Highfurlong has an embedded programme of career education and guidance.                                                

Students engage in careers based opportunities by learning about work and learning through work. This begins in Early Years and is accessed by pupils at all stages in their development. In Key Stage 5 students access an employability programme of study and the Asdan PSD module Preparation for Work. We plan for and provide a wide range of differentiated opportunities in preparation for work, skills including CV building, interview techniques, form filling and mock interviews.

Students across the school access  Business Enterprise through collapsing the timetable for one week in November and one week in June, in addition to Key Stage 5 students having a focus on Enterprise every Wednesday, when they run business groups. Enterprise visits including a wide range of employers.

Work related learning opportunities begin in KS3 with class visits and tasters to employers, individual tasters  to enable access to employers and placements attended to complement personalised learning pathways.

Independence and life skills are a focus within Key Stage 5, residential visits are offered and external accreditation is completed to support and extend such activities. A Short Course in Employability Skills is offered and employability days may be accessed through a variety of events. Internships may be accessed through local college provision and Project Search. Visits are arranged to local and specialist colleges, post 19 providers and universities to raise awareness in order for students to make informed choices for their future.

At Highfurlong it is recognised that ‘Enterprise Education’ is a term for an approach to learning and teaching that has evolved over recent years. For the focus of our work, enterprise education:

Personalised Learning Curriculum Pathways.

A great starting point is focusing on personalised learning, to look at what motivates a pupil, what they're good at and then provide lots of opportunities to try new things and build self-esteem. It is important to get involved in a wide range of projects and initiatives because our students need as much experience of real life as possible. Students earn wages in the form of the profits being shared within each business group, these amounts are entered onto an Enterprise Credit system and students decide how to spend (or save) their money, thus establishing the link between working hard in order to earn wages.

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Students are involved throughout all processes and all their work is accredited within a variety of programmes of study. In addition to the external accreditation delivered across the school,we promote “Value Creation” ie creating value for our pupils and staff through promoting communication, creativity, independence, teamwork, a “can do” attitude and respect and also, equally important, creating value for others for example volunteering, raising money for charities and giving opportunities to be a valued member of society by collaboration with the public, private and voluntary sectors. 




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