Club Policies


All players wishing to be part of Lynn United must have a formal trial.  This includes attending an open tryout, or receiving an invitation to a training session for a trial. Players must sign liability waiver in order to participate in trial with the club. Players must register ahead of time for the trial, and provide accurate information. Lynn United reserves the right to cut players if they are not at the desired level of the club. Lynn United does not discriminate any player based on race, beliefs, and culture.

Age Eligibility:

All players must fit the age requirements for the set age group. No exceptions will be made for players who are not of the correct age requirements for any league or competition. Lynn United reserves the right to request documentation proving age if the club suspects an age discrepancy.

Missing Trainings or Games:

All players are required to communicate with coaching staff if unable to attend a training, or game. The coaching staff will require a 24 hour notice of absence with a reason provided. If an emergency occurs coach must be notified the same day. We are an understanding club, and will excuse players with valid excuses. Player is subject to termination if communication policy is not followed.


All Players are required to arrive to trainings, and games at the times instructed by coaching staff. If player is running late they must communicate with coach, and provide a reason. Players who have consecutive late arrivals are subject to termination. Players arriving late to games will be ineligible to start game, and must complete a proper warm up before entering a game.

Game Officials:

No player or coach is allowed to engage with the referees in a disrespectful manner. Lynn United has a zero tolerance policy for this, and coaches or players who violate this will be subject to IMMEDIATE TERMINATION. Referees must be respected at all times regardless of the situation. If there is a complaint about an official a written letter can be submitted after the contest.

Playing Time:

Playing time will be determined by the coach. Playing time criteria will include level of play, health, hard work in training, attitude, ability to play system, and ability to work with others.

Verbal Abuse :

Lynn United has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any verbal abuse. Coaches must deliver message without disrespecting players. Lynn United’s philosophy is correcting players, but doing so in a way that does not affect confidence and self esteem. Violation of this will result in immediate termination of coaching contract.

Respect Among Players:

Players selected for Lynn United must respect their teammates. One of Lynn United's main values is family, and this policy will be enforced heavily. Players will not be allowed to yell at their teammates in a disrespectful manner in games or training sessions. Player is subject to termination if this policy is not followed.

Codes of Conduct:

Lynn United players, coaches, and parents will all have to sign and date mandatory codes of conduct. All must follow the code or will be subject to termination, or banned from the club.

Social Media:

All parents, players, and coaches must refrain from speaking about the club in a negative manner on all social media platforms. Any problems with the club must be addressed with the club, and not on social media platforms. Lynn United has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for social media slander. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination.


Player selected for Lynn United must place an importance on academics. Lynn United staff member’s reserve the right to request progress reports, the player is required to deliver one in a timely manner if asked for one.  Failure to comply will lead to termination.