Started 12/28/2017 by King Tyler VVS:

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        Table of Contents

        D3FC Open Source Code of Membership

        Freedom Network

        D3FC Defined

        Whale Problems

        Revenue Sources

        Public Trust Go-Shares

        Member Reward Go-Share Milestones

        10 Recruit Limit

        Go-Share Color

        Expiration of Deceased Account

        Badge Quality


        Support Titles & Hero Status

        Level System Requirements

        Level Up Rewards

        Legendary Levels

        How to Support

        Support Verification

        Strict Fix and Forgive Policy

        Member Violation Bounty

        Pink Slips


        Expert Quests / CAREERS

        The efforts of our questing members and experts will bring bitcoin to the masses.

        Smart Charity

        Member Base Tech Support


        This white paper and ALL policies, pages, posts, products, partnerships and plans of and are to be open source and open for debate; to be modified and improved upon after favorable vote by the member base. Proposed amendments must make logical sense and follow the 5 golden guidelines.

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        Freedom Network and D3FC are 2 sides of the same coin. is merely the social side of this coin, in place to represent all d3 freedom club members’ businesses or causes. is the business side featuring various vip benefits. All members of freedom network will get an equal amount of visits from other members of freedom network, no matter how wealthy they are or how high in membership level they go. Freedom network does not have a news feed - members are encouraged to focus on building ever-green products/services of value rather than compete for news feed space in carrot on a stick business schemes. Read more about freedom network.

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        How many D’s are in dividends? 3. D3FC = dividends in the form of free coins. Free coins to you daily. More: when you invert a 3d object, you end up mathematically with the space around the object - no matter how small the object is, the space around it is infinite. D3 represents the infinite inversion of the virtual world over the finite limitedness of our 3d world. The infinite circle over the triangle. The shape of the letter D is quite literally half a circle, (O) - meaning the circle has been cut. Cut or divided so that you get your fair share of the pie. Dividends from the infinite pie that is bitcoin, dogecoin and cryptocurrency. 3D being one, D3 being many - D3FC is thus like a crypto mall, arcade or club with many features. Web tools, web products, tutorials, training, games, music, entertainment and a rewards program are all built in to one cool hangout zone. MORE INFO COMING SOON!

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        Bitcoin whales and existing banks will be able to research, discover, find out about and invest in - and thus PROFIT FROM the next big “crypto” (like ripple verge iota or monero) BEFORE any of the minows, the masses, or the newbies even have a chance. This gives the fat cat insiders an unfair advantage, when in actuality it is not just insiders, but ALL of the populace, all of the 100%, and all of the people that contributes to economic demand and the need for money in the first place. It is only fair that all citizens of earth unanimously get a fair share in a new cryptocurrency.

        It is unfair that banks and millionaire trust fund children who were born lucky or scammers/hackers who remain uncaught end up with the majority holdings of crypto currency. Cryptocurrency is the most important invention of the century. To make things fair, cryptocurrency should be initially equally distributed amongst all humans. Everyone should get a fair share.

        How much currency a human possesses should be directly based off how much value they are able to contribute towards other holders of cryptocurrency (potentially everyone in this situation) - rather than how much of old fiat money that person had to play with before the cryptocurrency boom.

        We are working with multiple potential public partners on multiple potential solutions in order to create such a situation. Our plan? SIMPLE: There will be more than enough smart phones for every human alive to own a new or used smart phone in the next few years, (Source) - and our partners at Google will eventually be installing global free satellite internet - then will dawn the age of a bitcoin peer to peer tech wallet society. We plan on utilizing this trend to the fullest in our means of equalizing the crypto distribution. 

        We merely aim to piggyback on the success of the largest internet, tech and communications companies in the world. While our plan is simple it will indeed take TIME and EFFORT. A team of programmers and social influencers will have to work part time daily with few if any interruptions for several years in order to have everything ready in a timely enough manner to capitalize on these trends most efficiently. We predict major changes in the year 2020. A short term project has thus also been developed: Go-shares.

        In the meantime, and as a way of bridging the gap, let the creation of d3fc go-shares be capped at *$21,000 per human. In honor of the bitcoin’s 21 million coin limit, we want to establish an inversion of that ideal - a possessor or wallet limit. No human can ever possess more than *$21,000 worth of d3fc go-shares without fulfilling special requirements. Additionally, only a human individual - and no corporation or 3rd party - can ever possess a wallet to hold go-shares. Only 1 wallet per individual, worldwide. Children and disabled persons only may select a guardian to manage their wallet.

        (*$21,000 in go shares = exactly 105 shares at the company fixed re-purchase price of $200 per green go-share. **The only way to own more than $21,000 in go shares is to earn them working directly for the company OR to have purchased shares during our pre-launch ICO. After the pre launch ICO the company will never create shares for itself, only for its members.) ***Link to Bitcoin Whale Post - whales are a problem!***

* the # of all existing Go-shares will be listed on the home page of

* Go-shares pay dividends daily based off ALL company gross crypto income.

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        Gross revenue generated to pay dogecoins out to Go-shareholders comes from a myriad of locations: We own an expandable discount share in a mining facility in iceland; we run 2 other cloud mining operations locally and globally; we have google adsense and many major crypto advertising networks integrated with our site; lastly we have affiliate partnerships with nearly 1,000 bitcoin, crypto exchange, tech, banking, web related, social and lifestyle companies. Every day a large, up-to-majority percentage of all company gross revenue will go to all go-shareholders. All shares carry the same weight of $200 and are indivisible - no half-shares can be sold. Revenue from share sales goes towards generating real products and services for significant monetary gains before dividends are paid out. Investors’ money is never used to pay other investors, and the number of investors is limited. This is to ensure the health and longevity of both the company and the member base, as well as to develop trust in our anti-ponzi ethics.

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        Go-shares are 100% public. Because we do not believe in criminal activity, and because it is obvious how important public trust is for the success of all cryptocurrencies and businesses in general, we believe individuals associated with us should also have a public trustworthy foot put forward on the web. This is done in the form of all freedom network profiles and wallets being 100% public. While theft of funds is impossible - being encrypted by google authenticated security - the number of shares owned along with a person’s chosen business or cause of promotion will be publicly viewable by anyone. The number of shares a person holds in our crypto-company is to be worn like a badge of honor. These bragging rights are to be flaunted, just as a max level hero in an mmo-rpg would inspire the newbies with observable glamour and sweet loot. People will see those badges as a symbol of trust. Trust is the single most important key behind the rise of bitcoin. According to the better business bureau, trust is the “next big thing.” For more information please download the BBB book on TRUST.

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 $2000 or 10 shares from gathering 10 recruits or supporters*

 $1000 or 5 shares from giving social love

 $2000 or 10 shares for supporting 1 person$2000*

 $1000 or 5 more shares for supporting a 2nd person*

 $1000 or 5 shares for supporting the company*

+$2000 or 10 shares for reaching level 7

= $9,000 in easily earnable rewards!**

*Go shares created through support will expire if support ceases. After 200 days to 2 years of support, these shares will mature and exist even if support ceases thereafter.

NOTE: There are 6 default ways to earn shares - once a particular way is exhausted, a share milestone is reached. Other hidden rewards are potentially unlocked at each new milestone.

(See BADGE QUALITY for more info on share milestones.)

** up to $9,000 (or 45 shares) can potentially be created per member as an earned reward.

** up to $12,000 (or 60 shares) may be purchased from other members only alongside all earned shares. The first share must be purchased from the company to enable purchasing from other members. Only 1 share may be created and purchased from the company. All other shares must be bought off members. Buying shares increases daily dividends.

** the only way to own more than $21,000 in go shares is to earn them working directly for the company OR to have purchased shares during our pre-launch ICO.

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        Members may not recruit more than 10 recruits. You must know and guide all 10 intimately, without focusing on masses of people you cannot support. You are not lucky, but smart to only have 5 best friends in life. You should likewise not manage more than 10 close business partners, otherwise the quality of your co-op work wanes. You want to be able to have one recruit for every finger, and touch base with them slightly more often than once every 2 weeks - once every 10 days is ideal. Guide your team of recruits. 10 is the max.

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• PURPLE shares are permanent. A member can only have 2 purple shares. They cannot be sold. The 1st purple share is earned the instant a person becomes a member. The 2nd purple share is created when the person buys their 1st share from the company to unlock buying other member shares. Purple shares exist to ensure a person always has at least 2 shares generating dividends so that nobody ever falls to 0. Think of it as a reserved untouchable savings account that pays daily dividends forever. Purple shares cannot be inherited.

• RED shares are freshly issued and have not matured. They cannot be purchased back yet by the company at our fixed rate of $200 per Go-share. They can however be sold to other members for any speculative price. Red shares will NOT be inherited should a person’s account expire. Ensuring accounts stay alive is every member’s #1 responsibility.

• GREEN shares have matured and can be sold back to the company at our fixed buy-back rate of $200. Or they can be sold to other members at any price. Green shares will be inherited should an account expire. SHARE MARKET COMING SOON.

*** it may take 1 to 5 years for red shares to become green. ALL red shares eventually grow green. We will purchase green shares at the price of $200, however other members may bid higher for your shares. We will never out bid our members.

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To maintain GREEN membership, there are 3 short tasks a person must do as a daily requirement. To maintain PINK slip membership, these same 3 tasks must only be performed once every 60 days. After 60 days a person’s account is considered deceased.


1 - activate the d3fc site miner.

2 - like, comment and share on just one random post belonging to the company site map.

3 - visit one freedom network member at random, and give their profile some social love.

        * Missed days may turn a GREEN status account into PINK slip status, which would then require a $5+ or time penalty payable via crypto or card to revert back to GREEN. If the $5 is not payed the person starts at the beginning of their current challenge, or falls back a level and is pink slipped for a time period of a fair and not too severe number of days. After 60 days of inactivity a person is considered deceased and 80% of all green go-shares will be transferred to that person’s chosen inheritor. Red and purple go-shares are lost forever unless the account is reactivated. (20% of the green go-shares go back to the company public reserves.) If no inheritor is chosen then green shares will go to the person’s recruiter. After a person has completed the cost free 101 donations challenge five times, they are allowed 4 free off days every week from social love membership requirements - meaning they must only do steps 1~3 three days every week; however, please understand that these off days are not allowed until completing FIVE WINS of the 101 donations challenge. 4 off days is the maximum any member can receive per week thereafter, and only after completing the 101 donations challenge the maximum of 5 times. Ultimately members should aim to visit at least 3 times a week and complete 3 tasks each time they visit. Starting out, they must prove a little extra dedication DAILY, for 505 days.

* Deceased accounts can be restored by the person only with a fair and provable excuse and a small $20 penalty restoration fee.

* A guardian may follow steps 1, 2 & 3 while logged on to the chosen social network of someone who is disabled or has a reasonable reason of non-use, in order to cover for them. (child birth, surgery, military deployment, weather power outages etc. are the only acceptable excuses.)

** AS ALWAYS, if this seems too severe of a policy, members may modify it via public majority vote. Drastic changes of these policies are not recommended, however.

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bronze  - fully complete 1 of the 6 share milestones.

silver ☆☆ - fully complete 2 of the 6 share milestones.

Gold ☆☆☆ - fully complete 4 of the 6 share milestones.

Platinum ☆☆☆☆ - fully complete all 6 of the 6 share milestones.

DIAMOND ☆☆☆☆☆ - become a platinum, reach level 7 and donate $5000.*

* Diamond fee is 80% commissionable to your recruiter.

* You may not have more than 10 recruits. Thus your earning potential from diamond upgrades is $40,000 worth of liquid cryptocurrency.

* different badge qualities unlock different future hidden features and bragging rights.

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Gaining badge quality grants stars.

One star plus $13 may be traded to add any badge in place of that star.

Additional badges must be purchased the same way - $13 each time.

Becoming DIAMOND grants a free badge selection, but all 5 must be changed at once.

Additional badge edits are $13.

HERE is a list of Badges that can take place of the star system.

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(member) - everyone starts here

(supporter) - a person providing $1 a day to the d3 community

(Hero) - a person having reached legendary level 10*

* The more people you support, the higher your legendary level goes. Higher and higher levels get even more special VIP treatment from the company. Reach legendary level 10 to go from a (supporter) to (Hero) status - with the ability to purchase other titles like champion, knight etc. for $13 per edit. You must support, aka send $1 daily / $7 weekly / $31 monthly directly to 10 members to qualify. You can also qualify by simply donating $10 a day to d3fc through our shop instead of just the minimum required $1 daily donation obligation of level 2 members. There is no limit to how high you can go in legendary levels. If you can afford to send $1000 a day, $1 to 1000 different people every day, you can reach legendary level 1000. Accounts that fall in legendary level will suffer a pink slip penalty for 1 week times the number of levels lost, so do not take on more work than you can keep running. A pink slip will make your freedom network profile look ugly, and cost you some of your go shares until the pink slip expires. Your goal is to keep the cash flow running forever - in honor of the sun and the moon which fail us never.

** You are also allowed an unlimited number of supporters. If 1000 of our members decide to support you based off a service you offer or a cause you promote, thats pure money in your wallet. $$$ Other members can only gain legendary levels by supporting other members, so they have every incentive to consider supporting YOU if your profile is welcoming. $$$

*** Support is optional. We recommend supporting people only out of your profits. Do be generous though. Tons of features can be reached without ever sending anyone a dime.

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*** The member base can vote to change level requirements - but only on levels they have passed. For example, a level 6 member can vote on only changes to levels 1~5. ***

lvl 0 ~ 70 basic requirements (all levels) - see EXPIRATION OF DECEASED ACCOUNT.

lvl 0 requirements: 100% FREE (Green requirements, if not met, pink status.)


lvl 1 requirements: 99% FREE

        ***photo must be uploaded to a public domain like blogger to appear on your profile.***

       *** only $3000 in shares can be earned for free by lvl. 0 and lvl. 1 members.

       *** to earn the remaining $6,000 worth of go shares a payment commitment must be made.

lvl 2 requirements: $1 a day cost

lvl 3 requirements:

lvl 4 requirements: $2 a day cost ($1 to company + $1 to recruiter)

lvl 5 requirements:

 - or 2 persons supporting you with $1 daily

lvl 6 requirements: $3 a day cost ($1 to company + $1 to recruiter + $1 to a random member)

lvl 7 requirements:

lvl 8 and beyond - UNDER DEVELOPMENT


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lvl 0 receives a $200 Go-share and the Rapid Freedom Guide

lvl 1 receives access to Quantum Mind lvl 1 - our guide on photographic memory AND a freedom network profile

lvl 2 receives Quantum Mind lvl 2, Success Habits, The Save $2 a Day Smart Guide, and Social Proof Maximizer plus free website integration via and free traffic for life.

lvl 3 receives Quantum Mind lvl 3

lvl 4 receives Quantum Mind lvl 4

lvl 5 receives Quantum Mind lvl 5

lvl 6 receives Quantum Mind lvl 6

lvl 7 receives the final Quantum Mind lvl 7, the command seal: 4 score infinity flower, and then of course $2000 in Go-shares!

lvl 8 step pattern of success, your wish is your command, 1~5 “success mastery” levels.

lvl 9 final key, think your daily mastery tree list at night before you sleep. “Fingerprint of God 1-8”

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        Legendary Levels are the true bragging right of freedom network members. We will track how many other members’ causes you champion. Champion another member’s cause by monetarily supporting their efforts daily. Legendary levels are added in Roman Numerals after a person’s member level. A person member level 10 legendary level 10 would appear as:

[Person’s Name] (BadgeQuality SupportTitle) lvl. 10-X.


- John Smith (bronze supporter) lvl.5

- Mary Rose ☆☆☆☆☆ (DIAMOND Hero) lvl.70-MCXI

- Jane Goodman ☆☆☆☆ (Platinum Knight) lvl.56-XVIII

* in these examples, Jane Goodman purchased a title change from Hero to Knight.

John Smith is supporting 0 people - but he IS supporting the company.

Mary Rose is supporting 1111 people; and Jane Goodman is supporting 18 people.


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        Supporting a person’s cause means literally giving them $1 a day. The first person you support should be your recruiter. The second person must be the company. For each person you support, you gain a legendary level displayed publicly on freedom network. (Along with additional secret surprises!)


• the person must have set up a coin address or a square payments button.

• the cause or business they promote on their site should resonate with you.

• they cannot be someone you recruited.

• if the person is a neighbor or family member, you can offer to do a 5 minute chore for them every single day in lieu of the $1 payment requirement.

• the person you are supporting has final say over whether you qualify or not. Be reliable!

        Look for as many freedom network members to support as you want on Send exactly $1 a day to this person by agreeing to pay them weekly or monthly. OR you can fulfill support requirements by doing a daily small task, weekly medium task, or monthly large task for this person if they are physically close or willing to accept your web services. The value of the service you provide in lieu of donating to this person $1 a day must be equivalent or nearly. Anything from mowing grass to babysitting can qualify.

        Do not ever break support agreements, even if you two have an argument or fight. Under no circumstances should you break a support agreement with any member. A member who is deceased should however stop receiving support as payments to their crypto wallets could result in lost coins for their inheritor. Support agreements to inheritors can be broken or re-established - the inheritor only inherits go-shares by default. Your support of inheritors is optional should a member you support become deceased. Breaking support of a non deceased member, however, adds a pink slip to your account and flags you as a deserter.

        Even on bad days the sun still shines in the sky - if it did not we would all freeze.

You must lead by example, and nature is the best example. Be like the sun.

Never give up on your self, your team of recruits, the people you support whose causes you believe in, or the freedom network. Never give up. Be like the sun. Always radiant.

*That* is how you TRULY support.

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        You are in charge of keeping tabs on who is supporting you and who is not. Transactions will be visible in your dogecoin wallet or square ledger. You will know if someone is not servicing you. If someone cancels it is your obligation to notify us so we can issue a pink slip, go-share deletions, level demotions or deceased expiration penalties. Otherwise we will assume all is well. To integrate total payment monitoring systems for every member would cost members more than it would be worth for a tiny amount of added convenience, considering the payment monitoring systems of both the square ledger and dogecoin wallet are decent enough.

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You are not allowed to cancel support or block people - you must respect others even if your opinions disagree. Love should trump all arguments. You must work towards resolution with ALL members. If you disagree over politics, you are required to find something you DO agree on with that member before parting ways  - perhaps you are both star wars fans. End the conversation on that note. Evidence of true harassment, thievery or criminal activity will result in a deceased expiration account and transfer of shares to inheritors and bounty fees. Minor violations and childlike conduct will result in pink slips.

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        If a member cancels support, or if a recruit cancels payments or services, or if anyone violates our site with porn, scams, etc. - you can receive the go-share/shares they lose when they are demoted or pink slipped. YOU MUST PROVIDE EVIDENCE to catch them! If you report a deceased account, you receive half of the 20% commission the company takes as the inheritance fee. (You gain 10% of their total green shares.) Bounty awards can push you above the $21,000 or 105 normal share limit... (as can fulfilling other quests for the company.)

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        Pink slips flag your account publicly as having slipped up over something silly, like slipping over a silly banana peel… so don’t drop support or miss too many days and you won’t be pink slipped. To remove a pink slip you must wait the number of days listed on the slip until it expires, or pay: $5 for minor slips, / $3 per day remaining to remove major slips. While pink slipped, your Go-shares can be reduced significantly, usually by just one or two but sometimes up to no more than 50%. Go-shares lost during pink slip terms are ALWAYs temporary and return to the member after the pink slip expires. Why have a pink slip policy? You do not forget to feed your dog, nor do you forget to put gas in your car; and so should you never forget to visit your online company and work with your global team of friends. (*Power outages, child births etc. are a valid excuse, as are hospitalizations. **Un-debatable evidence must be provided to avoid being slipped. ***Weather reports will show outages, and time stamped pictures can be taken of family/yourself in hospital, etc. All fairness will be given to each individual situation.)

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        Whenever an app or tech development is needed, the company can issue go-shares in any amount as a reward for any member or team of members to claim upon creation of required solution. The creation of shares will be in our news made public. The membership base can vote to raise or lower the amount of shares being created and given to the team/individual before funds are finally released.

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        Experts are members who vow to quest under a certain mission daily over a very long time. If quests are temporary jobs, expert quests are considered permanent careers. Each week shares will be created and awarded to experts (if existing) in each of the following fields:

• Facebook: to expand freedom network members’ facebook knowledge in mastering facebook marketing.

• Twitter: to expand freedom network’s twitter presence and master twitter marketing for members.

• Google+:“” …………same as above……….. “”

• Pinterest:“” ………same as above………….. “”

• Linkedin: “” ………same as above………….. “”

• Youtube: “” …………same as above……….. “”

• Instagram: “” ………same as above………….. “”

• “” …………same as above……….. “”

• SEO: one individual or a team of several SEO experts to rank all important site posts.

• Advertising: to master our knowledge base of paid advertising.

• Email Marketing: to master our knowledge base of email marketing.

• Telephone Marketing: to master our knowledge base of telephone marketing.

• ARCADE game page manager.

• AUDIOPLEX music page manager.

• EARN BITCOIN page manager.

• ? FQA, ABOUT and HOME page manager (one person manage all 3 pages)

• TEAM LEADER: to give uniformity to the training presented by each individual expert.

        Experts will submit concise summaries on how to succeed in each network, which will then be reviewed by the network team leader who will also receive 1 share a week. The project will be under scrutiny of social media experts and coaches worldwide for the benefit of training our members to be better businessmen.

More experts will be added as the need arises. Expected workload = a few hours daily.

Experts will receive one to two Go-shares weekly depending on their skill level.

• the number of weekly shares being created for experts will be listed along with total shares on the homepage. Popular vote can increase the rate of creation.

• other expert fields will be created as needed - or deleted as needed.

• the member base can vote to add or remove expert fields and limit team sizes and weekly share rewards.

• the internet already has ALL the knowledge we will ever need. Experts will have an easy job of merely collecting, summarizing, and then simplifying the information for quick and practical use. Experts’ primary job will be removing fluff and clarifying on actual processes and steps involved in succeeding in a specific field.

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        As we scale our systems, we expect to reach a membership base comparable to facebook. Along with bitcoin, we hope to promote eco friendly technologies such as discounted solar rooftops, greenhouses, electric cars, 3-d printers, and other various smart technologies that will all generate affiliate referral income via our site to our membership base, many of who will become customers of these 3rd party products.

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        We are a smart co-charity. We do not plan to function like other charities. We can create dividend shares to fund individuals and additional experts for working to fulfill the below charitable categories:

• CANCER: Cancer cures exist. Cancer patients will be given natural remedy methods - people have cured cancer switching to a 100% fruit diet - there is proof all over the internet; and we will fund a research collective to weed out the truth from the hype and the outright snake oil salesmen. This will benefit our members and their families.

• HUNGER: Cheap fertilizer, sturdy fast growing seeds, intermediary food supplies, water purifiers and “back to eden” gardening methods will be distributed to all those in need eventually out of company profits. View the Documentary on Back to eden Gardening

• ACADEMY the learning page manager will manage several life lesson experts, especially on:

HEALTH ✚ - your health is the most important thing in your life. Same goes for everyone.

HOME LIVING ⌂ - most people’s home situation is a disaster. Feng shui, organization, saving money, meditation, quelling arguments, romance - all will be re-taught and laid out in a permanent evergreen way - rather than a forever growing timeline of randomly scattered advice filled with mostly fluff and ads.

• POVERTY: The lvl 7 requirement: “Give a used iPhone to someone in need” will inherently bring bitcoin based smartphone wallets to every human worldwide. The 2 minimum purple go-shares will soon evolve into a Universal Citizen’s Dividend, ensuring everyone has a minimal income.

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        Waiting days and days for support is a nightmare that plagues the majority of online businesses. Our plan is to allow our entire member base to contribute to support questions. Generally veteran members would be equally able to answer questions and provide the same services a hired tech support executive could. With this being an easily accessible feature to a site hub already being used, we can expect a high number of uses of this feature - and thus a very quick, maybe even near instant, chat like response time to all support requests. This will also result in lower operation costs to the company.

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