1.        Purpose

The Board believes that all reasonable means should be employed to keep the public informed on matters of importance regarding District policies, finances, programs, personnel and operations.

2.        Authority

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The Board shall determine which of its official actions have such community impact and interest to warrant special release, and it will release information to the media on matters of importance.  

Matters of a routine nature may be released by the Director of Public Relations as they have been recorded in the minutes of Board meetings and upon request of media representatives.

All publications, releases, photographs and the like depicting the accomplishments of District students and staff may be approved at the discretion of the Director of Public Relations.

The responsible District administrator shall direct an information program designed to acquaint the public with the achievements, programs and needs of the schools. The information program shall include as a minimum:

        902 AR

  1. District newsletter.

  1. District activities calendar.

  1. Board policies.

  1. Financial information.

  1. Educational programs for parents/guardians and community.

        Pol. 127

  1. Assessment results.

  1. School newspaper.

  1. Yearbook.

  1. Employee handbook.

  1. Student handbook.

  1. Newspaper features.

  1. District web site.

The Superintendent or designee shall develop guidelines to be observed in matters of taste, relevance, and individual privacy in the writing and photographing of school publications, including provisions for personal release.

Board Policy


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