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SEO Services in Toronto: The Best Investment For Start-ups

Because a start-up needs a natural visibility on search engines if it wants to grow and get more clicks, good SEO practice remains an essential, if not indispensable, lever to its growth. What natural can SEO offer a start-up? The Greater audience, more traffic, increased visibility and, ultimately, a better ROI. That's why investing in SEO is inevitable.

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The fable of start-up in Toronto and SEO

This is the story of a start-up that needs visibility on the Internet because it has just been born and nobody knows it. It would like quick results because, unlike its competitors already installed in the landscape, it must all build from scratch: its positioning, reputation, visibility, ...

To get the job done, the start-up asks SEO for help. Thanks to the techniques of natural referencing, the company aims to activate growth levers that will work in the short term (start to be seen as soon as possible) and in the long term (to establish sustainable bases). The SEO, good comrade, promises the two: "With an adequate strategy, he confided to the start-up, I will be able to get you fast results that will settle in the long term, and that will evolve in the same time you will grow up! ".

But the SEO can not promise the start-up to move from zero visibility to a first place in Google in a blink of an eye. What the SEO is committed to being to develop a strategy that will improve over time, and whose solid foundations will make it possible to build an increasingly high building without risk of collapse!

The start-up expresses all its joy. It's time to start working, and for this, SEO must first go through an SEO audit: because you have to know the market and its competitors to know which growth levers activate.

What Google wants

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How can a site attract visitors if it is not found on the search engines at the base? To answer this question, it is to understand how Google works.

What Google wants is to provide relevant answers to users' queries. If your core business is to sell chips or PC fans, that of Google is to make sure that the keywords entered by the user refer to sites that respond to his request. To ensure the quality of the sites offered, Google imposes criteria to the websites to position them. These criteria include technical performance; structuring pages; mobile compatibility; quality of content; popularity; etc. The SEO is there to give Google what it wants and thus allow your site to climb into the results.

What the SEO can do for a start-up in Toronto

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A start-up, therefore, needs to work Google to the body to make itself known, and the SEO is there to provide it with weapons. A natural SEO strategy, if well conducted, can completely change the fate of a small David of the web crushed by all the Goliath who surrounds it.

First, to illustrate our point, some figures to know:

Google has a 95% market share in Toronto;

3.5 billion searches per day are made on Google (half of which come from mobile devices);

67.60% of clicks go to the first five results;

90% of these clicks go to natural links.

Conclusion: yes, the first places of Google are essential; but it is equally important to offer organic links to Internet users, who willingly turn away from paid links to privilege the sites whose place was won naturally.

Then, the main advantages of SEO compared to paid SEO:

Progressive but firmly rooted visibility;

A natural reputation propagated by the community;

More satisfied users, because they get a relevant result after their click (and are more likely to spend time on your site and see as many pages as possible);

A better return on investment: no hit per click as in a purchased ad (Adwords), whose costs can become uncontrollable. With natural SEO, you have a fixed cost of consulting. And the Internet, as we have seen, love the natural ties!

That's why SEO is the indispensable companion of the start-up. The latter will be better able to make itself known that it will develop a website that will meet the needs of Internet users and offer added value compared to its competitors, which the natural referencing will enable it to highlight. So that everyone will be happy!

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