Tairangi School Procedure Statement

PLAYGROUND DUTY        NAG 5 Health and Safety

The following procedures are to be followed by the school:

  1. Two teachers will be on duty each morning tea time (10:25 – 10:45) and each lunchtime (12:15 – 1:15).
  2. The duty timetable will be organised by the Deputy Principal and will be displayed in the staffroom.  In organizing the timetable the Deputy Principal will take into account work done by staff during non-contact hours e.g. sports, coaching.
  3. If teachers are unable to do duty on their allocated days because of other school commitments they are to arrange a swap with another teacher.
  4. Relieving teachers are expected to undertake any duty commitment of the teacher they are replacing.
  5. Teachers on duty are responsible for:
  1. Other staff should be prepared to be available to assist the duty teachers in emergency situations.
  2. Any first-aid should be administered in the medical room by another staff member, not the duty teachers.

File:duty5.doc        Procedure Statement – Playground Duty