Watering, Watering, Watering- The next thing after planting

First 4-6 weeks- EVERYDAY                        Weeks 6-52 Every three to six days

(small amounts EVERYDAY)                         (take a break once the ground has frozen!)

        Perennials- 2 quarts

        Shrubs- 3 quarts

        Large Shrubs- 6 quarts

        Small Trees- 1 gallon

        Large Trees- 2 gallons

It is best to water your new plants with a watering wand at the end of a hose. Check the flow of your hose by counting how long it takes to fill a one gallon bucket.

Talk with your Project Manager about your soil type, specific plant needs,

hot dry windy periods, irrigation considerations and how rainfall can impact your watering schedule.

Basic Landscape Care


      Summer flowering types- early spring before leaves emerge is easiest

      Evergreens- when new growth emerges and anytime except late season


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