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The Verde Valley.
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The Verde Valley

The Verde Valley is home to the last living river in Arizona and it’s a key feature of our agriculture and tourist economy. Open space and breathtaking vistas make our part of the county special. Peace and quiet, wildlife and solitude are why many of us choose rural Arizona. Maintaining that character is a priority, ‘Don’t Maricopa Our Yavapai!’

We want local control so we can protect workforce housing and adjust the caps on wine production in our county. We want the natural beauty that people come to see to remain at the heart of every decision we make. We need to be able to manage our development and address the impacts of upcoming legal decisions about surface water and ground water.

Oak Creek, The Verde River and its tributaries are critical regional assets which must not be overshadowed by other priorities. Like other rural areas we wish to maintain our rural lifestyle and quality of life.

The Verde Valley needs a local representative in the state legislature to defend water and open space as an outdoor voice. The Clean Slate for Democracy’s Cathy Ransom from Cottonwood would provide legislative representation for the Verde Valley for the first time since 2009.