Re: Spring 2018 Season 

Thank you for coaching this season and helping our players and families to have a great experience with CCYS. Our travel soccer program depends on our dedicated volunteers. 

This note contains a lot of information.  Please take a few minutes to review it.

Travel and InTown Grade 5-6 Coaches Meeting:

Most of you have received your club roster from your Age Group Director. Before the start of the season, I will email you an official BAYS roster.  You will need to print out and bring 2 copies of the BAYS roster to each game (one for the referee and one for your opponent). We recommend printing out 20 copies of your roster in advance. 


1. Complete the Adult Registration & CORI

Returning Fall 2017 Coaches -. All coaches who were properly registered last season are all set for this season. New Coaches (did not coach in 2016 - 2017 or Fall 2017) - All new coaches must register through the Affinity Shareview system.  You will not be able to obtain coaching credentials for this season without registering. Please click here to go to the Affinity Shareview Adult Registration page.

CORI Request - NO COACH CAN BE ON A BAYS ROSTER UNTIL THEY ARE CORI CHECKED. There are no exceptions. All CORI requests are done during the adult registration process in Affinity Shareview. During the registration process, you will be able to apply for the CORI. 

2. Complete Concussion Training

CCYS and BAYS league require all coaches to take video training on traumatic brain injury put together by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  We hope that by completing this course you will have the ability to better identify potential traumatic brain injury. If you did not complete the brief concussion training last year, you need to do that.  Please complete the online course and email the certificate to Heidi Kidder at

Coach Cards & Credentials

NEW THIS SPRING  - All coaches are now required to only carry the MYSA lanyard with their picture and CORI expiration date.  BAYS is phasing out the coach card requirement.

A lanyard credential can only be printed if a coach is registered in the adult registration system and has a current approved CORI. If you coached last season your lanyard credential should be up to date.  I have contacted all coaches whose CORI is set to expire during the spring.

If you do not have your lanyard form the fall, please email me and I will make you a new one.

Please save you plastic sleeve and rope for next season. We will reuse these.

Season dates 
The Fall Travel and Grade 5-6 In-Town season starts Saturday, April 7th, runs for 10 weeks (there are games over April vacation and Memorial Day weekends), and ends on Saturday, June 9th.

BAYS team placements can be found here.


As you know, all players received new uniform jerseys last Fall (2017).  All players from Kindergarten – 8th Grade (Travel and In-Town) wear the same style jersey.  Each player receives two jerseys, a mostly maroon jersey and a mostly white jersey.  Going forward, parents will order the jerseys directly from our supplier, Challenger Teamwear using this website.  and will be delivered directly to the player’s home.  Parents must order the jersey number assigned to their player.  The jersey numbers are accessible on the CCYS-Challenger Team Store page.  Or they may look up their player’s number here.  If a player did not get a jersey (or play) last Fall, they should contact Robin Garrison ( to get a jersey number assigned to them.  Players should also wear black shorts (white stripe is optional) and black socks.  The shorts and socks can be purchased at any sporting goods retailer or purchased on CCYS-Challenger Team Store website.

At the Travel Coach meeting, each Travel Team will receive 2 jerseys (one maroon and one white) with the jersey number 00 on the back.  This set of jerseys should be kept with the team equipment and only used during a game if a player did not wear or bring the correct color jersey.  The player should immediately give the jersey back to you, to be used during a game in the future if necessary.  Do not lend this set of jerseys to a player for any other reason.  If a player does not have a set of appropriate jerseys, that parent should contact Robin Garrison (Equipment and Field Manager) and she will help them procure a set of jerseys.

Uniform Jersey Numbers

All players numbers are assigned to them and carefully tracked so that there should not be any duplicate numbers on a team.  Please remind your players that they should only wear the jerseys assigned to them.  If they end up trading (highly discouraged) with another player or wear a jersey for a season that is borrowed from another player, either the Coach or Parent should contact Robin Garrison with this number.  Parents should not feel obligated to purchase another jersey if a player has outgrown their assigned jersey but has a set from their sibling.  At the start of the season, Coaches should ask players what number they are wearing and make sure it is the same number on the team roster.  If not, please contact Robin Garrison with the change.

Team Equipment

Since most of our Travel Coaches coached last season, you should still have the equipment in your possession from last season. Please look in your garage, basement, etc. to see what you have.  Then please go to this website  to indicate what you need BEFORE the Coach Meeting on March 21.  Any questions about equipment or uniforms should be directed to Robin Garrison at


Practice times are scheduled at the discretion of the coaches.  This Spring Season, coaches should only schedule one team practice per week.  We will also be hosting pick-up scrimmages so that players can get additional playing time in with their friends. These sessions will be monitored by adults, who will help organize small-sided games with lots of action and touches. The exact scheduling will be announced once we’ve accommodated teams’ scheduled practice sessions.

Available practice fields will be posted on the CCYS website here, and field availability will be discussed at the meeting.

Pre-Season Practices – All Travel teams will have access to the CCHS Doug White (Upper) Turf Fields ONLY from Tuesday, March 20 - Sunday, April 1  during specified times.  Each age group has been assigned several times slots during this week.  Pre-Season practice times CAN NOT BE RESERVED for individual teams.  Please share the field with all teams within your age group.  The Pre-Season schedule will be posted on the CCYS website here shortly.  

Grass Fields - Please DO NOT practice on any grass fields until you are notified that it is safe do so.  The grass fields are not playable yet due to the significant snowfall the past few weeks.  We don’t anticipate the grass fields will be open until April 1 or later.  Once the grass fields are open they CAN NOT BE RESERVED for individual teams for practices.  Please share the grass fields with all CCYS teams that are present at the field.  Occasionally specific grass fields will be reserved for CCYS or Town purposes.  Please check the schedule here for those days/times.  This schedule will be updated constantly.  If a scheduled event is on a field you wish to practice on, please find a patch of grass anywhere in the area that does not interfere with the event.

CCHS Turf Fields – for Grades 5 - 8 teams only

Regular Weekly Schedule – Each team (grades 5-8) will be assigned their own weekly time slot for a portion of the field.  This schedule will begin on Monday, April 2  and will be coordinated by Robin Garrison, CCYS Fields & Equipment Manager. Please click here to request specific turf practice time no later than Saturday, March 24 at noon.

Thanks for coaching!

Heidi Kidder
CCYS Registrar