SIRUM is reimagining US healthcare: how access impacts health (outcomes) and wealth (economic mobility)

SIRUM drives the future of healthcare by connecting people with surplus medications. Our goal is to leverage the ~$10B of surplus that goes to waste every year to improve health equity for families who need it most.

We believe everyone deserves the medications they need to stay healthy. We believe in affordable and transparent pricing. We believe in putting families’ health first, not profit.

Founded at Stanford University, we’re a non-profit, for-impact, startup. Our platform supplies $250,000 worth of medications every week. Our network reaches hundreds of medicine donors from half the states in the country.  We’re building a national solution to the drug pricing epidemic.

SIRUM has been featured on The TODAY Show, The New York Times, and Forbes, and has philanthropic investments from Y Combinator, Draper Richard Kaplan Foundation and athenahealth.

SIRUM fellowships are unique, 1-2 year opportunities to join a mission-driven, organization tackling health equity and poverty using tech, novel operations and policy.

Digital Engagement & Development Fellow. Palo Alto, CA or Atlanta, GA.

This is an intense startup role with no typical day. You will gain exposure to every functional part of the organization, including growth, operations, policy, marketing and development, in addition to the industries we intersect with as a health tech + social enterprise, including pharmacies, health facilities like nursing homes, community health centers, free clinics, government, and tech.

Our future teammate will focus their impact on:

Leveraging SIRUM’s online platforms to mobilize our stakeholders. You will serve as a content generator, social media manager, and storyteller for our work, from pharmacists and nurses who package-up donations, to the clinic leads and social workers who make referrals, to telling the stories of patients who utilize our services to get access to medications they need to get and stay healthy. You will produce engaging content for SIRUM and partner websites, generate creative content to relate trends in medication access, and monitor important news and social conversations.

Leading research, evaluation and outreach to new funding partners. We engage philanthropic dollars to support the growth and expansion of our work and earned revenue to offset ongoing operational costs. We seek long-term partnerships with foundations and philanthropic individuals who are committed to scale our impact to millions of lives. You will lead research to evaluate strategic fit, manage outreach and scheduling, and help develop customized proposals and budgets that align our program expansion forecasts with funder impact goals.

Our future teammate will be: