Leaders. Feedback is always welcome to provide a more varied and informative program to the students.

Instructors are a CORE of our Driver Safety and Education events. We count on your commitment to attend an event if registered and excessive cancellations may trigger an instructor’s classification to be changed to Candidate or Provisional status.

As we are continuously looking to improve and enhance our events, the process may be adjusted or modified.