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How to setup Sidekick (3 Channels)

1. Create 3 Text Channels on your server.

Clan-feed : for clanmates upgrade troops, get promoted, join/left clan announcement, and more.

War-log : for war log update, open bases, and calling system.

Sidekick : for Sidekick command access.

2. Setup your clan.

Go to text channel #Sidekick.

Usage: /channel <#channel> <#clantag>

Example: /channel #sidekick #Y9LLC99R

3. Setup Clan Feed channel

Go to text channel #Sidekick.

Usage: /channel <#channel> < #clantag> feed

Example: /channel #clan-feed #Y9LLC99R feed

4. Setup War Log channel

Go to text channel #Sidekick.

Usage: /channel <#channel> <#clantag> war

Example: /channel #war-log #280P8GP8 war

5. Link your COC Acc to your Discord

Go to text channel #Sidekick.

Usage: /add YourClashName

Example: /add conquernor

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