StoryMS Guide by Jenn :AYAYAsmile:

StoryMS is a v83 Private Server with modern gameplay and unique custom features for a nostalgic, fast leveling and fearing experience!

This is an all-in-one guide for StoryMS!

It may be a pretty lengthy read, but I assure you it’s worth it!

I spent a lot of time writing and organizing this guide so it’s easier to read!

Please use the ‘Show Document Outline’ on the top left corner when viewing in Google Docs. You will see a Table of Contents there!

By: Jenn 

Welcome to StoryMS! :aipeek: 

Here are some tips & info for new players :AYAYAsmile: 

First, Make sure you join our Discord!


General Information For New Players

- VIP can be purchased per character

- VIP gives commands such as @buffme (Holy Symbol, Hyper Body, Bless, Haste, Echo of Hero) @goto, @whodrops, @whatdropsfrom, and @recharge. Full list of commands can be found by typing @commands

- Items can be leveled to level 7 / level 10 with legendary scrolls from Empress!

- Put all your Ability Points into Main Stat. Aura Rings and other items/links will cover secondary stats.

 - Purchase 4 Aura Rings from Cash Shop (Each ring will give 1/1/1/1 stats & just like every item in StoryMS it can be leveled to level 7! Also transferable between characters through Cash Shop)

- White Scrolls :ws: & Chaos Scrolls :cs: drop from every mob at a rate of 1/777. This is the easiest way for new players to make money! They sell for around 20M each. prices may change

- StoryMS has a link system where every 10 levels gained on a unique job branch will give 0.5% all stats! For more details regarding Links check the #guide. We also have Quest Bonuses (Every 10 quests completed will give +1 in all stats) & Monster Card Bonuses (Every 10 monster cards you collect will give +1 in all stats).

- Multiclient is allowed! - You get 1 VP (Vote Point) for every vote! You can claim rewards with VP's by talking to Stirgeman in FM!

Welcome again to StoryMS! Happy Mapling! :poinyan:

Update Changes

With the increase of updates we are pushing out, this general guide was becoming cluttered with update changes. I have decided to move all previous update changes to a different document. The Update changes you see below are the most recent updates/changes that were done to StoryMS!

Click the Link Below to see the Full List of Updates that were done to StoryMS!

Full List of Update Changes (Recent & Past Updates)

March 1st Update Changes

Newest Update of StoryMS (Version 4)

Whats New?

Other Changes!

Bug Fixes!

StoryMS V4 Related Bug Fixes

Class Skill Balances & Changes

*March 1st Changes Highlighted & Bolded


- Party buff durations increased to 300 seconds at max. level: Holy Symbol, Haste, Rage, Sharp Eyes, Combo Barrier, Bless, Meso Up, Meditation


 - Brandish: Damage increased to 3 lines of 370%


 - Blast: Does 1850% damage

 - Heaven’s Hammer: 0 sec cooldown at max level  

Dragon Knights

 - Berserk: 80% HP to activate, 165% Damage

 - Spear Crusher: Damage increased to 300%


- Boomerang Step: Can be cast while jumping, damage increased to 1000%

- Assassinate: Damage increased to 1750%

- Ninja Storm: Delay has been removed

- Smokescreen: Cooldown reduced to 420 seconds

- Meso Guard: Can not be dispelled


 - Dragon Strike: Delay reduced, damage increased to 1000%

 - Barrage: Delay reduced, damage increased to 700%

 - Snatch: Delay reduced/removed

 - Time Leap: Casting range increased, Cooldown 10 Minutes

 - Demolition: Damage increased to 1000%

 - Super Transformation: Can not be dispelled, cooldown reduced to 120 seconds

 - Oak Barrel: Cooldown completely removed, failure chance removed, duration increased to 100 seconds

 - Backspin Blow: Mob count increased to 6

 - Energy Charge: Does not trigger DR.


- Battleship: Movement speed increased to 120%

- Battleship Cannon: Damage increased to 580%


- Hurricane: Damage increased to 300%

- Puppet: Increased HP to 12,000


- Snipe: Deals 6000%

- Strafe: Damage increased to 300% 

- Puppet: Increased HP to 12,000


- Magic Guard: Can't be dispelled


- Shining Ray: Damage increased to 125%

- Resurrection: Cooldown reduced to 15 minutes

- Dispel: Range increased

- Angel Ray: Damage Increased to 1000%

- Holy Shield: Blocks all debuffs (including stuns, confusion, etc.) Duration 60 Secs

Mage F/P

- Paralyze: Extra line from level 11, level 21

- Fire Demon: Damage increased to 160%

Mage I/L 

- Chain Lightning: Damage increased to 270%, extra line from level 11

- Ice Demon: Damage increased to 120%


- Triple Throw: Damage increased to 340%

- Shadow Partner: Damage increased to 60%


- Overswing: Damage increased to 330% and 440%

- Double Swing & Triple Swing: Deals 1 extra line against bosses.

- Body Pressure: Does not trigger DR

Knights of Cygnus:

- Thunder Breaker Barrage: Dmg increased to 200%

- Dawn Warrior: ACA damage increased to 25%. Brandish dmg increased to 345%

- Wind Archer Hurricane: Dmg increased to 330%

- Night Walker: Triple Throw Dmg increased by 330%


Progressive Exp

Bonus Stats - Ability Points into Main Stat Only!

Account Linked Stats Bonus Medal

Check your Bonus by typing @bonus in game!

19 Unique Classes for Link Bonus

Every job can be leveled up to Level 255 (Total Links: 4845)


Beginner (Explorer)


Cleric (Explorer)

Ice/Lightning (Explorer)

Fire/Poison (Explorer)
Blaze Wizard (Cygnus Knight)


Spearman (Explorer)
Page (Explorer)
Fighter (Explorer)
Dawn Warrior (Cygnus Knight)
Aran (Hero)


Assassin (Explorer)

Bandit (Explorer)
Night Walker (Cygnus Knight)


Hunter (Explorer)
Crossbowman (Explorer)
Wind Archer (Cygnus Knight)


Gunslinger (Explorer)
Brawler (Explorer)
Thunder Breaker (Cygnus Knight)

Total: 19 Characters - Max Links: 4845

You’ll notice your account can only hold up to 15 characters in Scania. However, in StoryMS the second you buy your 16th character slot, a new world will appear (Bera). Don’t worry, both Scania and Bera share the same channels, storage, NX storage, NX cash.

All jobs share the same NX storage. You no longer need separate NX for your Aran & Cygnuses! Including Pets!

Monster Card Bonus

  1. For every 10 Monster Cards you collect, you will gain +1 all stats. Note that you can only collect a total of 5 cards per monster/boss.
  2. Every monster card that drops in StoryMS counts as 2, making it easier to farm them! (Technically only need to loot 3 cards per monster/boss)
  3. You can check your progress by typing @bonus in-game or opening your monster book ( Default Key: ‘B’ )

Quest Bonus

Your Bonus Stats in @bonus will update once you relog.


These sweet bonuses in stats makes it so you don’t need to add secondary stats on any characters! 

Put Ability Points into MAIN STAT ONLY!

As you guys see, I put 0 points into Dex on my Aran but still have 1991 Dex!

Item Leveling

HP Washing Optional

White Scrolls & Chaos Scrolls

Unwelcome Guest & VIP Weapons

Remember back in the day when aliens invaded GMS? Scratch the part where you had to PQ in a cube to get these items! You can craft your Unwelcome Guest weapons and upgrade them using the maker skill. Recipes are easy except for the VIP one.

VIP weapons in StoryMS are custom. All warrior VIP weapons have been edited to have faster attack speed rather than ‘slow’. They also require 100 fame to equip.

Here’s a guide to Quests for Fame

StoryMS Quests for Fame

No Magic Damage Cap

Unlike other servers, magic damage does not have a limit in StoryMS. Mages here are very strong towards late gaming, making them essential for certain bosses and mob training. A full linked stat mage can kill zakum’s arms & horntail body within minutes. Mage mains welcome! :CBCheer:

Blizzard / Meteor can hit 12m lines!

No Speed Cap

For all you speed demons! StoryMS does not have a speed cap! It’s quite crazy how fast you can get with a lot of speed equipment! Stack your speed items and become the fastest in StoryMS!

Over 2000 post V83 NX items!

Check the Cash Shop in game! You will see thousands of NX choices including ones from newer maplestory versions! Look at those pets! They’re super cuties :nyanlove~1:

Plenty of Non-Donor NX equips too! Don’t worry!

Instant Boat Ride

For all you non-donors!

All boat rides in StoryMS have the option to instant travel. You still need tickets though!

Unique Voting System

Every vote will give your StoryMS account 8,000 NX to spend in the cash shop! If you vote again within 24 hours, you will earn another 8,000 NX + 200 NX bonus! You can repeat this voting streak in a row up to 10,000 NX.

You can vote on our website or click StoryMS Voting

Make sure you enter your USERNAME not character name for when you try to vote.

You do not need to be logged into our website to vote.

You do not need to be logged out of the game to vote (or donate).

Custom NPCs

StoryMS has its own custom NPCs. Let’s take a look into them!

Inkwell (Free Market)

Inkwell in FM (only accessible to Donors) is your one stop for hairstyle, face, skin color, eye color, and hair colors!

Keep in mind changes require a Royal Style Coupon or Special Royal Style Coupon from CS.

Cassandra (Free Market)

Cassandra in FM (only accessible to Donors) allows your to change your in-game name for 50,000 NX. This is done instantly, no need to wait for a server restart. There are no bugs associated with the name change.

Keep in mind Cassandra in FM is different to Cassandra outside of FM!

Cody (Free Market)

Cody in FM will exchange 1B mesos into a Golden Maple Leaf, or a Golden Maple Leaf back into 1B Mesos. This helps for trading late game items and equips that cost more than max mesos. GMLs are tradeable, droppable, and storable. DO NOT try to sell this item to a NPC other than Cody, as Cody is the only one who can exchange GML’s back to Mesos.

If you sell your GML to other NPC’s, you will lose your GML and there won’t be a refund of any kind.

Stirgeman (Free Market)

Stirgeman located in FM will exchange VP (Vote Points) for items! You can obtain Vote Points by voting daily! 1 vote = 1 VP

*the 2x drop coupon from strigeman will activate immediately when you purchase it. This coupon is transferable between characters within the same account (Store 2x Coupon in Cash Shop Storage)

Kendrick (Free Market)

Talk to Kedrick in the FM to go to the Fishing Lagoon. Get a Fishing Chair, some bait, and a (VIP) Fishing Rod from the Cash Shop and get your fish on!

You can get 120 regular bait, and an additional 120 Delicious Bait through the Cash Shop per day.

Possible rewards per catch:


- Meso

- Ores

- Fish which can be used for a repeatable quest with Chef NPC in Lith Harbor (10% scrolls)

- Golden Fish 

Golden Fish can be exchanged for a Fishing Ring (Best In Slot at the time of writing this), Fishing Chair, and more by talking to Kedrick/Madrick.

Chair Gachapon

Chair Gachapon located in FM will trade you gachapon tickets for chairs! StoryMS has 1000+ chairs from newer versions as well! Come get your super pretty chairs

T-1337 (Free Market)

T-1337 located in FM will sell you all kinds of megaphones!

You can also sell items to this NPC.

Agent E (Henesys)

Agent E located in Henesys will upgrade Maple Weapons with maple leaves (maple leaves drop from any mob).

Cokebear Operator

Cokebear Operator located in most towns will take you to the Coke Village!


Rooney located in most towns will take you to Happyville! (Christmas Village)


Coco located in most towns will exchange PQ equips for these sweet shades! This is the end-game eye accessory you’ll need! Start those PQ’s!

(STR: +7 / DEX: +7 / INT: +7 / LUK: +7 / WA: 3 / MA: 3   | 5 slots)

Maple Administrator

The Maple Administrator NPC can do two things for you!

  1. You can reset an item for 200K NX. This will reset the items levels and scrolls. Keep in mind the item will be reset to ‘average’ stats.
  2. Once you hit max links (4845) you can talk to the maple administrator to receive your max link medal!

These are the stats on a clean Max Linked Medal

*These medals can be thrown away and re-obtained if you get bad levels on them! The same applies to Level 200 Medals.


Barry is located in the middle of Henesys and you can talk to him to receive the Wiser Than Thou Ring! This is the end-game ring you’ll need! You will however need to meet the following requirements:


(STR: +12 / DEX: +12 / INT: +12 / LUK: +12 / WA: 7 / MA: 7   | 0 slots)


You may know Gaga from other versions.

He will take you to BossPQ.

BossPQ is a PQ with a series of Bosses with the final two bosses being Papulatus and Pianus.

Papulatus drops skill books!

Other bosses drop monster cards!

Here are some of the rewards you can obtain here!

Archaeologist Glasses are great to use until you get your Shades of Virtuosity! Keep in mind Archaeologist Glasses are NOT tradeable.

Sword Earrings are a valuable drop a lot of players aim for!

Mong from Kong (Kerning City)

Mong from Kong in kerning city will take you to the Internet Cafe Room where you do Cafe PQ! Cafe PQ is great for low levels.

Billy from CafePQ also gives rewards!

Rewards most players go for is Shoes for Attack 100%

Charles (NLC inside Sphinx Temple)

Charles is located inside Sphinx Temple at NLC. Charles will take you into MVPQ.

MVPQ Prizes include:

Belts, Stormcaster Gloves, Lv 20 Rings

Professor Foxwit (New Leaf City)

Professor Foxwit is located in New Leaf City. He has a special quest for characters Lv 240 and above! Once you complete his quest he will give you a Tinkerer’s Blue Belt. This belt is considered to be the end game belt. The belt is untradeable.

For his quest you need the following:

Chaos Zakum Helmet

Chaos Horntail Necklace

Almighty Ring

5 Rock of Time

50 Advanced Monster Crystal 3 (AMC3)

1 Advanced Secret Crystal (ASC)


Cassandra outside of Free Market does something different! She can exchange 10 Chaos Scrolls for 1 Chaos Scroll of Goodness.

Chaos Scroll: Random chance of up to -5 / +5 on stats

Chaos Scroll of Goodness: Random chance of up to +5 on stats (no chance of lowering stats, only positive)

CS/WS and some other items are highlighted like below!

Makes farming for scrolls and items easier!

*Note that all scrolls are not highlighted. Most 10% scrolls are highlighted, but are missing few.


Working Party Quests (PQs)

Henesys PQ 2-6 party members

Kerning Cafe PQ (custom) 4-6 party members
Kerning City PQ 3-6 party members

Ariant PQ 4-6 party members

Carnival PQ 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, 5 vs 5, 6 vs 6

Carnival PQ2 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, 5 vs 5, 6 vs 6

Ludibrium PQ 6 party members

Ludi Maze PQ 3-6 party members

Romeo and Juliet PQ 6 party members

Orbis PQ 6 party members

Ellin PQ 6 party members

Pirate PQ 3-6 party members

MVPQ (custom) 4-6 party members

Boss PQ 1-6 party members

Crimsonwood Keep PQ 1 of each explorer class and up

Amoria PQ 6 married party members (at least 1 female/male)

Zakum PQ 1-6 party members

Guild PQ 5 + but you need a lv 21-30, a mage with max TP and a thief

Note that all party quests have a level requirement but not a level limit. You can be Lv 255 and still enjoy PQ’s with your friends!

EXP Distribution & Leeching

EXP distribution is similar to how it was in GMS v83.

If you are less than or higher than 5 levels under the mob: you will get EXP.

If you are more than 5 levels under the mob, but can deal 1 damage to the mob: you will get EXP.

Keep in mind low level leech is not viable/too slow in StoryMS. The best way to leech is through boss runs such as Zakum & Horntail. You can start leeching Normal Zakum at level 50 as long as you can hit the arms for 1 damage.


StoryMS has working marriage for all its wedding tickets! Custom drops at bonus map and a chance to obtain Naricain’s Demon Elixir & Onyx Apples in bundles of 10 for the Bride & Groom upon opening their chests!

Marriage will make Amoria PQ available!

Same Sex Marriage is Available ♡

*Make sure you dress in the formal Amoria outfit (available in Amoria’s shop all the way to the left) before you start the wedding!

**Make sure UNEQUIP ALL NX ITEMS before/during the wedding. This includes NX rings, Face accessory, any item purchased from the Cash Shop. NX items will cause your wedding to bug.

***Make sure to submit your vows before the timer runs out! If you don’t you wont be married!!


You can donate to StoryMS through our website. Donations will give characters VIP status which allows unique commands to be used in-game. It also gives characters access to otherwise restricted maps and NPCs, NX depending on the amount donated, and a VIP tag for your Discord name in our Discord server!

Donor Commands


This command will buff your character with these spells.

Haste, Holy Symbol, Hyper Body, Bless, Echo of Hero

Constantly typing @buffme can get annoying and tiring

heres a tip!

Open your skills tab -> go to macro -> drag one buffing skill -> type @buffme and tick *shout skill name, OK -> Bind Macro Skill

@whodrops -item name-

This command will allow you to search who drops a certain item. All you have to do is type:

example: @whodrops black crystal ore

@whatdropsfrom -mob name-

This command allows you to check the drop list & drop rate of items from a mob or boss.

Example: @whatdropsfrom zakum

@goto -town name-

This command allows you to fast travel to other towns/locations. If you just type @goto you will be able to see a list of maps that are available for fast travel.

Note that warping to Horntail’s Cave (@goto horntail) will save you from doing HT prequests to enter the expedition itself.

You can donate by pressing here: Donate Here

Take a careful look at the conditions on which you agree to donate; specifically the ones marked in red below.

Make sure you enter your CHARACTER NAME here

StoryMS currently only accepts donations made through Paypal on a verified account. You will be able to donate through current Paypal balance or linked debit card/credit card. Paypals linked bank account will not work, but you can add funds to your Paypal balance. However, if your Paypal account has not been verified yet, you won’t be able to donate.

The VIP rank in-game and discord are given automatically within a couple minutes after donating. Feel free to contact a GM on discord if you did not receive your VIP after waiting 15 minutes. Make sure you include your Paypal transaction ID (found in your email) & correct/incorrect character name you donated for.

The amount of NX you receive depends on the amount you donate. All donations will give a character VIP status.

Default In-Game Commands

There are still commands available for non-VIP players!

















Pretty simple! This command gives you the basic rules to StoryMS!

Here is a link to detailed rules: Read Rules Here!


Advanced Secret Crystal (ASC)

Super Pretty - Super Expensive

The Advanced Secret Crystal deserves its own section! This beautiful looking crystal is used to craft VIP weapons & Tinkerer’s Blue Belt. ASC is a boss drop and is crucial for end game!

Bosses that Drop Advanced Secret Crystal

(Boss : Drop Rate)

Krexel: 1/500        Chaos Zakum: 1/400

Castellan Toad: 1/400

Horntail: 1/200

Chaos Horntail: 1/40

Pink Bean: 1/5

Chaos Pink Bean: 1/2

Boss Expeditions

Bossing is key when playing nostalgic private servers. StoryMS expedition system allows you to re-enter if you DC or die as long as someone is still inside the expedition; otherwise the expedition will end.

Balrog (Lv 50 - 255)

This is technically a ‘PQ’ but it is still a boss! Rewards include Lv 58 Bain Weapons with balrog effect, Balrog’s version of weapons like Hellslayer, Kage, and Balrog Shoes. It also drops Balrog scrolls that you can use on your Balrog shoes!

Inside Balrog’s cave, you can kill its summons: Jr. Balrog & Crimson Balrog. These two drop stacks of 1-3 10% scrolls such as bows, one handed sword, OA dex, and others.

It also has a 50% chance of dropping CS per run!

*Keep in mind Balrog PQ only allows skills up to 2nd job!

Unless you’re an Aran (can use full swing) :Snailf3:

*Balrog PQ can be reached by doing @goto balrogpq if you are VIP

Scarlion | Targa (Lv 100 - 255)

If you make it alive after killing both of them you can exit through the NPC to receive your rewards!
Some of these rewards include: Sword Earrings, Spirit Herbs, Primal Brew.

Additionally, they drop Scarlion’s STR/DEX hat & Targa’s INT/LUK hat and some skill book lv 10 for 4th job (ACA, AR, TT, AC)

Zakum (Lv 50-255)

oh god

Good old nostalgic Zakum. This expedition requires you to do Zakum Pre Quest (3 stages).

First, go to El Nath and speak with your 3rd Job Instructor and get permission for Zakum. Then @goto zakum (VIP) and speak with Adobis.

Stage 1: Zakum PQ

Press for Bigger Picture

In StoryMS all keys required in Stage 1 are fixed. This means every run, they will be in the same location! Once you gather all the keys (7 keys), drop them on top of the big chest. It will give you an item. Now walk back and let your party leader talk to the NPC to receive your reward!

Stage 2: Zakum Jump Quest (Part 1 & 2)

The good old Zakum Jump Quest..

Once you complete both parts, you will receive your reward!

Stage 3: 30 Golden Zombie Tooth

Trust me, this part isn’t too bad. Go to El Nath: Dead Mine II and kill Miner Zombies! They drop them often so don’t worry!

After collecting 30 teeth, go back to the NPC at Zakum and turn in your quest!

Congrats! You’re ready for Zakum! :AYAYAsmile: 

Zakum drops the classic Zakum Helmet, this item is one-of-a-kind meaning you can only carry one on yourself. It also drops skill books Lv 10 (TT, ACA, AC, AR, Final Blow, Combo Tempest, High Defense, Combo Barrier) and mastery books Lv 20 and 30. EXP is good here but you’d need to deal at least 1 damage to the arms and bodies to get EXP from it unless you are Lv 135 + to leech from it.

Horntail (Lv 100 - 255)

To enter Horntail’s Cave you need to do prequests. However! If you are a donor (VIP) you can bypass the prequests by doing @goto horntail.

Rewards Include:

Horntail’s Pendant

Horntail’s Egg

ASC (1/200 Drop Rate)

Mastery Books 20 / 30

Tons of Weapons

In order for you to use the Horntail’s Egg to scroll the Pendant, you need to do a prequest. Other servers only allow you to Egg your pendant once, but in StoryMS you can scroll it all 3 times using the Horntail’s Egg!

Here’s a guide for the Horntail Egg Prequest:

 Horntail Egg Quest (How to get Dragon scroll for Horntail Pendant)

Chaos Zakum (Lv 120 - 255)

more zakum:Snailf3:

If you have done your prequests for Normal Zakum, you’re all set! If not… time to do them!

Chaos Zakum Leech is super fast! Just make sure you hit all of them until Lv 135! After Lv 135 you don’t need to hit them!

Chaos Zakum Drops:

Chaos Zakum Helmets

Skill Books 10

Mastery Books 20 / 30

ASC (1/400)

Ton of Weapons

Chaos Horntail (Lv 150 - 255)

Same as Horntail. Got VIP? Don’t need prequests! If not, you’re gonna have to do them! :CBYea:

Chaos Horntail Drops

Chaos Horntail Pendant

Horntail Egg

ASC (1/40)

Mastery Books 20 / 30

Lots of Weapons

Showa Boss (Lv 100 - 255)

This expedition has 3 bosses. You start it by summoning Bodyguard A using a Lady’s comb (Anego’s drop) on the golden chest far right.

Bodyguard A 100% stuns dealing 1 damage but immediately runs you over dealing 20k body hits. To beat this, you will need the high avoidability of NLs or permanent tanking warriors rushing it away from the team.

Bodyguard B is summoned right after you kill the first one. He deals magic damage. Close range magic damage is a gunshot dealing 13k and its body hit is also 20k damage.

The final boss is the Showa Boss. He seals the use of mana constantly and spams 1/1 which is lowering your HP and MP down to 1; the next hit will kill you if you don’t heal fast enough. Body hit is also 20k.

The rewards include pink gaia capes, sword earrings, among other minor prizes. However, if you manage to kill all 3 of them without having any deaths in the party you will also encounter the slot machine. This one drops pink gaia capes and a mask that has some stats. The EXP is great! 

Von Leon (Lv 120 - 255)

You can reach Von Leon by @goto vonleon.

As you fight Von Leon, keep in mind he has Damage Reflect.

He can also warp you out, where you have to break chests and find a key to get back inside.

Lastly, he spawns mobs that are super tanky and could get annoying!

Von Leon Drops:

All gear is different for each class.

Von Leon Gloves

Von Leon Suit/Overall

Von Leon Shoes

Von Leon Belt

Von Leon Cape (meh)

Pink Bean (Lv 120 - 255)

such a cutie  until you need an ASC

You need to complete all Temple of Time quests in order to reach the Pink Bean expedition. However! If you are VIP, you can type @goto pinkbean to skip the prequests!

Pink Bean has 5 statues that guard him.

Six-Phased Sequence

You don’t just defeat each of the 5 Statues once and proceed to challenge Pink Bean. There are a total of 6 Phases to Pink Bean, where the Pink Bean itself forms the final Phase (6). The other 5 Phases are Statues, each having an additional statue as the Phase progresses.

Phase 1: Wiseman Solomon

Phase 2: Wiseman Solomon + Wiseman Rex

Phase 3: Wiseman Solomon + Wiseman Rex + Huigin

Phase 4: Wiseman Solomon + Wiseman Rex + Huigin + Muinin

Phase 5: Wiseman Solomon + Wiseman Rex + Huigin + Muinin + Ariel

Phase 6: Pink Bean

Look up a detailed guide for Pink Bean! You only have 5 lives!

Watch out for its Damage Reflect!

Pink Bean Drops:

Advanced Secret Crystal (ASC): 1/5 Drop Rate

Lv 120 & 130 Weapons / Armor

Rock of Time


super pretty necklace ♡ (useless though :c)

Chaos Pink Bean (Lv 170 - 255)

Chaos Pink Bean! The same applies for CPB, if you are VIP you don’t need to do prequests.

There is nothing different regarding phases and sequences for Chaos Pink Bean. The mechanics are the same as Pink Bean.

The only difference is the HP the Statues & Pink Bean have.

Chaos Pink Bean is one of the end game bosses in StoryMS!

Chaos Pink Bean Drops:

Chaos Pink Bean Hat: (1/2 Drop Rate)

Mastery Books

Rock of Time

Advanced Secret Crystal (1/2 Drop Rate)

Got sick of that Chaos Zakum Helmet? Replace it with the Chaos Pink Bean Hat! Current End Game Helmet!

Empress Cygnus (Lv 200 - 255)

Empress (Emp) is here in StoryMS! :chikaHappy:

In order for you to do Empress, you need to do prequests!

Even VIP players too! We can’t let you see the Empress that easily :poinyan:

To start prequest, use lightbulb above character / talk to the Temple Keeper in ‘Three Doors’ @goto temple

Empress Drops:

20 Legendary Scroll (100%)

Legendary Scrolls (100%) allow Lv. 7 items to level up to 10!

1 Legendary Scroll (100%) = 1 Level

Max Item Level with Legendary Scroll (100%): 10

Chaos Empress Cygnus (Lv 200 - 255)

Chaos Empress (C.Emp) is here in StoryMS! :chikaHappy:

Chaos Empress Drops:

5 Legendary Scroll (60%) + Onyx Maple Ring

Legendary Scrolls (60%) allow Lv. 10 items to level up to 11!

1 Legendary Scroll (60%) = 1 Level

Max Item Level with Legendary Scroll (60%): 11


Arkarium was introduced to StoryMS in Version 3!

Arkarium Drops:

Crusader Coins

Use these crusader coins to craft Best in Slot items! :poinyan:

Talk to Spindle to craft your items! There are also some items you can craft in Maker!

*To start the Arkarium pre-quest, you must have finished the Empress Questline!


With the newest update of StoryMS we present you Hilla the Red Witch!

Hilla Drops:

Conqueror Coins (12 Coins per Run)

Similar to Crusader Coins dropped by Arkarium, Conqueror’s Coins dropped by Hilla will be your key to end game gear!

Once you have your Conqueror’s Coins and other Boss Drops, talk to the Woodwan the Coin Master!

You can craft the following gears with Conqueror’s Coins!

*To start the Hilla pre-quest, you must have finished the Arkarium Questline!

Leveling Tips

Click Here for our Leveling Guide!

Note:  These are just leveling tips coming from me. With the multiple updates we had, people came up with better ways to level!

(Answers in Discord #tips) 

(TIP!! Collect the Horny Mushroom caps as you will need it for a quest from the rememberer later!).

At level 23 the quest kill 99 zombie mushrooms will be unlocked. At 24 quests from The Rememberer will be available. Follow this questline till level 30.

 Normal Zakum: Level 50 (When leeching make sure you hit all arms)

Chaos Zakum: Level 120 (When leeching make sure you hit all arms till level 135!)

 * Blaze Wizards, Fire/Poison Mage/Night Walker can level super fast (even when unfunded) from Lion Heart Castle starting around level 75ish with DOT (Damage over Time) Skills! *Outlaws can do the same thing with Flamethrower. Although the DOT only lasts for 5 seconds, it is still doable!

 - 120-160 Future Henesys

Personally, after Lv 130+ I ran Chaos Zakum Arms with Makoto (shoutout to you best Duo partner ♡) all the way to Lv 255 for most of my characters.

Once players start to have some bonus link stats and are able to run czak arms efficiently, czak arm runs would still be the best for fast 255 leveling.

If you guys have any leveling places I should add feel free to let me know!

Gate of Future + Time-Controller Chair

Additional Guides

Explorer Job Advancement

Here’s a guide from ayumilove:  Explorer Job Advancement

Maker Skill Guide (Up to Lv 3)

To get Maker Skill level 1 you have to talk with Moren the Item Maker at Magatia, then you do his 3 quests.

To get Maker skill level 2 you have to talk with Moren in Magatia: Weapon & Armor Shop.

To get Maker skill level 3 you have to talk with Moren twice in Magatia: Weapon & Armor Shop.

Here’s a video guide thanks to Yelq from MapleMS.

[MapleMS] Why you should have Maker Skill!

Making Mesos

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There will be more guides coming to this guide soon!

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