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Link Building Monthly Campaigns

Subscription term

Ongoing monthly

Handshake Links and the entity signing below ("Subscriber") hereby enter into this Statement of Work ("SOW") pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Master Subscription Agreement found at unless there is a separately negotiated agreement between Subscriber and Handshake Links (the, "MSA").

An Engagement Manager will be assigned to manage your Link Building monthly campaigns. This SOW together with the MSA shall hereinafter be referred to as the "Agreement". Handshake Links and Subscriber are sometimes referred to herein individually as a "Party" and collectively as the "Parties". This SOW shall become effective upon the date last signed by the Parties (the "Effective Date").

  1. Link Building Service

Subscriber is ordering Link Building Services as provided under this SOW (the "Consulting Services"). The following three phases-project will be executed once per month (herein called Campaign or Iteration):

  1. Sponsored Content
  2. Support and Monitor
  3. Project Management

1.1. Sponsored Content

Every month Handshake Links will sponsor at least five blog posts and/or articles built solely with the idea of build awareness and/or backlinks to the Subscriber’s website.

1.2 Support and Monitor

All backlinks published need to be monitored so they don’t get removed or point to the wrong page. The application, or any other chose by Handshake Links, will be used for that purpose. If the Subscriber wants to provide Handshake Links the ability to extend the monitoring possibilities, access to their Google Analytics account will need to be granted.

1.3. Project Management

Handshake Links will provide an Engagement Manager who will be Subscriber's main point of contact throughout the services engagement. The Handshake Links Engagement Manager responsibilities may include:

  1. Assumptions

  1. All reports, link redirects and any other functionality that runs under Handshake’s domains, accounts or servers, including the restricted area of Handshake Links’ website and shared documents and folders, will only be available during the length of this SOW. Subscriber may request a raw copy of all of its data in electronic format up until 30 days after service is cancelled. After data Handshake Links can delete all data at its sole discretion.
  2. Link building service will only be provided in the English language.
  1. Fees and Expense

The Project will be billed on fixed Fee basis for the sum of £###,##### (the "Fees") and no travel, lodging, communications, shipping charges, contractors hired and any out-of-pocket expenses are included in this SOW.

Handshake Links requires the payment of all Fees for the Project prior to delivery of Services pursuant to this SOW. Any changes to this SOW will be rendered in writing and agreed upon by Handshake Links and Subscriber in the form of a Change Order. Subscriber shall pay any additional Fees associated with such Change Order prior to delivery of any Services pursuant to such Change Order. Fees are non-refundable except as expressly stated in the MSA. Payment shall be made in accordance with Section 3 of the MSA.


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