This is a list of tools and resources that CoSolo community members have personally used and recommended.  Follow up with the member(s) who recommended the tool to check if it will meet your needs - this is important to do because everyone’s needs are different, and you will be able to get a lot of information very quickly by talking to someone who used it.1,2



Tools & Services

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Sales & Marketing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Pipe drive has a pretty cool visual pipeline tool that allows you to move your contacts through the pipeline easily. The tool recommended by David A. Fields

@Jayanth @Tony

Websites to find freelancing work

Top 10 Websites for Projects

CoSolo team curated this list of top 10 freelancing sites to find best freelancing sites per role

@rahul @tony

Website builder


Super easy to use a website builder for basic websites. The monthly plan starts at $20/month.



The world’s most popular website building tool.  It is very powerful, but requires hosting service, and some coding.

@matt S


This is a platform to create the next generation of websites.  Requires a bit of coding


Web hosting (for Wordpress)


Now owned by Endurance - which is a good thing

@matt s

Website competitive analysis


Can find incoming traffic info of competitor websites


Stock Images


Pexels sometimes has more selection than Unsplash and more "businessy" photos, also free.



Thousands of high-quality free stock images that can be used in presentations and other business collateral.


iStock, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, 123RF

Get nice photos for $5~$20 each, which may not be all that expensive if you’re looking for something very specific to convey your message

@matt s

Managing Mailing Lists


A great tool to run email marketing campaigns, ads, landing pages, and automation tools.


Identify prospect tool


Identify companies with investment to know they have money


Finding email addresses


Find email addresses of prospects with just their linkedIn profile info



Find email address format of companies


Profiler of prospects


Learn how to interact with prospects by understanding their personality and ways to communicate to them



Getting published


Sign up for emails with list of publications who are looking for a source for their article.  Get mentioned in the article.


Market Research

Survey Tools

Google Forms

Easy to use the tool. Provided for free. Google forms also integrates with Google sheets automatically, so you don’t have to constantly download data to analyze it

@tony @rahul

Survey Monkey

Versatile online survey tool. However, the free version has a limit of ten questions.  Good to use for client work, and have them pay



Easy to use online survey tool. Typeforms look very slick and modern. However, the free version has a limit of ten questions.


Survey Tools including sourcing data

Poll Fish

Pollfish has a versatile survey tool but also integrates with other survey tools such as Google form and Survey Monkey.  What really separates Pollfish is that they get data straight from the target audience and charge $1.50 ~$4.50 per fully filled answer.  




Malka Khan

Accountant Deepak has been using for many years.  Prefers to work in person (Manhattan/NJ)


Herman Yiu

Accountant ROI has been working for many years.  Great at finding tax breaks.  


Business Banking

Azlo Bank

Azlo bank offers no fee for business banking. It is an online-only bank and offers a free debit card. Free ACH transfers to other banks.

@tony, @rahul

Charles Schwab

Not a business bank, but can be used as such.  100% of ATM fee is reimbursed, and every checking account comes with an investment account which you can use to buy money market funds easily (higher interest than savings).


Credit Card


By Capital One

Not a business credit card, but can be used as such. Get 4% back for meals, no foreign transaction fee, get $500 cash back after spending $3000 in the first 3 months, and the 1st-year annual fee of $95 is free.



Legal document templates


List of various legal documents filed by real companies along with templates. List includes

  • Subcontracting
  • NDA
  • Client agreement
  • ….

Cut and paste these documents and put your company info on it.  


Online legal services


Incorporation service.  Only $49 + other fees that go to the government







General and Professional Liability Coverage

Hartford Small Business Insurance

Very smooth process of buying, updating insurance coverage, very fast in providing a quote. Well recognized by companies.



Virtual Assistant




Coworking Space


Has many locations globally, and if you are a member in one, you can visit other locations and use them. A bit on the pricier side, but has many benefits

@jayanth @emerson


Rents restaurants in NY during weekdays (~8 am to ~6 pm) and provides them as workspace.  Low price (Unlimited per month is $99/month) and free one week trial.


The Yard

Coworking space similar to WeWork. The Yard has locations in Philadelphia, DC, and Boston and prices are slightly cheaper than WeWork for comparable locations.


Training / Coaching


David A Fields: Solo Practice Accelerator

One of the top business coaches in the consulting world. Specializes in helping independent and boutique consultancy. Provides a solo consulting workshop.  A quick summary of the workshop content here, and a more detailed document that has an overview of the workshop materials created by Umbrex community

@deepak @tony @matt s


David A Fields

A weekly blog is sent out with really practical tips on building a consulting business



Weekly ~20 to 30-minute interviews with top independent consultants by Michael Zypersky who runs business coaching service for independent consultants



Weekly ~60 minute interviews with interesting professionals who are redefining what work is. Interviewed by Paul Millard, who also runs Boundless community



Weekly ~30-minute interview with top experts and consultants by Will Bachman, who also runs Umbrex, the community for consultants




Book with practical step by step guide on how to generate leads and sales for any business


Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients

Framework and practical step by step guide on building a sustainable consulting business, written by David A Fields, who runs business coaching service for independent and boutique consultancies

@tony @deepak

Communities / Networking groups

A virtual community for Independent Consultants

Independent Consultants Network

LinkedIn referral network for independent consultants run by Deepak and Michael, independent consultants themselves (also CoSolo members). Also has expert webinars every quarter

@deepak, @tony, @michael f


A slack community of freelancers, consultants, and people who do not want to work in a corporate environment



Combination of weekly newsletter with projects, and other tips and info, mighty-networks virtual community and more for independent consultants


National / Global community for business owners

Consortium Partners

The Consortium is a technology referral group. Each member has been vetted and signs an agreement that covers rules of engagement to join the group. Cost is ~$100 per month


New York community for business owners


Mostly referral networking group that meets in-person once a month as a team of 10~15, and 2 other events per month.  ~$100 per month

@tony, @rahul

Adrian’s Network

Virtual + In-person referral networking group


New York community for tech leaders

Business & Technology of Greater New York

Fireside chat + networking for people in business & technology fields. Meets quarterly in-person.

@deepak, @tony


List of Events to attend/speak at in the US

CoSolo list

List of events CoSolo community member is attending or speaking at

Check the list for details


PDF Scanner


It is a free app and it can quickly do high-quality scans ready that are ready to save or share.


1. The list is continuously curated so tools with most recommendation make the list here.  

2. If you want to add or update the list with new items or want to add your name to recommenders, please share on “Resources” channel on CoSolo’s slack channel

Last updated April 15, 2019