Student Council Climate Action Resolution DRAFT

WHEREAS, there is consensus among scientists that human activities which create greenhouse gas emissions are the dominant cause of climate change; and,

WHEREAS, the global impact, the urgency, and the magnitude of climate change calls for leadership and action in all sectors of society, all institutions, and all elected leaders; and,

WHEREAS, we believe that climate change is not a partisan nor political issue and that local, state, and national policies should be guided by the best available science; and,

WHEREAS, young people are disproportionately impacted by national climate inaction because greenhouse gases will continue to accumulate over the coming decades and will create a profound burden throughout our lives, as well as the lives of future generations; and,

(WHEREAS, 1450 students and 250 teachers/school employees lost their homes in our county in a climate-related firestorm one year ago; specific to Sonoma County Schools)

WHEREAS, in 2015 the California PTA declared that climate change was a “children’s issue”;


1. We declare climate change a generational justice and human rights issue;

2. We call on Congress to swiftly end 30 years of climate neglect by enacting commonsense national climate policies, such as carbon-pricing, to restore the climate for the good of young people and future generations;

3. We thank the 26 school boards who have spoken up for climate justice by passing their own climate action resolutions. We encourage the remaining 13,974 school boards in the country, including the _________ State Board of Education to break silence about climate justice and speak up to protect our generation and future generations.

4. We encourage all student councils, teachers’ unions, PTA’s, and education support organizations (such as the state and National School Boards Associations, the state and national school administrators’ association, and the state and national school psychologists association) to pass climate action resolutions similar to ours, calling on Congress to enact climate policies to protect current and future students.;


  1. The student council of ____ celebrates existing district sustainability initiatives such as:
  1. The existing Environmental Committee and its work
  2. The Zero Waste initiative
  3. The yearly Brighton Clean Sweep
  4. The Lorax Club’s work to plant trees around BHS
  1. We encourage our school district to develop a Climate Action Plan addressing these areas:
  1. Buildings and Grounds
  2. Operations and Transportation
  3. Food Service---plant-forward, climate friendly
  4. Direct Greenhouse Gas Measurements and Goals for Net-Zero
  5. Climate Literacy and Climate Advocacy in the curriculum and graduation requirements
  6. Institutional Advocacy for Climate Action
  7. Partnerships with local, regional, state, and national agencies and organizations to advance our response to climate change
  1. We direct our student council secretary to transmit official copies of this resolution to our school administration, the Schools for Climate Action campaign, all student councils in our district and neighboring districts, our district, county, and state school boards, our district teacher’s union and PTA, the State School Boards Association, all California members of Congress, the Congressional Climate Solutions Caucus, and the National School Board Association (NSBA).

Votes: Ayes:____        Noes:______          Abstain:______





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