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Two-Second Troubleshooting Tips

#1: Did You Go Through the CPS Portal?

If you can’t get logged into a program, make sure that you are accessing it through the CPS portal.

#2: Do You Have Wifi?

When Google or other webpages are not loading, check to make sure you have wifi in the bottom right-hand corner of your laptop screen.

#3: Have You Restarted the Laptop?

If you do not have wifi, if the mouse/cursor disappears, if the touchscreen is not responsive, or if you see other general computer wonkiness, you should restart the laptop one or two times. Easy fix!

#4: Are You in Tablet Mode?

If the Desktop doesn’t look normal, check in the lower right-hand corner in the little speech box; make sure that the laptop isn’t in “Tablet Mode” which will change its look and functionality.

#5: Have You Tried a Different Browser?

If things aren’t working in Google Chrome, try Internet Explorer or Firefox.

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