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Approved by Governors: September 2018

Review Date: September 2020

Collection of Children

Children are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours unless collected and accompanied by parents or other designated adults over the age of 18. These children should be signed out by the designated adult in the pupil book that is located in reception.

· At the end of the day all children will be accompanied to the classroom entrance by the class teacher.

· Children who are to be collected should be collected from the playground by their parenst or designated adult (over the age of 18)

· All Children who are allowed to go home alone in KS2 must have written permission from parents.

Uncollected Children

· All children are informed not to leave the school grounds at the end of school on their own if they are usually collected. These children must be accompanied by the class teacher to the School Office.

· The class teacher will ask the School Administrator to contact the parents.

· They will then wait in the Reception Area behind the security door until collected.

· If the child has not been collected, and parents/carers cannot be contacted by 5pm the Head teacher should be informed, by 6pm the Head teacher will contact Social Services if no relative can be contacted.

 The School needs to be informed if a different person is going to collect children, or if parents are unavoidably delayed, so that the children can be informed of the change in circumstance.