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Allysian Sciences Review 2017

Would You Like To Follow In Laura’s Footsteps? (Yes, you would)


You're a person finding it hard to remember things very well (or planning on being one). So, I think you'll really appreciate this little story.


Let's say it's about a fellow exploring ways to fully functioning again and becoming free of many "aging brain symptoms" enthusiast. Someone a lot like you.


And, let's call her Laura.


Well, maybe Laura has been into attempting to accomplish so much more in a day, without feeling stressed or overwhelmed for years. Let's say... close to a decade.


And she finally decided she wanted to bump her "mind on track" tactics 101 game up a notch and try her hand at the very thing you want:


To finally get your serious brain fog issues under better control.


But, she had one big fear. One big doubt...


She wasn't sure she knew how to appreciate being able to alleviate memory loss symptoms associated with weak focus levels and concentration degeneration. She wasn't sure she knew enough about learning "How To" provide proper cognitive nutrition for your brain.


She worked hard. She read dozens of "classic" exercise, therapy, journaling, staying busy, being around high productivity people (which is all good). She even tried using OTC (Over The Counter) supplements (something I don't recommend, but a popular strategy nonetheless.)


But, experiencing sky-high-levels of confidence, self-esteem and selfrespect was something she wasn't sure she could pull off. Especially

since she recognized, like most folks in our society working at getting ahead in life do, that taking our brain health problems more seriously and actually doing something about it is a different game entirely.


And since she wanted to do well... even enjoy using fewer over-the counter remedies...she decided to do some research and see if there was anything new out there to help her live a healthier, happier life, with incredible short & long-term memory.


Of course, she came across all the typical "brain stacking "human lab experiments experts" information you get on Reddit. All the stuff the average person desperately trying to get more everyday living done, despite heavy brain fog sees and follows.


But, fortunately, Laura was smart enough to keep looking.


Then, out of the blue, she stumbled onto a method of reducing dependency on ineffective over-the-counter crude fish oils and supplements...of appreciating being able to alleviate symptoms associated with miserable brain fog ...


Laura was determined enough to keep working at it.


...even if she had to learn something new things like "how to train" her brain.

She was going to do it.


This really stood out to her. It immediately grabbed her attention.


Because it was a method developed from research of over 35 years of 400 clinical trials, including 20 recent ones performed on 20 already healthy people... and countless "back to the drawing board" moments of refining what worked and what didn't.


She immediately decided this was the plan for her.


So... she followed it for just about 6 months of the programs she's now more clearheaded, can push through her busiest of days with the energy and focus she needs, and her stress level/anxiety have exponentially decreased due to Laura's body's ability to process situations better.


She's a group fitness instructor and personal trainer as well & loves how the efficiency of her nervous system has decreased recovery time, increased her energy and ability to perform any workout months.


And the results astounded her!


What happened for Laura?


Well, within 6 months she had her first breakthrough.


Then, in about 3 months she knew she was on track because she was enjoying being able to accomplish so much more in a day, with out feeling stressed or overwhelmed.


Well, let me just fast-forward and tell you this...


Today, Laura enjoys the benefits of what you are longing for:

A consistent method for improving your ability to not only manage "temporary brain fog" but cut free from it and accomplish so much more in a day, with out feeling stressed or overwhelm.


What was the secret to her success?


What was the plan she followed, you might be wondering?


Click Here To Find Out More About Laura’s 28 Day Mind Hack!


P.S. I'm sure if we could ask Laura how it feels to learn the benefits of a greater harmony at both work and home, discover how important "optimal brain health" is when it comes to you having an abundance of health and apply natural whole food treatments along with "fun brain games"...


I'm sure she'd say it's an incredible feeling of accomplishment and pride.

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