Michael O’Hearon

Welcome back Grade 11s & 12s to another year of French. I am excited to continue on our journey into the French language and look forward to learning with you as we progress through the year. This year we will look to push you beyond the normal French expectations and abilities. This document will serve as a guide for the year and includes such information as communication expectations; necessary materials; course details, including marking scheme and units; and classroom expectations. Please keep this with you and use it as a reference throughout the year.


Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions throughout the year. The following are the easiest ways to contact me:

  1. - This site is maintained daily and allows students and parents to see what is going on in and around the classroom. Plus it will have access to notes and other information pertinent to the classroom.
  2. - This is my school email and one that I check regularly. If you have a question or concern please email with your name (student name if a parent sending the email) and concern and I will contact you as soon as possible with a response.
  3. (902) 644-5000 - This is the school phone number and the only number to call to reach me - please don’t call my home number as that is my private time with family. Leave a message with the secretary and I will return your call at my earliest convenience. If you require a call around a specific time, then please let me know and I will do my best to reach you at that time.


The materials needed for this course are simple enough but please make sure that you bring them with you each class.

  1. Binder with a sufficient amount of paper - it does not matter if you place your French materials in with other subjects but please make sure it is with you every class and that it is stocked with enough paper to work with.
  2. Pen(s) and/or Pencils - it is important that you have something to write with every class so please bring the writing tool of your choice.
  3. Charged Device - not every class will entail using a device but it is better to be prepared. Students should make sure that devices are properly stored until such time as they needed in class.


The grades are divided up between the year and the exam. The year’s work will be divided up between written work and oral marks. The classroom work will be work 80% of your final grade while the exam will comprise 20% of your final mark.

Classroom Mark (80%)

50% Oral French - this includes engaging in classroom discussions, oral presentations and other spoken communication that is evaluated throughout the year.

50% Written Work - this includes assignments, projects, and tests that are done throughout the year.

Exam Mark (20%)

January Oral Exam - this will be done in the time prior to the official exam period. It is a one-on-one exam done between teacher and student.

June Oral Exam - this will be done in the time prior to the official exam period. It is a one-on-one exam done between teacher and student.


Due dates for assignments will be posted on all assignments and in the classroom, room 307. If work is not passed in on the due date, the student must speak to the teacher immediately. If this is not done, the assignment will automatically be given a zero. You are expected to write any missed tests or quizzes the next school day back.


Extra help hours will be posted in the classroom and students are encouraged to see me if they need additional assistance with work.

NOTE: Parents are encouraged to track their student progress in this course by accessing the Parent Portal section on the Powerschool website: 


This year we will cover a variety of topics and subjects of study with the intent to provide multiple avenues to demonstrate your understanding of the language and to expand our understanding of how to use that language in a variety of settings. Our units of study will also help us better understand French culture.

  1. LANGUE INTENSIVE: We will look at beginning the year with a deeper dive into the French language. Focusing on understanding the language and using it in a very realistic fashion. Students will be expected to use the language being used in regular conversations had throughout the class.
  2. LE MONDE FRANÇAIS: We will look at nations where French is the primary language. We will look at their culture, their traditions, and how French came to be in those nations. We will look at how French influences us as Canadians and how it will inform us in the future.
  3. LES FILMS: We will look at culture through cinema and movies. We will look at debate in discussing the pros and cons of different films, both short and long. Students will be assigned different movies to watch and enjoy.
  4. L'ÉTUDE LITTÉRAIRE: We will be studying one/two novels this year, which will involve students focusing on their reading skills, understanding the language and responding to questions about the reading. This will be an ongoing unit of study, overlapping with other studies throughout the year.

Throughout the year it is possible that we will study smaller units of study. These will be based on need and interest but will support student learning and progress throughout the year.


We are together for the next ten months so I have some expectations to help us get along and be successful in coexisting in the classroom. A lot of these skills are connected to the Class Dojo application that we will be using in class so learn them, live them and love them.

  1. Be Punctual: One skill in life is being on time and it is one that we need to practice. Students are expected to be in class within one minute of the bell ringing with the exception of second period where students will have two minutes to be on time.
  2. Be Prepared: Being ready to go when you get here is also important. Students are expected to come to class prepared to work with the right attitude and the right materials to work.
  3. Be Respectful: Everyone has the right to learn and to be comfortable doing so. Students are to respect others, teachers, and students, by speaking to them politely, leaving their personal belongings alone, and giving them space where needed.
  4. Be Responsible: This is your time to shine and you need to be responsible when in the classroom. This means that when you miss time you need to come in and get caught up. Information can be found on the website and if not students can see the teacher for the information/work that was missed.
  5. Be Comfortable: Learning is easier without distractions. Students are permitted to bring a small snack to class. This does not include cereal from the breakfast program; sandwiches or wraps; soups or other similar food items; and salads.
  6. Be Attentive: Some of the greatest lessons in life are missed when we aren’t paying attention. Come to class ready to learn and push away the distractions, including technology. Technology will be stored at the beginning of class and used as needed in the classroom.