Earlier I wrote about the memetic rewards ot teaching, and it occurs to me that writing carries similar rewards. Why do people write so much when getting published and paid for it is a long short for the most part?


People are programmed to get a rush out of others imitating them. Writing is an amazing vehicle for hyperstimilation in this respect. We like it when people listen to us, react to us in predictable ways, such as doing what we say, laughing or crying at what we say, and so on. The idea that one can write something down, have it copied, and have thousands of people read it, repeat it, or all follow what we say is a gigantic reward.

Summary and Conclusion

Is there residual memetic debt associated with writing? Is that the addictive aspect. I write something, and I anticipate a reward, and the more that I write, the more that I have a suspended reward waiting for me.