Assignment → make page for curated Open Educational Resources






006 MG

2019-10-21 -( MG) changed page setting of OER page

  • Disabled only Content title and Featured Image → showing now the header, top bar, navigations
  • In BeaverBuilder:
  • deleted the two menu modules on top
  • Title: made colour #637d96 (= background colour of frontpage top section) - Font Roboto thin, 50px, italic

005 Jon

Describe precise section 5 (drop down menus of specific subcategories to category oer

See example

1 → install Sub categories widget

2. Make three widgets row:

Category oer-all // subcategory oer-new // subcategory oer-featured

All pull down

004 Jon

Make section 4: slider with “oer-featured”


003 Jon

Make new section 3: slider showing newest post, category “oer-new”


002 Mi

Text to be drafted

001 Jon

Menu background color → pink



About this page

Text in page

About this page


Structur Section 1

Menue, titel

Structur Section 2


Structur Section 3

Slider newest

Structur Section 4

Slider featured

Structur Section 5

Open categories: all / age ? bio/hearing / language /

! some closed / some open

Text in page

Cope with information overflow and fast outdated content.

E.g.: check the box “follow comments to my post”

Share qualification of content

E.g.: curation of HICEN lectures by the authors

Introduction to LiveBinders


Elink - Save Bookmarks and Create Content - Google Chrome › detail › ancooclifmcdfafbgjmgpmcembfaknka

Elink bookmarks extension for chrome is the best bookmarking tool for saving and organizing visual bookmarks in one central library. When you save a ...


elink – Embed Content – WordPress plugin | › WordPress Plugins

May 2, 2019 - Description. is an all-in-one content generator that provides the ultimate web content generator plugin for WordPress. Create fast ...

Curation - Module 4: Curation

The ability to thoughtfully curate resources has become a crucial skill in the information age. In this module, you will consider how this process can really put students’ higher-order thinking to use, then use Elink to create a curation task with a finished student sample.

und Book reviews

Content curation, the collection and sorting of information

Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest, usually with the intention of adding value[1]. Services or people that implement content curation are called curators.

Open Science case studies


Can openness among researchers benefit science? Read more about the three-month study funded by RIN and NESTA, which examined the motivation for – and advantages of – sharing data, and records of the research process and results.

This project looked at what motivates researchers to work in an open manner with regard to their data, results and protocols, and whether advantages are delivered by working in this way.

What is digital curation?

Digital curation involves maintaining, preserving and adding value to digital research data throughout its lifecycle.

The active management of research data reduces threats to their long-term research value and mitigates the risk of digital obsolescence. Meanwhile, curated data in trusted digital repositories may be shared among the wider UK research community.

As well as reducing duplication of effort in research data creation, curation enhances the long-term value of existing data by making it available for further high quality research.

The digital curation lifecycle

Digital curation and data preservation are ongoing processes, requiring considerable thought and the investment of adequate time and resources. You must be aware of, and undertake, actions to promote curation and preservation throughout the data lifecycle.

The digital curation lifecycle comprises the following steps:


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