1. T     F   The people in Pompeii knew Vesuvius was a volcano.

  1. T     F    Pompeii had graffitti.

  1. The fulling business uses ______________ _____________ to clean clothing.

  1. T     F    The neck of the volcano is blocked by a thick plug of water.

  1. When it erupts, the molten rock turns not to lava but to __________________.

  1. T     F    There is no word for volcano in Latin.

  1. As the gases rise in the atmosphere it ____________________, solidifies, and falls as pumice _____________________, rocks filled with ________________. More deadly are the _________________ hurled out from inside the volcano.

  1. T     F    Admiral Pliny sets off by ship to study the volcano.

  1. What new problem is created by the pumice?

  1. T     F    The people of Herculaneum were killed by the lava erupting from the volcano.

  1. List the ways people died in Herculaneum.

  1. At the heart of the volcano the ______________________ collapsed. It triggered another pyroclastic ________________ headed straight for Pompeii.

  1. Most of the people of Pompeii were killed by the ____________________  that __________________ the throat.

  1. T     F    The volcano treated the rich and the poor the same.

  1. What does the candle burning low mean?

  1. Death was instantaneous.

  1. What is the final horror of Vesuvius?

  1. The final surge kills ______________________________________________.

  1. How is it that we know so much about the Vesuvius explosion?

  1. What are the “casts?”

  1. Describe the Pompeii area today.