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Letter from the Coordinator:

This is the part of my world where I get to be truly creative and write about something near and dear to my heart for each event. This time, I’m going to write about happy accidents. The reason that’s on my mind is that I just finished a three-day class on marbling paper. Marbling is a fascinating craft which relies about 30% on technique, 20% on color theory and the rest on pure chance. Events are like that, too. No matter how much I plan out an event, it always ends up just slightly (or more than slightly) differently from plan. I can either rail against fate and try to tighten my grip (thus letting systems slip, Tarkin-like, through my fingers) or I can accept what it is and enjoy the ride. So here’s some advice for this year’s Dungeons + Geekdoms: Embrace the accident. Enjoy the good stuff about what your event actually looks like. Plan as much as you need to in order to feel comfortable, but be prepared to accept variation. Because we’re all perfect parts of the rainbow, and together, we can make a beautiful pattern (or mud, if you prefer mud). I’m looking forward to seeing how the lovely marble of our event reveals itself. I hope you will join me in that. —Cat

Dungeon Hours

Sex-Positive Dungeon (Junior Ballroom)


Photo Dungeon 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Open Play 8:30pm - 2:00am


Open Play 12noon - 2:00am


Open Play 10:00am - 1:00pm

Main Dungeon (Salons A, B, C)

Sponsored by Unique Kink


Open Play 7:00pm - 2:00am


Photo Dungeon 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Open Play 7:30pm - 2:00am

The Game Room

Dungeons+Geekdoms is excited to have a large and vibrant game room and open gaming space. Below are the scheduled gaming events at the con, but we will also have tons of open gaming fun and a giant game library for you to enjoy. Stop by and learn a new game or play one of your favorites with other attendees.


Game Library Open from 6pm to 12midnight

Come play a large assortment of exciting and fun board games! We will have a selection of 100+ games for you to enjoy at this event.

8pm: PitchStorm (The Party Game of Bad Movie Pitches)

9pm: Captain Sonar

10pm until close: Cards Against Humanity


Game Library Open from 11am to 12midnight

12noon: Deadpool vs. The World Party Game

1pm: Strip Cards Against Humanity

2pm: Strip Magic: The Gathering Tournament (Ravnica Allegiance 4-pack Sealed Deck - $20 includes product and prizes)

4pm: Joking Hazard

5pm: Ascension tournament - win prizes!

6pm: Strip Munchkin - Gain a Level, Lose Your Shirt!

9pm: Privacy (the game of secrets!)

10pm to close: Cards Against Humanity


Game Library Open from 11am to 3pm

12noon: King of Tokyo Tournament - win prizes!

Littles Daycare - Suite 226

10am - 6pm Saturday
The Daycare will be at D+G for littles, middles, and even grown-ups who just like the occasional storytime or the zen of coloring. Please stop by if you are so inclined! Expect arts and crafts, science(!), and a variety of “age-appropriate” fun activities for all to enjoy. Staffed by Ririko!

Bootblacking - Lobby

Don't forget to bring your leather - old, new, used, loved, of any condition - to the bootblack stand this year at D+G. Boots aren't the only things that need care; bring us your clothing, floggers, key chains, and any other leather gear for some TLC. We will clean, shine, polish, and love your leather and give it the best care. Don't forget to tip your bootblacks. A portion of all donations will be donated to a trans charity organization. More information on the charity and a handy tipping guide will be available when you stop by with your leather!

Saturday hours:

9am - 5pm

9pm - midnight

Sunday hours: 10am - 2pm

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Friday 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Newbie Stomp - Emma_Spanko and UntamedPen - Serenity Space (Salon D)

No, we don’t actually stomp the newbies! Serenity Space loves newbies.  If you are new to cons, don’t know anyone, or are generally nervous about the weekend come see us. We will welcome you, give you a cookie, and answer any questions that you may have.  You can meet other newbies and make some new friends.  Our chill factor is over 9000.

Friday 6:00pm

Dungeon Tour - Salon A - Take a tour of this year’s dungeon with Cannonball, our Head DM!  This is a quick primer and Q&A on our event-specific rules and what has changed, what is and isn’t allowed, and will give you the chance to check out the equipment we have available.

Help! How to Make Friends In The Kink/Geek Scene - Ode2Joy - Suite 818 (60 minutes)

This class will be based around a lot of different ice breakers for participants who are new to big events and feel intimidated/shy when trying to make new connections. No materials necessary, just bring your wonderful self! Participation is not mandatory, but since this is a social skills improvement class participation is highly recommended.

The Sacred Way of Consent - Thista Minai - Suite 222 (90 minutes)

The most universal concept in kink is consent; it is in the premise of our lifestyle, that informed consenting adults may do as they please with one another. What are the spiritual implications of this core belief? Come explore how consent can be more than an ethical justification. The concept of consent can show us a sacred way of living and engaging with one another. It can guide us to our better selves, and teach us how to form deeper, more fulfilling connections with others.

Violet Wand 101 - Alexei Bashkirov - Suite 214 (60 minutes)

An introduction to the use of the Violet Wand in BDSM play. Beginning with a little history and a discussion of the device's origins, we'll discuss safety, wand types, basic techniques, and the various ways this unique toy can be added to your kinky repertoire. Audience members will be given the opportunity to experience the sensations themselves.

Nerdy, Dirty and Clever: Pervertables - Willow - Suite 202 (60 minutes)

You’ll never look at everyday objects the same again! This class is designed to get your kinky creative juices flowing as we examine a variety of different types of pervertables. From things that thud to things that sting, we will discuss how everyday objects from nature, your kitchen or local hardware store can be perverted and turned into affordable, one of a kind toys for hilarious or terrifying scenes. Or both! Uses for pervertables are as broad as your imagination.

This class is one part discussion and one part show and tell. Single and partnered folx are welcome and there is no skill prerequisite. Come to class in comfy clothes, ready to discuss and learn with us! Have a kinky pervertable you’d love to show off? Bring it to clas- We love an exhibitionist.

Friday 7:30pm

KinkyJews Candlelighting - Feivel - Terrace

We invite one and all, Jewish, not-Jewish, Jew-ish, curious, or if you just like harmony, whomever you are, to come to the lighting of candles to bring in the Jewish Sabbath (Shabbat).  There will be wine, challah (yummy bread), candle lighting, and song.

Followed by...

Temperature and Wax Play Social - Feivel - Terrace

Following candle-lighting, there will be waxplay! The first 20-ish minutes is an open knowledge-sharing workshop.  This is NOT a class session but it IS a great place to come and have fun, meet people, and try some sensual waxplay. This is a very informal event and is great for beginners and experts alike. Open communication and consent are warmly practiced here - want to feel wax or apply wax to someone? Just ask! And no is ALWAYS okay.  We bring the wax, you bring the canvas. Feel free to bring wax of your own too, to use yourself or to share with the group. At the end of the event, come play parachute with us, as we "clean" the tarp!

Important changes for this year: weather permitting, we'll be in the courtyard so we can use fire.  Please consider bringing a yoga mat or something comfy to lay on.  If the weather pushes us indoors, please note that we cannot use fire in the ballroom; we'll bring crock pots of wax; feel free to bring other temperature-play things too!

Friday 8:00pm

Negotiation for a Scene - Akabi Daystar - Suite 222 (90 minutes)

So you and someone(s) else want to scene? Now what? If you've ever been at a loss for how to negotiate, this workshop is for you. Through a series of discussions and activities, we will practice and explore how to negotiate ethically and effectively. This class will focus on the concepts of consent, vetting, strategies for negotiating, topics to cover during negotiation, and common pitfalls.

Immeasurable: A Buddhist approach to polyamory - Wisdom & Wordsmith - Suite 214 (60 minutes)

Multiple loving relationships provide many benefits but also many emotional challenges. Wisdom and Wordsmith have developed methods of using Buddhist teachings called the Immeasurables (Perfect Love, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, and Non-Attachment) to create more harmonious and fulfilling relationships. These techniques can be useful in any type of relationship, but they are especially relevant to polyamory. Bring your partner(s) or your whole polycule. It will be a mix of presentation, interactive discussion, and practical application… plus coloring!

Knife Play: Fear and Sensation - GoodSirCorwin & Seva - Suite 202 (90 minutes)

Knife play is a really fun form of edge play (no pun intended). Aimed at people of all skill levels, this class will cover:

Sadistic Spelling Bee - Madame Tak - Restaurant (60 minutes)

Are you really good at spelling or like getting spanked? Do you like showing off your oral skills? Shove your skills in everyone’s face at the Sadistic Spelling Bee! The winner will be awarded a fantastic prize and special sash! From stuffing your mouth to being distracted by impact, there will certainly be some surprises in store!

Friday 8:30pm-10pm

A Kinky Wind Blows - BigMeatyClaws - Suite 818 (90 minutes)

While it bears a resemblance to musical chairs there are no winners or losers in this game. This activity is the perfect way to meet and get to know fellow kinksters; especially if this is your first time at Dungeons & Geekdoms! Everyone is welcome to come on down and have a good time as this event is carefully balanced so that everyone can participate no matter what your comfort level.

Friday 9:00pm - late

THE D+G Kinky Adventure RPG - Sir Vice - Presidential Suite 822/824 (3-4 hours)

Note: The RPG is limited to 8 people. Sign up will be at check in.

THE D+G Kinky RPG, hosted by yours truly, will be a fun romp through dungeons, ruins, and catacombs, all with plenty of encounters and challenges ahead!  We'll be using the AGE system by Green Ronin, leveraging several sources (Fantasy AGE, Blue Rose, Dragon Age, etc). An array of pre-generated characters will be supplied to help get us going. Prepare to bring a pencil w/ eraser, three 6-sided dice (3d6), and a small notepad.


Friday 10:00pm - late

Metalhead Meet-up - teababe27 - Suite 818 (60 minutes)

A place for metalheads to meet up and talk about heavy metal music. What more can you ask for?

Hypnokink 101 - Moon-Gazer - Suite 222 (60 minutes)

Are you interested in using hypnosis for kinky purposes? This class will give you a broad view of what hypnokink is about: what it is, how it's used, and how an hypnokink scene is structured and executed. Geared toward both the tops and the bottoms. Includes a demonstration scene with an audience volunteer.

How to Top: Tips From A Bottom - Doubtful - Suite 214 (60 minutes)

Whether you're new to topping or not, you've had those moments where you wish you could read your bottom's mind. How are they feeling, what are they thinking, and what should you do next? Come learn from an experienced bottom how to build your skills, confidence, and even how to recover from fumbling the lube. There will be a Q&A so please bring questions!

What's in Your Bag? - Spencer Holloway - Suite 202 (60 minutes)

A fun Tupperware party-style ice breaker event where everyone gets a chance to show off their favorite toy.  Don't have a toy bag?  You get the option to volunteer as tribute for a very brief demo!

The Iron Throne Trivia Challenge - Somersettop - Restaurant (90 minutes)

Our watch is over, and the time is now ripe for one final challenge. Join our host Somersettop for three rounds of GOT trivia.  With questions ranging from easy to evil, the host advises that a sadist always pays his debts!

Fireplay: From Theatrics to Healing - FireOnWater- Terrace (90 minutes)

Have you ever wanted to learn fireplay? Do you want to learn different techniques and styles? Learn how to do fireplay, how different techniques can be used, and maybe a new trick or two! There will be chances to top or bottom for the class for those interested (and yes, you CAN do fireplay if you’re hairy). Fire was one of her first obsessions and she loves to share that with others. From theatrics to healing, you're invited to get lost in the flames.  

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Saturday 8:30am - 9:45am

Vinyasa Yoga - Michael Brown - Salon A

While no previous experience is required, this class is recommended for those with a regular yoga practice. After a thorough warm up, the class will proceed through a constant flow of breath and movement. It will include some balancing postures (modifications are given for a slightly gentler experience) and challenging holds. This class is set to upbeat music you are unlikely to hear at most yoga classes. Expect to sweat, breathe, and leave the mat just a little more present than when you got on it. Please bring your own mat.

Saturday 10:00am

Intro to Dragon Tails - Patrick Bridges - Salon A (60 minutes)

Dragon tails can be used as a warm up or a ramp up delivering a soft brush, a nice slap, or a biting sting.  A cross between a flogger and a single tail whip, they can be one of the most versatile tools in your bag.  Many people find dragon tails to be intimidating.  Tops are surprised to find that they are surprisingly easy to use.  Bottoms quickly realize that they don’t have to be nearly as intense as they look and sound.  In this demo you will learn how to aim, how to throw in a couple of different styles,  and how to get a range of sensations from one toy.  You will also learn a few practice techniques along with what not to do with your dragon.  

I bought my first dragon tail 8 years ago and had to great fortune to have some very excellent tutors.  My dragons quickly went from a toy that I pulled out for special occasions to my go to for impact scenes.  THIS WILL BE A HANDS ON DEMO.  If you have a dragon tail, bring it with you.  If you don’t, one will be provided for you courtesy of UNIQUE KINK for the demo.  You are also welcome to bring your favorite target.

Hitch & Go: Asymmetrical Floor Work - Bosch - Salon B (90 minutes)

In most rope work the resulting ties are pretty much symmetrical, if you do something to one side, you repeat on the other side. In most rope work you pretty much know where you are going and, for the most part, know what the tie will look like before you tie it. These are ties you practice and are a part of your “rope arsenal”. This class uses none of that. This class is about improvisation. We will start with the rope secured in different places and then see where it takes us. Participants will be invited to tie wrists, arms, torsos, legs, ankles to each other in creative ways mostly using two simple hitches, the munter hitch and the cow hitch. Participants will be invited to pick a direction and see where the rope goes and where you and your rope bottom take it. We will start with a guided tie and then each participant will set out on their own. We will discuss different techniques that make these basic ties work and not work, rope tension, anchoring, reversing direction, taking up slack, etc.

Format: Hands-on, Level: Beginner

Bring: 1-2 ropes 20-30+ feet in length.

Face, Fingers, Throat, and Toes…That’s Where All the Torture Rope Goes! - BDSLR - Salon C (90 minutes)

BDSLR will walk participants step by step through four specific torture ties: a face mask tie, a microbondage fingers tie, a microbondage toe tie, and his favorite self-choking tie.  These are all fairly strenuous ties, but ones that can easily be tailored to the bottom’s endurance and pain tolerance.  He will demo each tie, including upline placement and safety concerns, and then participants will get a chance to torture their bottoms or themselves with them.  He will continue the class by showing how the ties can be used in a partial predicament scene.  Skill level: intermediate to advanced for rope handling and uplines, rope recommended: 8 meter hanks (3).

Aftercare and Pre-care: the Science of Preparation and Recovery - soumise - Salon D (90 minutes)

We all spend time and energy learning how to negotiate, play and sometimes even handle an injury or two, but is there more we can do to help our bodies be ready for an event or mitigate some of the “con drop” that occurs after the fact?  For most of us, the answer is yes.  This workshop deals with some of the things our bodies are subjected to during play, how they affect us, what bodies typically do in response, what we can do to prepare in advance and how we can take care of ourselves afterwards.  While everyone’s body is unique, this will look at what’s common for a generally healthy person, how different health concerns can change things and resources for more information.

Calibration = Good Scenes For Every Body - Sara Scalper - Junior Ballroom (90 minutes)

What is calibration, you may ask? Well, the dictionary definition is "the act of checking or adjusting the accuracy of an instrument." Applying this concept in a BDSM context in a scene, a top's body (and their implements, an extension of their body) is the instrument. The top can adjust their movements, what implements they use, the intensity of their use, the patterns they are used in, etc. to become more "in tune" with the bottom. This results in a more satisfying scene for all. Toppy folks will learn how to negotiate safely and thoroughly with bottoms, clearly read the communication signals that bottoms give off during a scene, and calibrate their actions resulting in longer and more satisfying scenes. Bottomy folks will learn what to look for when negotiating with a potential top as well as ways to communicate how they're feeling during a scene in order to assist the top in calibration.

Neurodiversity Meet-up - Auttieandy - Suite 818 (60 minutes)

This is a casual meetup for those of us who identify as Neurodiverse. While Neurotypical people are welcome we will be focusing on sharing and talking about the challenges faced by people who are neurodiverse but also geeky and kinky. This will be begun in a sharing circle style and then become a more social gathering with optional guidance for those who don’t like the meet and greet style. All attire is welcome, fidget toys are encouraged. Please no cell phones or recording devices to keep everyone’s privacy.

Hentai: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly - teababe27 - Suite 222 (60 minutes)

We all know hentai, or at least we've seen those pictures of tentacles saying "I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going." This will be a panel/class where I recommend some hentai to watch, as well as ones to avoid. I will open the floor to suggestions as well!

Invisible Bruises: Emotional First Aid - Carter Brûlée - Suite 214 (60 minutes)

When considering risk profiles and preparedness people often consider the physical risks of their play; less time goes into the emotional risks of play. Sometimes we have done everything “right” and yet a person is somehow triggered by something unexpected or drops hard (be they a top or a bottom). This workshop focuses on strategies for preparing in advance for negative emotional outcomes (expected or unexpected) and will walk through practical skills for managing distress. Skills learned in this class can be applied to yourself or your partners and loved ones. (Carter holds an MS in Clinical Psychology).

From Shadowfax to Bill The Pony: Bringing your pony to life - Lilah Rose - Suite 202 (90 minutes)

Are you interested in pony play but not sure how to discover your inner equine persona? Do you know exactly who your pony persona is and want to learn more equine-esque behaviors to bring them to life? Whether you are a noble steed or a bratty pack pony, come join us in exploring the depth and breadth of equine behavior and expression. We'll talk about how to embody equine personalities, behavior, body language, and movement, and spend time exploring our own inner equine.

Participation encouraged, but not required. All pegasuses, unicorns, kelpies, centaurs and hippogriffs welcome.

Littles Yoga - Leo9 - Terrace (30 min)

Learn Yoga by playing games, singing songs, and acting out a fun adventure! Will you find aliens on another planet, discover strange animals and plants in a thick jungle, or visit a fun farm?  Come play to find out!  Most appropriate for ages between 4-10. Please bring a towel or yoga mat to lie on , and wear clothing that allows free movement. Bigs welcome to watch and/or participate with their littles.

Saturday 11:00am

Impactful Inductions - Moon-Gazer - Salon A (60 minutes)

Do you enjoy impact play? Do you enjoy hypnosis? If you do, this is the perfect class for you! In this class we will go over different techniques and methods to induce someone into a trance state through impact play, how to use post-hypnotic triggers to enhance impact scene. You will get to see different types of impact toys and techniques to create very hot inductions.

That's Not How The Force Works: coding for the physically impossible in your live action roleplay - Riki Rath - Suite 222 (60 minutes)

Fantasy is at the heart of kink, but some fantasies are plain impractical to externalize, no matter how hot they are. But just because you can't actually Force Choke someone or turn yourself invisible doesn't mean you can't convey those feelings--and without breaking the immersion of the scene too! Come hear our tips and tricks, or share your own, on how to larp the unlarpable.

A Primer for Service: An Interactive Discussion - Spencer Holloway - Suite 214 (60 minutes)

Are you being served?  Are you interested in serving?  Do you have questions about how to give or receive service?  Do you have household management questions from a D-type standpoint or an s-type standpoint?  Come for a cozy circle discussion where everyone is welcome to share issues and solutions together!  Bring questions and bring tips to share!

BPAL Imp Swap - MsMocha - Presidential Suite 822/824 (60 minutes)

Got BPAL scents that don't work for you? Yeah, me too. But what makes you make that face probably works one someone else. Bring your unwanted imps and possibly take home a tasty new discovery or two.

Saturday 11:30am-12:30pm

Sensual Sadism: Connection Through Pain - Thista Minai - Salon C (60 minutes)

Whether you’re a sadist or a masochist, pain can be a lot of fun! But what makes the difference between a good scene and a fantastic scene? It’s that delicious feeling of intimate connection. Come learn how to use pain as a vehicle for connection, and make your sensation play extra steamy.

Saturday 12:00noon

Pressure Points For Lazy Sadists - Doubtful - Salon A (60 minutes)

Pressure points are a fun, easy way to add more pain to your play. They can be excellent motivation for bratty bottoms and are a great tool for you lazy sadists out there, whose flogging arms are worn out or who don't feel like finding where the canes have rolled to under the bed. In this class we will be covering the basic do's and don'ts of pressure points and will allow time for practice.

Bringing a partner is the best way to learn in this class. Though if you are solo, you are still welcome to come learn and try out pressure points on your own body.

Humiliation, Degradation, and Objectification - GoodSirCorwin - Salon B (60 minutes)

A class that will discuss three related but distinct types of play:

We will walk through different techniques for each of these types of play, as well as talk about how to find the perfect blend of them together.

Autism and Kink - teababe27 - Suite 202 (60 minutes)

Discussing how autism play a role in how people view kink, their preferences in the kink world, how it helps with symptoms, and more.

Kink-Provisation: Insights on Communication, Creativity, & Collaboration in Kink Relationships Gleaned from Improv Theater - Masterfultouch - Presidential Suite 822/824 (90 minutes)

Successful kink & sensual relationships require a lot of work. You need skills in communication, creativity, authenticity, expanding one’s comfort zone, judgment suspension, open-mindedness, vulnerability, and curiosity.

Interestingly, the same is true of Improv Theater performers. In fact, the skills that make improvisers so successful are the same ones that make non-performers successful. The entire program is informal, interactive and involving. Participation is completely voluntary. No one will be singled out to volunteer.

Improvisation theater games are deceptively powerful tools that help maintain mental and emotional equilibrium, a key asset to a sensual lifestyle.

The games invite participants to safely enter and embrace the unknown and relate to others without assumption or judgment. The mindset helps us expand our comfort zone, relate to others in a cooperative way, confidently accept reality, learn to act on things we can control and let go of things we cannot control, and enjoy and value working with others while discovering so much about ourselves.

Saturday 1:00pm

Learning the Ropes: A class for knotty kinksters - Willow - Salon A (90 minutes)

This class is for those interested in learning rope basics, dusting off their skills, or practicing new ways to do old tricks. This introductory level class will cover the kinky trifecta of rope basics: 1. Safety; 2. Negotiation and 3. Knots and ties. Safety will cover but is not limited to topics of circulation, falling, basic first aide and how to mindfully incorporate RACK (Risk aware consensual kink) practices into your own rope play. Negotiation will involve an overview and discussion of three primary aspects to rope play with others- discussion before play, consent during play and aftercare post-rope. The knots and ties portion of class will involve hands on instruction of ties that are the foundational building blocks for learning more advanced rope in the future. I will be covering several ties, concepts and knots including single columns, double columns, the Somerville bowline knot (a non-cinching knot), reverse tension and how to add rope to rope.

This class is open to people of all skill levels. This class can be attended solo or with your partner(s). Come dressed in comfortable attire and bring a blanket or yoga mat to sit on. This class requires 2x30 foot bundles of rope and (most importantly) a safety cutting tool. I recommend EMT shears, which can be purchased cheaply in most drug stores. There will be a limited amount of rope and shears to loan out to people who need it.

Predicament Games - Andrew - Salon (90 minutes)

Get your creativity rolling with these predicament bondage activities!

This is a hands-on class, if possible you should come with a partner. We'll help pair up willing singles at the class as well.

Body Impact: the Basic, the Complex, and the Cheats - Sara Scalper - Salon C (90 minutes)

Although BDSM toys can be really fun to use during impact scenes, there's nothing quite as effective at causing pain as your built-in tools, i.e. parts of your body! During this class, Sara Scalper will show you a variety of techniques that will have your bottom squirming in pain even though you are using only your body and your imagination. You will learn which parts of the body are safe to hit and how to hit them properly, "working up" from commonly-hit areas such as the bottom and upper back to the more "edgy" ones (face, genitals, etc.), as well as the risks inherent to hitting each. Sara will show topping techniques done with hands, elbows, knees, feet, and perhaps a few other body parts that might surprise you, and then will show you a few "cheats" that will help you incorporate a few toys into a rough body playscene to accentuate the body impact and create a more satisfying scene! At the end of the class, attendees will be welcome to ask Sara for tips, tricks, and "hands on" help as time allows. Attending this class will make you think of "body language" in a completely different way!

Cosplay Meetup - Big Meaty Claws - Suite 818 (60 minutes)

Do you cosplay? Have you ever wanted to? Dressed up or not come hang out with your fellow geeks! Let’s trade tips and share our favorite cosplay picks! Everyone will feel welcome at this casual get together focused around discussing our favorite cosplays and cosplayers.

Kink And Disability - Wintersong Tashlin - Suite 222 (90 minutes)

We can’t all be perfect specimens of physical and mental health. In fact, many of us are in some way for lack of a better word, broken. This may pre-date our being sexually active, or it could be more a recent development. It can take many different forms and can affect our lives, and yes our sex lives in a wide variety of ways. Let’s get together and discuss issues such as: how does one explore safe play within our limitations, how do we find satisfying substitutions for favored activities that may now have become off limits, how do we talk to an erotic partner about our boundaries without freaking them out, and how can we incorporate our disability into our play in positive and healthy ways?

Identity Potions - Wisdom - Suite 214 (90 minutes)

What if Professor Snape from Hogwarts could stir up a potion to tell you who you are: sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship styles and kinks? The thing is, you need to find the recipe yourself. But there are so many options? And what do all those colors on the pride flags mean anyway? In this hands-on workshop participants will be able to explore their own identities while crafting a “potion” to take home. A $3 materials fee would be helpful, but all are welcome regardless. Potions class is now in session!

Roll For Initiative: Switch Partners - Madame Tak - Suite 202 (60 minutes)

Have you found yourself in a fantastic dynamic with a fellow switch? Unsure how to navigate who gets to wield the flogger or who gets to be tied? Join Madame Tak and her favorite switch Deff as they explore how to balance topping and bottoming in a relationship. Using the Addams model of trust, communication and respect, you too can create an incredible switchy dance with your partner.

Botanical Beatings 101: A Class in Rose Flogging - Polyphonist - Terrace (90 minutes)

Most people concur that roses are gorgeous. However, did you know that they are more than just beautiful decoration…they’re a fun, versatile bouquet of sensation! In this class, learn how the most ouchy part of the rose isn’t always the thorn. We’ll go over the basics of how-to administer a rose flogging and also how to engage all the senses in this innovative method of impact play. Topics included:

If time allows, class participants who choose to will have the opportunity to either feel or administer a brief rose flogging with instructor supervision and guidance.  

Saturday 2:30pm

Impact Catharsis: The Metaphysics of Sensation - Thista Minai - Salon A

Pain is a well-known mechanism for cathartic relief and release, but how does that work on an energetic level? How does the energy body respond to different types of sensation, and how can you use those responses to help someone achieve catharsis? Come learn how physical sensation can facilitate spiritual healing.

Seizing Control with Joint Locks and Pressure Points - Sir Vice - Salon B
Whether you enjoy taking physical control, pain-play, take-downs, or primal, knowing exactly where and how to place force can make all the difference. This workshop will be an interactive partnered session to review the use of pressure points and joint locks to create maximum effect with a minimum of effort. Use it for subtle purposes to “insist” on obedience, to intensify play experiences, or to create situational predicaments. Definitely for those that enjoy torturing (or being tortured by) their partners.

Chest-harness Variations - Bosch - Suite 214

This class will explore the chest-harness (shinju), its uses, and how to tie it. We will learn a few different ways to tie it including the pentagram variation. We will discuss subtle differences and choices that will add structure and/or beauty to their design. If there is interest we can also discuss breast bondage techniques and how they can be combined with the Chest Harness.

Level: Beginner

Bring: 2-3 ropes, 20-30+ feet in length

Poly Meetup - Spencer Holloway - Suite 818 (60 minutes)

Whether you identify as solo poly, a poly anarchist, a closed triad, an ethical slut, a polycule, monogamish, a hot bi babe, an intentional community, kitchen table poly, mono/poly, a metamour or some delightful combination of the above (or none of the above), come to the poly meetup to ask questions, discuss, flirt, debate and fill your dance card while you get to know your fellow poly conmates.  Open to all genders and all sexual identities.  

How to Make Your Erotica Not Suck - Riki Rath - Suite 222 (60 minutes)

Having trouble getting Finn and Poe into the sack? Struggling with the logistics of Natasha and the Hulk? Attempting to (oh GOD!) write original porn, and not sure how to get off to a good start? Not sure whether that Tifa x Marlboro hentai is xenokink or dendrophilia? Never fear! Riki Rath, veteran smut peddler, is here with the 101, 151, 201, 251, and Senior Seminar on writing porn.

Rope-tionary: Exercises in Communication - Ode2Joy - Salon C (90 minutes)

Ever played Pictionary?  Get ready for a whole new take!  In this hands on rope lab style class (inspired by and designed with permission from Fuoco), rope tops will be separated from rope bottoms while bottoms are given various step by step rope “positions,” to include floor work, suspensions, and transition series.  Tops will then be reintroduced to the class and bottoms will be required to communicate with their tops in order to direct them through the practice, *without* directly stating the end goal/position.  The ultimate goal is to challenge the norm of typical bottoming communication and encourage tops to attempt to take direction from those in their rope. This class can also be participated in via self-tying.

"Yes, Yesss, Yes!" Consent for Sexier Scenes - Lilah Rose - Suite 202 (60 minutes)

Consent is sexy, really, really, sexy. Sadly there are many people who seem to think talking about their desires and ascertaining consent is a mood killer, but it absolutely does not have to be that way! We will talk about the nuances and complexities of consent, how to be ethical in your consent practices, and of course, how to see it as very, very hot.

Primal Hypnosis from a Bottom's Perspective - Moon-Gazer - Presidential Suite 822/824 (60 minutes)

Do you have a primal side that you’re wishing to let out? Do you fantasy about having your wild side take over? In this class we will talk about what primal headspace is, things that can be done with it, and how to access it better by using hypnosis. We will also talk about all the safety and how to properly negotiate for a fun and wild primal scene.

The Joy of Painting...Naked People: Body Painting as Sensation Play - Untamedpen - Terrace

Body painting is more than just a visual art. If done creatively, it can expand into true sensation play, from gentle touch to impact. Body painter (and occasional Bob Ross impersonator) UntamedPen will teach how to use simple and inexpensive tools to create beautiful landscapes while adding elements of kink. Moving in and out of his Bob Ross persona, UntamedPen will lecture and demonstrate preparing your "canvas," different brush and tool techniques, and adding different kinks for infinite and joyful creativity. Remember, in body painting, "there are no mistakes, just happy accidents."

Clothing Swap - Somersettop - Room TBA (90 minutes) -- Check for a sign in the lobby regarding location for this event.

Saturday 4:30pm

Pet Play Meetup - Mx Poppi - Suite 818

Are you a playful pup? A kinky kitten? Perhaps a bodacious bunny? This is the meetup for you! Come meet other folks into pet play, show off your gear, and share your stories! Pets and Handlers are welcome.

Bodies are Funny Things: Beauty, Boundaries, and Body Image - Wisdom & Wordsmith - Suite 222

Society and the media, including pretty much every fandom ever, create idealistic body images that no one – not even superheroes – could ever meet. Whether it’s Thor being body-shamed in Endgame, fanboy reactions to the female 13th Doctor on Doctor Who, or the problematic gender and sexuality issues in Harry Potter, we cannot escape body image issues just by escaping into geekdom. Changes in our bodies as we age make this even more challenging. Wisdom and Wordsmith will share some of their own experiences, from surviving breast cancer and a double mastectomy to coping with erectile dysfunction, along with methods for how can we feel like our most sexy selves, even when our bodies don’t want to cooperate. The presentation will include an interactive meditation and will close with a movement practice to help improve body image and self-love.

Consent-Based Flirting - Akabi Daystar - Suite 214

So, you meet a cutie. You want to do terrible (or possibly sweet) things with them. What happens next? How can you practice good consent and still end up having a chance to “taste that rainbow”? Well, Akabi is here to help. Through a series of discussions and examples, we will practice and explore how to be ethical. This class will focus on the concepts of consent, consensual conversations, reading body language, how to respond to rejection and how to say yes.

Silly Sadism - Madame Tak - Suite 202

Are you bored with the same old song and dance with your impact scenes? Learn some tips and tricks from a sadist with a sense of humor! Negotiate some silliness into your play and see the difference in your scene dynamic shift. We all love a good scene, so why not get a little goofy sometimes? [Bad dad jokes welcome!]

Saturday 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Newbie Stomp - Emma_Spanko and UntamedPen - Serenity Space (Salon D)

No, we don’t actually stomp the newbies! Serenity Space loves newbies.  If you are new to cons, don’t know anyone, or are generally nervous about the weekend come see us. We will welcome you, give you a cookie, and answer any questions that you may have.  You can meet other newbies and make some new friends.  Our chill factor is over 9000.

Saturday 5:30

Musical Theater Sing-Along - Feivel - Room 201 (90 minutes)

Did you know the internet is for porn???  Really!  Broadway Geeks, let's harmonize! Let's have some fun with musicals' music old and new.  Got musical requests? Contact Feivel, preferrably in advance please (so I can download stuff).

Saturday 6:00pm

Steven Universe Meetup - Big Meaty Claws - Suite 818 (60 minutes)

Steven Universe is a wonderful cartoon about love, acceptance and hot dogs. The show features the subversion of tropes as well as an amazing representation of LGBT values. Let’s get together and discuss the show; we’ll talk about our favorite episodes, characters, and moments. Come in cosplay, or your favorite t-shirt; come if you’ve never seen the show before and you’ll find out why you should! Let’s talk about Steven Universe, YOU CLODS!

The meet up is structured in segments so if you do not want to be spoiled please come early!

Saturday 7:00pm

Violet Wand 102 - Alexei Bashkirov - Suite 214 (60 minutes)

For those familiar with the basics of the violet wand. We'll go a little deeper into wand safety, talk about playing at events, and discuss aftercare and what questions to ask potential play partners. Some slightly more advanced techniques will be also be discussed.

IdeoKINKesis: How Your Brain Can Top Your Body - soumise - Suite 202 (90 minutes)

Learn how you can use imagery and specific self talk to release physical restrictions, improve posture and gain ease in movement or holding specific positions. Whether you are looking to increase your range of motion for more variety of play positions and activities, move more easily through positions or service rituals, or improve your resiliency in recovering from challenging play, this class may interest you. For those into Erotic Hypnosis, this class may integrate well with techniques you are already using. This class is designed for participation throughout. A bath towel or mat is suggested for the portions laying on the floor.

Saturday 7:30pm

D&G Argumentia - Presidential Suite 822/824 (60 minutes)

Along the same line's as Cracked's "After Hours" video series, we'll have four panelists (MrStriker, Doubtful, Deianira, and BigMeatyClaws) discuss topics at the intersection of geek and kink, moderated by Feivel. Each panelist will attempt to convince the others of some particular hypothesis. We might argue about Batman's leather and rubber fetish, or whether or not BDSM is still "in the closet" in Star Trek's Federation, how bondage might work in Pixar's "Cars" universe, or other questions you might not have thought about before, but will certainly want the answers to now! Time willing, the audience will also get opportunities to participate.

Saturday 8:00pm

Just A Little Pajama Party - Auttieandy - Suite 818 (60 minutes)

Get dressed in your comfiest (Or sluttiest) jammies and come join us for truth or dare, munchkin, or other big group games. Bring your stuffies, your Mommy, your Daddy, and your games and let's have some relaxed little play time before the big people go off at our bed time.

Saturday 9:00pm

We're (not) All Mad Here; Coping Skills: For Life, Kink, and Cons - Lilah Rose - Suite 222 (90 minutes)

Conventions are intense, emotionally, physically, mentally, and often sexually. Even when we’re flying high during, many of us deal with the bummer of “con drop” after the fun is over. Life outside of conventions tends not to be real easy either, most of us deal with intense stressors of some kind, normal ones and the special ones that come with being kinky fuckers. In this class you will learn and have a chance to practice skills and techniques to keep mind, body, and emotions healthy wherever you may find yourself. Participation encouraged (but not required).

Constellational Non-Consent: Astronomy for Kinksters - Leo9 - Suite 214 (90 minutes)

Join Leo9 for a tour of the summer sky, and the twisted mythology of various constellation stories.  Learn Zeus' time-tested Pick-up tips, and find your kinks (and perhaps a squick or two) in the age-old stories of the stars.

M/s without Cohabitation - EdgarAPoe & PoesLittleRaven - Suite 202 (90 minutes)

Not every M/s relationship is the same.  Some are long term partners who are married and or live together.  Others are long distance.  Others still can be 24/7 even though they do not share the same home.  We will discuss not only the challenges and obstacles but also the benefits and hidden rewards of maintaining a 24/7M/s dynamic when either by choice or life's circumstances they do not live together.

Private Dancer: Seduce Your Partner(s) With Your Beautiful Body - Polyphonist - Presidential Suite 822/824 (60 minutes)

Have you always wanted to do a striptease for your partner(s) but felt like you didn't have the "right" body? Or just didn't know how to put a routine together? This class celebrates all body types and will be part burlesque/striptease tutorial and part body positive reinforcement workshop for the body you have right now. Join Polyphonist, co-founder and former co-director of White Elephant Burlesque, as she helps you figure out how to select the right music and outfit, shows you some basic moves and how to build on them, and also gives you confidence boosting pointers to put it all together. Comfortable clothing is recommended. Participation is encouraged but not mandatory.

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon - Silver Hammer Productions - Bar (9:00pm-11:00pm)

This is a Live Action Roleplaying Game, set in "Mary's Place" a bar in New York in Suffolk County. The bar is built on top of the same place that the original Callahan's Place was built. The time is set somewhere in the 80's.

This game is a LARP based on the table top supplement from Steve Jackson Games for the GURPS Role Playing System and the stories of Callahan's Crosstime Saloon by Spider Robinson. This game is also different. This game will make you want to laugh, it will make you want to laugh so hard that you shoot beer out of your nose.

That characters will all be pre-gen, but built from the questionnaire that the players will fill out prior to the game on sign up to the game.

Now, the fine print: "This is a tournament-style game run in the GURPS system. GURPS is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games. All copyrighted materials used in conjunction with this game are used in conjunction with the GURPS system. Variant rules for live-action Roleplay are used at the discretion of the GM. Callahan's Crosstime Saloon is a trademark of Spider Robinson, and all the characters created in the "Callahan's" series are the property of Spider Robinson."

Saturday 10:00pm

Glowy Pool Party of Awesome - Feivel - Pool (10:00pm - 12:00midnight)

Do you like pools? Do you like parties? Do you like lasers and light up things??? Come to the clothing optional laser pool party!! We'll darken the lights, fog the space a little (if the hotel allows), and turn on the lasers. Come with your own light up goodies to add to the fun!! There will be music, glowy stuff, and beautiful people! Come be one or all of them!

Please note, no latex is allowed in the pool to keep those with latex allergies safe. This includes light up balloons and body paint! Also, no bodily fluids in the pool. We need to keep it sanitary and safe! Also note, this can involve quite a bit of sensory stimulation (flashing lights, loud-ish music, lots of (amazing) people in the pool).

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Sunday 8:30am - 9:45am

Vinyasa Yoga - Michael Brown - Salon A

While no previous experience is required, this class is recommended for those with a regular yoga practice. After a thorough warm up, the class will proceed through a constant flow of breath and movement. It will include some balancing postures (modifications are given for a slightly gentler experience) and challenging holds. This class is set to upbeat music you are unlikely to hear at most yoga classes. Expect to sweat, breathe, and leave the mat just a little more present than when you got on it. Please bring your own mat.

Sunday 10:00am

Hands-on Impact - Sara Scalper - Salon A (120 minutes)

Have you ever dreamed of learning impact techniques from a presenter in a hands-on fashion rather than via a more formal lecture-type class? If so, you're in luck: Sara Scalper would like to teach an intimate class where they will demonstrate a variety of impact techniques (spanking, rough body play techniques, flogging, caning, paddling, etc.), answer all your burning questions about impact, and then help the small group in the class learn how to perform these techniques through hands-on interactions. (Please note: these will be performed in front of the class, so that others attending can learn from what Sara is teaching and can see the demonstrations of technique). This class is recommended for pairs (although their wife, the lovely UndeniablyAJ, will also offer her services as a demo bottom) and will require "advance registration" due to limited space. Come and learn hands-on from one of New England's beloved impact class presenters!  Sign-up sheet at Check-In.

Let's Make a Scene, from Top to Bottom - Ode2Joy - Salon B (90 minutes)

This class is an interactive, improvisational, “choose your own rope-venture” type of class, showing the beginning, middle, and end of a rope scene.  Participants will tie between lessons and then have brief discussions on how it went, including, how do initial choices of a tie affect a scene?  What to do when you tie yourself into a figurative corner?  How to get unstuck and how to change direction?  Finally, the class will finish as a scene does in showing different ways a scene can end, and how to make it interesting for both top and bottom.  Skill level: Multiple skill levels (beginners will do floor or partials only, intermediate and advanced can go up to full suspensions)

The Rope Corset - Bosch - Salon C (90 minutes)

We will work on 2 or 3 different ways of tying rope to completely cover and squeeze a body. We’ll work on ways of adding structure to the rope so that it does what corsets traditionally do, i.e. squeeze in the some places, support in others. We will explore the tools you need to design a number of different corsets to fit a number of different body types. Although corsets are traditionally worn around the torso, this technique can be modified for multiple parts of the body (or even two bodies if you get creative).

This class does NOT require a rope bottom nor does not require experience. We will be doing most of our work tying rope around our own thighs. Your own thighs are just easier and they don’t wiggle when you tickle them (usually).

Level: Beginner

Bring: 1-2 ropes 20-40+ feet in length (longer the better), and some smaller diameter rope or paracord 4-8 feet.

Serenity Space Unscheduled Class Time - Salon D

This year part of Serenity Space will be opened up Sunday morning to offer attendees their own chance to teach classes and host discussions about things that they are passionate.  

This is a chance to give D+G your own flavor.  Instruct us how to do that new rope thing that you are proud of, teach us to lap dance, show us a meditation, host a discussion or start a conversation on anything you wish. We will provide a space. You provide your imagination and expertise.  

The sign up sheet will be posted outside of Serenity Space. Classes will be marked in half hour increments but they may be marked out for longer if needed.

Astronomy of Harry Potter - Leo9 - Suite 818 (90 minutes)

Calling all witches, wizards, and magic obsessed muggles! You are cordially invited to a special Dungeons and Geekdoms Edition of the Astronomical World of Harry Potter.  We’ll look to the sky for the origins and stories around your favorite (and not so-favorite) characters and magical creatures.  Show your house pride and/or come as your favorite character, and compete in magically and astronomically trivial contests!  

Using Sci-Fi/Fantasy Archetypes for Erotic Roleplay - Wintersong Tashlin - Suite 222 (90 minutes)

Erotic role-play can be sexy, fun, exciting, and even scary. After all, using erotic role-play you can be anyone and do nearly anything, it is a play modality that opens up a world of possibilities. But for exactly that reason, exploring erotic role-play can be completely overwhelming! How should your “character” act? What does the “scene” look like? And how do you know if you and your partner(s) are on the same page? In this workshop we will look at an array of figures, storylines, and archetypes from superheroes to cyborgs, Middle Earth to outer space, and everywhere in between, with a focus on how we can use beloved and intimately familiar characters from Sci-Fi and Fantasy as “shortcuts” to create shared context and help us get from the planning to the playing faster and more enjoyably.

Asexual and Aromantic Spectrums 101 - Akabi Daystar - Suite 214 (60 minutes)

Come explore various kinds of attraction including sexual, romantic and platonic. We will debunk common myths and learn about identities on the asexual and aromantic spectrum. We will also discuss some different ways of looking at relationships and learn some (possibly new) language for describing such things. The intersections with kink and poly will also be discussed.

D/s in Rope - GoodSirCorwin - Suite 202  (60 minutes)

We are often taught the *how* of tying, but rarely the *why*. This class is designed to showcase techniques for how to express and explore a power exchange dynamic through rope. In it we will discuss:

Get Switchy With It: Navigating play dynamics as a switch - Carter Brûlée & Kinkerbelle - Presidential Suite 822/824 (90 minutes)

Two switches walk into a dungeon, neither knows who’s in charge so they wind up awkwardly staring at each other, before leaving, going home, and masturbating out of frustration while quietly weeping. Don’t let this happen to you! Learn how to navigate through an experience when there aren’t rigid power dynamics involved!

Dynamics in kink are often thought of as bottom and top, dominant and submissive, sadist and masochist. But what happens when both partners are switches? How do you establish a relationship dynamic when both partners want to play multiple roles? How do you set scenes and have play that fulfills each person? How do you negotiate and set boundaries around role switching? Part of the fun of switching for many is fluidity, but fluidity can sometimes complicate our dynamics in play. This workshop focuses on creating dynamics and navigating play between switches. We will discuss strategies for negotiating dynamics and play as well as role transitions. The class is meant to provide things to think about in your own negotiations and play as well as be a venue to share your ideas with others!

Sunday 12noon

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream - Feivel - Suite 201 - 12noon-2pm

Feivel, your friendly neighborhood science guy, will be back with Liquid Nitrogen to freeze Ice Creams, Sorbets and more. Come to room ??? for some science, some tasty treats, and likely but optional cuddles. We'll bring the dairy. You bring other tasty beverages to freeze. We can't officially supply Alcoholic stuff, but some amazing meads, absynthe, ciders, and liquors have found their way into the mix, thanks to you. Last year's vegan Horchata was amazing. Did someone say Apple Pie sorbet?

Sunday 12:30pm

Bondage and Floggers and Bearclaws Oh My - soumise - Salon A

They feel good, but why? Beyond the neurochemicals that are released during these activities, bondage, impact and sensation activities stimulate the "Cinderella" tissue in your body - fascia - and this stimulation creates a bunch of physiological reactions that can affect your body in a variety of ways. This same tissue can also be responsible for some of the symptoms of sub and Dom drop and we'll talk about that too. After covering a basic explanation of fascia, this workshop will explore different BDSM based ways to stimulate the fascial system to improve its function and recovery. Stimulation happens for both the Top and the bottom depending on the activity. What's in it for me??? you might be asking. Healthy fascia is important for mobility, breathing, relief from back pain (as well as other aches and pains), proper pelvic floor function (think good sex for all genders) and it ties into your nervous and immune systems (among others).

Rope 202: Painful Rope - Andrew - Salon B (90 minutes)

Rope is one of the most versatile toys there is, and in addition to being useful for restraint can also be used in fun, hurty ways. In this class we will go over several painful ties.

This is a hands-on class, if possible you should come with a partner. We'll help pair up willing singles at the class as well.

You should bring: 3-4 30' lengths of rope.

Ethical Negotiating from a Place of Privilege - BDSLR - Salon C (90 minutes)

Consent and negotiation are touched on in many other classes, and we often then say, "That could be a whole class on its own.”  This is that class!  Whether you have power, privilege, a desired skill set, your own play space, or host small gatherings, there are important concepts to consider not only in how you negotiate but also how you ask and receive requests to kink with someone. Join BDSLR as he talks about his style of negotiating from a place of privilege as a white, cis, heterosexual passing male in the kink community, and how his methods and concerns have changed over the past few years.

Fucking with Gender - Carter Brûlée - Suite 818 (60 minutes)

Let’s be real, gender is a complex and multifaceted construct. There are so many aspects from gender identity, to gender presentation, and gender expression, before we even get into the societal contributions and gender roles and expectations. This class focuses on the many diverse ways you can play with gender in kink. Whether you are hoping to explore alternative presentations, affirm someone’s identity, embarrass them, or play with darker things like gender dysphoria, this discussion-based class explores the many facets of gender play and discusses negotiation considerations, strategies for fucking with gender in your play.

Poly Compatibility - Thista Minai - Suite 222 (90 minutes)

Why do some relationships fail even when it seems like you’re perfect for each other? How can you tell if someone is going to be a good fit for you, or you for them? In this workshop we’ll investigate the many facets of compatibility in polyamory, from sexual and romantic desires to logistical planning and metamour relationships.

What's The Buzz? A Stimulating History of the Vibrator - Alexei Bashkirov - Suite 214 (60 minutes)

A light-hearted yet informative look at the development of the electric vibrator, from the treatment of hysteria in the late 1800s, to its feminist-inspired resurgence in the seventies, all the way to today’s modern computer-controlled high-end devices. The vibrator in popular culture will be discussed, along with tips on buying and caring for your own toys.

BDSM 101: The Starter Set - Dasade & sleepingirl - Suite 202 (60 minutes)

This is the only class open to vendor-only pass holders, though any attendees are welcome to attend it. It is in movies, pop culture, memes and “In” references. BDSM is out of the closet. The portrayal on TV has shifted from “Yup they are a serial killer because they like to spank their partner” to being a slightly risqué reference to let you know the character is liberated. A google search will result in about 718 million webpages referencing it meaning there is one BDSM related webpage for every ten people on the planet. Definitely out of the closet.

But what exactly is this thing that we do? What does it mean?

In this class, a 20+ year practitioner of BDSM and one of his partner of 7 years will be talking about what BDSM is and what it looks like in real life. We will be talking about both the sexy and mundane things associated with being in the lifestyle as well as demystifying the idea of “24/7 submission”. We will also be talking about a beginner’s toy set of things you can easily and inexpensively purchase to get started. (Here’s a hint, odds are, you already have these things.) We will also be talking about the most important part of BDSM, safety. Often times it does not seem like the sexiest part of the scene, but it is vital to ensuring that your scenes are done in a way that your partners will feel safe doing it again. So who is this class for? Well everyone. If you have any interest in BDSM as a couple, as a single, as a Queer presenting, CIS presenting, other presenting, gay, straight, asexual, trans… Literally everyone! We will also be leaving time for Q&A and stories of some things we have done with each other as well as other partners.

You're a Sadist And It's Okay - Sara Scalper - Presidential Suite 822/824 (90 minutes)

Many of us have felt immense guilt when we've realized just how much we enjoy hurting people, due to societal feedback. Newsflash: enjoying being sadistic is perfectly okay in a safe, ethical, and fully consensual context, and being able to be sadistic doesn't mean you must be cold or lack empathy. Discuss some of the difficulties you've have had when embracing your sadistic tendencies as well as engage in an exploration of why these difficult feelings occur. Explore misconceptions regarding sadism and where they come from, as well as different types of ethical sadism/sadist archetypes with fellow sadists. This is largely a philosophical class, but there will be a "develop your inner sadist" portion near the end where we'll discuss folks' burning concerns and share deviously delicious tips and tricks on ways to cause hurt without causing harm. Note: there is a "section" of this class devoted to female-identified or femme-presenting folks who identify as tops/sadists, as they have their own particular struggles in regards to their sadist identities.

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Meet the Presenters!

Akabi Daystar is a kinky queer geek. They have been educating on queer, kink and consent related subjects since 2013. They also help run meetups around the Jersey City area. When not thinking about, reading about, and discussing such things, they enjoy ranting endlessly about superheroes and making art.

Professor Alexei Bashkirov is an artist, presenter, and educator and has been involved with the kink community for over thirty years. He and his partner Sterling Rose love to share their interests in history, technology, and sex, and to help others navigate the sometimes tricky waters of the kink lifestyle.

Andrew For the past ten years, he has explored his inner sadist and learned a few cool things, and is excited to be able to share these with everyone. Some of Andrew’s passions include rough body play, rope bondage, impact, electroplay, predicament bondage and some good old hair pulling.

Andy is a little who has a bit of experience in the kink world, a bit more experience in the geeky convention world, and a whole lot of experience in the neurodivers world. Andy runs an ASD and LGBTQ+ support group once a month on Long Island and has spent many years interacting with and working with other people on the autism spectrum. Andy also runs an ASD and Kink discord server. The intersection between adult relationships and autism spectrum disorder is the most important exploration in Andy’s life.

For the past few years, the only time BDSLR has put down rope is to pick up his camera. He entered the scene in 2015 as an experienced travel photographer and soon began taking kink-oriented photos for local events and the kink cosplay group Belle Bondage. He was the featured artist at Dark Odyssey’s SummerCamp in 2016, and his work has been displayed at Charm City Play Space in Baltimore, MD and Philly Music Hall in Philadelphia, PA. In regards to rope, he has been mixing sadism, beauty, and power dynamics to create his own style, tying

multiple times a week for rope lab, photography, and play. BDSLR has presented at national events such as the Geeky Kink Event 2017, Bound in Boston 2018, THE Beltane, and Tethered Together, internationally at FapCon 5 and Ottawa CORE, and local events such as BESS and Belle-’s Rope Studio. He has performed at Nuit des Cordes in Montreal, Canada in 2017 and 2018, was featured at M0cojute’s RopeBurn in 2017 in Baltimore, MD, and was the opening act for Dark Odyssey Fusion 2018.

BigMeatyClaws is a professional Web Developer who sometimes likes to write about things. A lover of technology, video games, film, and TV he has inoculated himself with pop culture. Also an avid internet user and meme looker-atter.

Bosch has been tying people up for well over a decade now. Sometimes making it look pretty, sometimes making it hurt, but always enjoying himself in the process. In his vanilla life, he is a teacher, a web designer, a father, a very kind and generous guy. In his non-vanilla life he is still all those things, but is not afraid of showing his dominant, sadistic side to those who appreciate that sort of thing.  He loves kinky antiques, and is a bookseller specializing in erotic and BDSM-related books 100+ years old.

Carter Brûlée identifies as a pansexual, polyamorous trans man. He walked into his first munch at 18 years old, before he had even graduated high school, and has been hooked on the community ever since. Carter identities as a bottom leaning switch with a love of silly and playful scenes, from both the top and the bottom. He has a bubbly personality and a passion for education that he brings into all of his teaching endeavors. Carter has taught for NELA and has taught various sexuality-related topics (including polyamory, kink, consent, and negotiation) for academic institutions.  Twitter: @CarterBrulee Fetlife: CarterBrulee

Dasade has had over 20 years experience in the BDSM lifestyle. In that time, he has presented 200+ presentations, demos, and performances. He has run numerous lifestyle organizations such as WMPE, RECONN, Poly Discussions, and is currently the Facilitator of the Society. As the head of a poly triad with sleepingirl and cckitten, he has made community education and support a credo of the house.

Doubtful is a queer polyamorous bottom who loves sharing knowledge. Her favorite nerdy things are sci fi/fantasy novels and biology.

EdgarAPoe & PoesLittleRaven are a 24/7 M/s couple. T/they run the NJ4c’s munch, and have 20 plus years of community experience.

A happy introvert, Emma_Spanko, has been running the Serenity Space for Dungeons+Geekdoms and welcoming new convention goers with the Newbie Stomp for two years. She enjoys creating safe, comfy spaces and generally making people feel awesome. Emma carries this love over into the vanilla world working as a massage therapist.  She always has a hug to give or kindness to share. Her fetish awakened from watching a John Wayne movie when she was young and feels that kink has always been a part of her core being. She loves to explore, learn and experience new forms of it by taking classes, attending conventions and experimenting...especially experimenting.

Your friendly neighborhood science guy, Feivel always has hugs to give and probably something to blow up or freeze.

FireOnWater is a pansexual, polyamorous, researcher, forest lover, singer, advocate, sadomasochistic, switch with a love of fire, impact, primal, and edge play. She has been in the scene for five years and has loved fire since day one. A painslut, FireOnWater loves to play hard, topping or bottoming, but also showing how to work levels and surprises in. She is on the coordination team for several events and demos fireplay frequently. If you can't find her, she's probably in the woods.

GoodSirCorwin is a top with a wide range of interests. He enjoys Japanese inspired rope, all manner of impact play from tiny evil sticks, to giant paddles, to single tails, as well as fear, sensation, humiliation, and objectification. Having discovered his kinky side from a newspaper cartoon at a very young age, he continues to pursue new and interesting kinks. A life long student, he believes kink can be viewed as a set of skills you can continue improving, from making your D/s relationships better, to honing your spanking cadence.

Strong, spirited, and ever-evolving. Kinkerbelle is a queer femme hailing from New England with a love for learning both in and out of the classroom and anything rope-related. As an educator, Kinkerbelle aims to fill a gap in the kink world: classes and material taught by bottoms that benefit both other bottoms and their top counterparts. They share lessons learned the hard way, things found through trial and error and show that while everyone is human and bound to make mistakes, it’s a lot easier to learn from someone else’s. While rope comes in second on their list of favorite kinks, they teach about a wide variety of other things including service, touch, and communication with an ever-expanding list.

Leo9 is a lifelong learner, and loves sharing stories and knowledge with other seekers, from the Chakras to the Cosmos.  A queer, poly, switch who thrives in the land of ...YES, AND..., she travels many paths, including scientist, kinkster, yoga instructor, and musician. The very best days include doing ALL of the things at once, like when teaching Littles Yoga!  As an enthusiastic and intuitive informal educator, she currently strives to reconnect folks with the joy, wonder,  and absurdity of our lives "on a mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam".

Lilah Rose (she/her, they/them) is best encapsulated as a sapiosexual, polyamorous, masochistic switch with a fetish for learning and teaching.  A strong advocate for building a safer, sexier community her classes focus on consent, communication, coping and bottoming skills. She iis always interested in sexy experiments for  science, especially if they involve rope, impact, needles, or psychological spelunking. When she’s not teaching she is a professional fetish model and performer, sex work activist and an avid crafter and equestrian.

Madame Tak is a professional and lifestyle Domme with a flair for intense experiences and facilitating scenes. As a graduated Master, this polyamorous Pansexual uses her deep love of education and communication to share with others so they can strengthen their own connections with BDSM. Her style has been shared with residencies at Club Orpheus and Risqué, but her dedication to the community can be seen in her involvement with BESS and the Baltimore Playhouse. Her experience includes versatile impact and sensation play, navigating multi leveled relationships from long distance to live in submissives, running a Dungeon, as well presence and intention.

Masterfultouch is a professional presenter and coach who has been bringing communication and relationship insights and practices to the kink community for over 10 years. He is skilled at helping people bring fun, equity, respect and creative passion into their relationships

Michael is a mindfulness instructor and a Kripalu Yoga Teacher (RYT200) with a leaning towards Vinyasa Flow. He has been teaching mindfulness workshops and practicing yoga for over a decade. Michael brings together his mindfulness practice with the physical flow of body and breathe in Vinyasa Yoga. He has the flexibility to teach a traditional beginner’s class or an edgy, high-energy Vinyasa class. He focuses on helping you bring the practice off the mat and into your daily life.

Moon-Gazer is the founder and owner of Hypnosis New Jersey. Moon has loved the idea of mind control and hypnosis since they've been young. Pure reaction junkie, Moon uses a combination of creative sadistic scenarios along with sensual hypnotic techniques to create very hot BDSM scene.

MrStriker was previously responsible for live saucy puppet shows that made fun of soft-core sci-fi. The puppets are sleeping. Shhhhh!

Eve aka MsMocha is one of the Usual Suspects. When she's not keeping people safe in the dungeon, she's been known to craft with beads and make art on people with needles.She and her partners have recently joined the cult of BPAL (and the cult of Subaru, but that's another story).

Mx. Poppi is a NonBinary Queer Puppo. Kink Enthusiast. Professional Doggo Wrangler. Connoisseur of Cartoons. They run the Lowell Munch and spend way too much time playing video games.

Ode2Joy (Joy) is an experienced rope bottom, a national level presenter, and a lion cub (not a kitten!). In a collared 24/7 D/s dynamic for years, she thrives on detailed protocol, open communication, and laughing in the face of danger. She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences, especially when it comes to rope bottoming, D/s or poly relationships, and facilitating healthy, honest communication. Joy’s local to the Baltimore, MD

community, but has presented at national cons such as Dark Odyssey WinterFire/Fusion, TesFEST, the Naughty Noel, Bound in Boston, and Tethered Together, and internationally at FAPCON 5 and Ottawa CORE. She is also an avid rope performer, and has performed twice at Nuit de Cordes in Montreal, Canada, at M0cojute’s RopeBurn in Baltimore, MD, and was the opening act with her partner BDSLR at Dark Odyssey Fusion 2018. Her love language is planning things, and she can often be found bouncing around excitedly planning her next adventure.

Patrick Bridges has been a member of The Red Chair in Birmingham Alabama for 11 years where he was introduced to dragon tails by Master Heinz.  He has been a dragon tail enthusiast for the past 8 years.  He is currently the Business Manager and one of the crafters at Unique Kink.

Polyphonist is a panromantic relationship anarchist, singer, writer, pagan, nonbinary, semi-retired burlesque dancer, and switchtastic switch. Ze is a published writer, has directing and co-directing credits in tri-state area theatre and burlesque productions, and has taught classes and been on panels for things such as rose flogging, R.A.C.K., polyamory, burlesque, body positivity / movement / and seduction for all body types, and water fitness.

Aside from theatre, music, and writing, she has an abiding affection for learning, love, laughter, leather, tea, fire, reading, driving, fountain pens, ukuleles, energy, rope, cuddling, chocolate, musicals, making out, hiking, Harry Potter, knives, sex, kayaking, candles, and long, intimate, meandering conversations about sex, poly / RA, paganism / spirituality, kink, creativity, music, and gender – inclusive and exclusive of each other.

Riki Rath has issues with authority. Burlesque performer, opera singer, published fiction author, and consummate attentionwhore, she intends to expound (at great length) about the intersections of high art and kinky shit.

Sara Scalper is a queer, non-monogamous non-binary femme and ethical sadist who has been topping since 2002, has been involved in the kink community since 2004, has been a part of the Boston community since 2010, and has been teaching since 2014. They self-identify as 75% intersexed being, 20% Amazonian woman, and 5% primal male (these identities are constantly in flux), but are always 100% ethical sadist. Primarily a physical sadist and impact top, they also get great pleasure from being a ''scene aunt'' to newer folks in the scene, teaching them how to top safely (via classes or one-on-one instruction) and/or how to negotiate so they have safe, satisfying scenes. Sara has taught for D&G NE as well as GKENE, and at/for NELA at several Fleas, NH Kinky Con, NEDS, Bound in Boston, Boston Invasions at the Society, Trans Spectrum Kinksters, Paingasms at the Society, MOB, Boston TNG, BKC, and Wicked Women.They can often be found with their lovely wife and collared submissive, AJ (who often helps them present their classes!), and their extended ''kinky family,'' and love to talk ethical nonmonogamy as much as they do BDSM.

Seva is a lighthearted bunny with a penchant for rope and service. During her time in the kink community she has cultivated her love of rope bottoming as well as learning about and practicing D/s, predominantly from the right side of the slash. She is intensely passionate about bottoming education and strives to provide any insight she has to help others on their journey.

Silver Hammer Productions, is Shane Amerman.  Shane has been writing, designing and producing LARPS and other content since 1994.  

Sir Vice is an active supporting member of the BDSM community with 12+ years’ experience in the lifestyle. He offers lifestyle education through his website,  Sir Vice has presented at a variety of public speaking forums and events ranging from training classes and trade shows to top executives at Fortune 500 businesses. His seasoned experience allows him to successfully engage his audience – delivering classes effectively, consistently, with enthusiasm and patience.  A strong proponent of responsible and consensual exploration, Sir Vice participates regularly with organizations such as TES, MAsT, NELA, NCSF, and many others to speak on various lifestyle topics.  In his personal time he enjoys practicing martial arts, hiking, playing music, gaming, and furthering his study of psychology, behaviorism, physiology, and a variety of eccentric subjects.

sleepingirl is an enthusiastic writer, presenter, and podcast-er with a deep, lifelong passion for hypnosis and kink. Since formally entering the community in 2012 she has taught classes for both bottoms and tops at events across the states. She lives D/s 24/7 with her Owner and their mutual slave. She also created and maintains “Two Hyp Chicks”, a hypnosis podcast featuring herself and her partner, cckitten. She writes porn and perspective on hypnosis and kink @h-sleepingirl on tumblr.

Somersettop has many years experience in front and behind the curtain in varied entertainment experiences ranging from the mysterious, to the musical, and beyond.

soumise's lifelong passions for movement, education, and helping people are evident in her presentations. A former professional ballet dancer turned world ranked international style ballroom competitor, she has spent her 30+ year career blending the artistry of dance with the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, kinesiology, rehabilitation and exercise. Her Master encourages and supports the integration of her professional interests into the BDSM lifestyle. soumise presents diverse workshops and educational events that engage, inform, and entertain participants of all levels in a variety of subjects. She holds certifications in a wide variety of movement and somatic modalities and will usually think to ask "do you really want to know" before she totally geeks out in her answers to questions in these areas. Her time is divided between working with her clients and students, training instructors and helping her Master, Sir Vice, with Limits Unleashed LLC. She also enjoys turning cocktails into cupcakes for the SSASE NJ munch and making lifestyle friendly clothing and accessories for her Etsy store, ViceDeSoumise1.

Ms. Spencer Holloway has enjoyed many years in service to camellia sinesis, clotted cream and etiquette.  She has hostessed teas and salons for over ten years now and loves nothing better than making the impossible possible.  She is fluent in Regency and Victorian England, medieval women of note, occultism, White Wolf roleplaying games (OWoD preferred), feminism and flirtation.  She is known to lead a merry chase and an even merrier tea party. In her other life, she is a published author.

teababe27 - Geeky demigirl. She/they. Shy, but working on finding myself. Kink and geek stuff has helped immensely. Also watches bad hentai and makes fun of it for fun.

Thista Minai is an educator, author, priestess, ordeal facilitator, and gleeful sadist. She uses her professional background in education to create high quality classes on a wide variety of topics, including sacred sexuality, the ordeal path, catharsis, impact, and needle play. With more than fifteen years of experience in designing and conducting rituals, Thista travels the country championing the value of spirituality and empowerment in kink and BDSM.

UntamedPen - UntamedPen is a teacher and a published author of four novels and dozens of short stories. He is also an amateur painter for 25 years and a kinkster for nearly as long. UntamedPen is a lover of many geekdoms, doge memes, useless information, and terrible jokes. He lives in the NYC area with his pet turtle, Shelvin, a friend for the past 36 years.

Willow is a queer fiber artist, performer and rope bondage instructor residing in Western Massachusetts. Their roots in bondage come from their fascination of rope as a creative, multipurpose medium that can be sexy, painful, healing, playful and/or uplifting to people depending on application. Willow’s personal approach to rope involves colorful ties, creative free-form bondage and rope performances that blur the lines of gender. Her colorful aesthetic and emphasis on body positivity and the need for more diversity in rope translates into their work, which emphasizes and highlights the beauty of all body types in rope. Willow currently runs monthly rope 101 and open-tie classes in Massachusetts at the Rogue Project.

Wintersong Tashlin ( is a presenter, spirit worker, writer, and photographer who has been teaching and running rituals for over a decade. His classes cover a variety of erotic, spiritual and sexual topics, with specialties in playing with male-bodied people, needle play, polyamory, roleplaying, communication, and playing with unusual fetishes; as well as LGBT issues, trans/cis relationships, disability, and both erotic and non-erotic spiritual practices. He is the former assistant producer for Dark Odyssey Events, and a past associate editor of The Bilerico Project, an LGBT politics & culture blog. Winter’s extensive presenting history include kink/BDSM, LGBTQ, and pagan events throughout the northeast, and across the nation. He has also appeared in internet videos, The History Channel, UK5, and the Risk! Podcast.

Wisdom has taught workshops for all ages for 21 years, including at Turtle Hill Events Beltane in 2019, as well as at gatherings as far as Pantheacon in California and the Festival of the Divine Feminine in Hawaii, and as near as Autumn Erotica in Florida and Serpent Stone gatherings in Georgia and Tennessee. As a lifelong geek, she strives to empower others through the intersection of education, fandom, sexual and gender identity, and activism. She created and runs a program called Rainbow Wizards for LGBTQA+ youth where they can explore identity, self-care, anti-oppression, & activism through the lens of the Harry Potter books. She has great personal interest and expertise in open relationship styles, particularly polyamory.  

Wordsmith began blogging for “Life on the Swingset” shortly after entering the lifestyle. He calls his writing “erotic nonfiction,” but his insight on relationships, identity, and single male swinging go far beyond titillation. Wisdom and Wordsmith have had an ongoing love affair of words (among other things) for five years now.  

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