(Registered Charity No. 202098)

The Otterton Relief in Need Charity was founded in 1985 as a result of the amalgamation of several smaller Charities that had been in existence within the Parish for many years. Some established in 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries. Its aim is to provide financial help to Otterton residents, who find themselves in financial difficulties, either temporarily or for a longer term, which cannot otherwise be solved. It has a very wide remit and can assist with a large range of personal financial problems such as hospital visiting costs, essential household equipment costs, utility bills and many others.

If you are having financial problems, be they short or long term, please contact one of the Trustees of  “Otterton Relief”  listed below:

Mrs Pat Parkin, Oak Cottage, Behind Hayes, Otterton                 Tel: 567003                 Email

Mrs Beryl Millington, 17 The Green, Otterton.                         Tel: 568021                 Email

Mrs Emma Cooling, Butterfly Cottage, Behind Hayes, Otterton.         Tel: 567565                 Email

Mr David Ottley, The Barn, Ottery Street, Otterton                         Tel: 567701                 Email  

Rev. Martin Jacques, The Vicarage, East Budleigh.                         Tel: 443473 or 07795025016         Email

The organisation was formed to help residents of Otterton when they have financially difficult times.

For example, we could help, when one hears of people borrowing money to settle their household bills and paying large amounts of interest; when people in the Village suffer from depression because they are so worried about how they can pay their bills; when family problems mean there is either insufficient money coming in or  there is no money available for an unexpected family emergency. We can give you a grant to help you overcome your problems.

This grant has no strings. If you feel you want to pay it back,  there will be no interest to pay, or you can simply treat it as a kind donation: either way is fine. Furthermore everything is treated with the utmost confidence.

Don't hesitate...we could make a difference to your day-to-day living.