Education Unit & Project Reflection

This section should already be completed in the project page of your digital notebook.


Make sure you post to your project page the different steps and elements of the project you have been working on with your group and the lab. Make sure you have your lab write ups, pictures if you have taken any, the results of your lab, your storyboard for the filming process, and the link to your finished group video. When posting your labs, you should have your original lab as well as the lab you chose to use for your group filming and make sure to provide labels to differentiate the two.


Along with the documentation you should describe the overall unit, as well as the steps/process it took to complete this project with your group. What did we learn in this unit? What resources and materials were provided for you to learn more about this unit? What was the project assigned for your group and what were the expectations? What steps needed to be taken to complete the project along the way? How did your group come to the decision on what lab to test and film? Remember to cover all elements of the unit, what you have learned in Science, History, and English.

This section is your final step. DUE November 27th


Consider the following questions and respond to all of them thoughtfully and thoroughly on your Project Page of your Digital notebook.Though the questions are being presented to you in bullet points, please write your reflection in essay format. You need to answer in complete sentences and in paragraph form.


Body Paragraph #1: (Choose one of the following questions below and write a CER)

**Honors Students will include a second body paragraph***