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All Saints Stibbard Nursery and Childcare Centre

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Headteachers: Mrs. Batcock & Miss Tobin


Nursery Newsletter

We hope you are all enjoying the warm weather but with the beautiful sunshine it means we need to keep our children safe from the sun. Please can we ask just a few things so that we can work together on keeping them safe in the sun.

This week we had a visit from a real dental nurse and her pet dino who talked to us all about the importance of brushing our teeth and also the best foods to eat and the ones not to eat every day to keep our teeth healthy.

She showed us a super app and we wanted to share it with you, it’s the Change 4 Life food scanner. When you are out and about shopping etc, you can scan any food or drink with a barcode and it will show you exactly how much sugar salt and fat each item contains.This helps you as parents and carers make the right food choices for your children.

We are encouraging our children to make independant healthy choices during lunch time and with this in mind please can we remind everyone that the children only have half an hour for lunch and are also provided with a healthy snack in the morning and afternoon so they do not need a large amount of food for their lunch at nursery.

Can we please remind you all to cut your child’s grapes lengthways in half and not bring any nuts into nursery.

For our older children this is the last full term they are with us at nursery before they start their new adventures at school. We are holding a parents evening for our school leavers so that you have the opportunity to meet with your child’s key worker and discuss their next steps to help your children be school ready and work with you and child so they have a smooth transition. We expect the school transition process to start between All Saints Primary and the Nursery soon after the may half term.

Parents Evening for those children going to school in September it will be held on the evening of the 5th of June between 5-7, please see your child’s Key Worker to make an appointment time.

We are in the process of arranging a date and time for our leavers celebrations/open afternoon and will confirm this as soon as we can.

You may have noticed a new face in our nursery ,we are delighted that Abbie has chosen to volunteer with us while she is studying she is a welcome addition to our team. Abbie is DBS checked but does not look after the nursery children on her own.

On a final note please can we remind you that if your child is booked in at 9 am but you arrive at 8.45 am for example, we are unable to let them come in earlier without prior arrangement this is because of staffing,ratios and your child’s safety. When you come to collect your children if it is at a busy time or no one comes to answer the door and they are busy in the nursery room. Please ring the office bell and we will always try to come and open the door for you as quickly as possible.

We thank you for your continued support

The Nursery Team