Managers’ Responsibilities – Game Roster Card

(1) Managers are responsible for reviewing and complying with Peninsula Women’s Soccer League (PWSL) Policies, including but not limited to Section “I.  Game Rosters” of the PWSL Policies.  PWSL’s Policies are located under the Policies & Minutes tab of the PWSL website (

(2) Tuesday is the deadline to add players (having players use the season’s registration link) to your team’s Game Roster each week.  Players can still register late (after Tuesday/before game time), but they are only eligible to play as a “borrowed player” for that first week.  This procedure allows for necessary administrative and quality control tasks concerning rosters to be completed.  Pursuant to PWSL’s Borrowing Policy, such a player counts toward the total maximum number of borrowed players your team is allowed.  PWSL’s Policies are located under the Policies & Minutes tab of the PWSL website (  

  1. Please log into your PWSL account to review your team's current roster.  You must email the Registrar to drop players from your roster, but any add-ons should be accomplished by Managers emailing players the current season’s registration link.
  2. Managers should have the current season’s registration link to email to any players joining or re-joining the team roster (having received the registration link from the Registrar prior to the start of the season).  Please email the Registrar if you are unable to locate the correct registration link in your email account.
  3. All fall season players must register using the registration link (even if they are returning players).  However, for the spring and summer seasons, players only need to register or re-register if they were not on your team's roster at the end of the prior season (those players need to use the registration link to register for the current season).  

(3) On or after Thursday of each and every game week, game rosters must be printed.  A team’s failure to print and use the current week’s pre-populated game roster will result in an administrative fine (please refer to the PWSL Policies, including the Fine Table).  Game day rosters are available starting on Thursdays on the PWSL website under the Team Managers tab as well as here.  To ensure the correct (current week’s) game roster is used, Managers should review the pre-populated game information (i.e., Field, Date, and Time) reflected on the game roster.  In addition:

(a) To add your players’ jersey numbers so that they appear on your roster each week (optional): (i) Log on to; (ii) From the horizontal menu bar, select Team Info > Choose a Team > [your division] > [your team name]; (iii) From the vertical left-side menu, click Roster; (iv) On the right side of the page, shown under your team name, select the drop-down menu Options > Assign Jersey Numbers; (v) On the following screen, you have the option to “assign jersey numbers from previous team.” Uncheck this box; (vi) Enter your players' jersey numbers, and click submit; and (vii) You should now see your player roster screen, with jersey numbers included!  (Note: Remember to update jersey numbers if they change.)

(b) Game rosters reflect the data available as of each Tuesday.  Data is manually exported from PWSL’s database into the game rosters Managers print each week.

(4) Eligibility. Managers are responsible for ensuring only players eligible to play during the current League year are listed on their team’s Game Roster.  The League year runs from July 1st through June 30th of the next year.  Options to ensure a player is eligible: 

(a) Log into to verify the player is registered to your team or the Sub List for the current League year;

(b) Ask the player what team they play for. Review that team’s roster for the current week (as of Thursday or later). Do they appear pre-printed on that roster?  Do they meet the PWSL Borrowing Policy requirements based on their division (and age, if applicable)?  If you answered yes to both questions, then GREAT!

(c) Ask the player to forward you the confirmation email she received from the PWSL website confirming registration for the League year (the text of this email states, “Thank you for registering with Peninsula Women's Soccer League for the PWSL Everyone program. This is a confirmation email indicating that [PLAYER’S NAME] has been successfully processed.”).  If the player never received the confirmation email, then she is NOT registered and must try again (or for the first time);

(d) Review the player’s credentials through the SI Play app (you may need to refresh your app).  Any inquiries about this app should be directed to emailing; or

(e) Email or call that player’s team manager to confirm the player is rostered in the current League year.

 (5) New and returning players using the registration link.

(a) No support for cell phone registrations.  Due to the volunteer status of the Board’s members, PWSL does not provide support to players attempting to register by cell phone.

(b) Any player who registers after any Tuesday is considered a “borrowed player.”  Pursuant to PWSL’s Borrowing Policy, such a player counts toward the total maximum number of borrowed players your team is allowed.  PWSL’s Policies are located under the Policies & Minutes tab of the PWSL website (

(c) Adding to existing rosters.  Managers wishing to add players to their team’s roster are responsible for maintaining and forwarding the registration link sent to Managers at the beginning of the season.  That link remains open for teams unless and until the team roster maxes out at 25 players. 

(d) Managers with full rosters may direct new players to the League’s Sub List.  If your team’s roster is full because it reached the 25 player maximum, and you are looking to have a new player play with your team, consider directing that player to register for and pay to be on the League’s Sub List (1. Go to and click on the "Join the League" tab; and 2. Click on Sub Roster and follow the directions).