Technology Donation Policy

Often, School City of Mishawaka receives requests from individuals to accept donations of technology, including computers, monitors, tablets, etc.  While we appreciate the intent of these donations, acceptance of donated equipment obligates the District to be able to repair and/or maintain it.  Over the past several years, our District has worked extremely hard to standardize district technology.  Acceptance of non-standard, donated equipment substantially diminishes our ability to provide timely, effective service.  These guidelines establish basic technical specifications that donors can review to determine if hardware will benefit our students.

Acceptable Equipment Requirements

For the 2016-2017 school year (and subsequent years pending minimum specifications as defined by the Technology Department), items for donation must meet the minimum requirements listed below.

For your Convenience

School City of Mishawaka can facilitate purchasing and make use of non-for profit status sales tax exemption and educational discounts. Please consult the pricing and specification list of compatible hardware with our standardized district technology plan.  

Pricing and Specification List

Donation Procedure

  1. Please fill out and submit the SCM Donation Form to the Executive Secretary to the Superintendent
  2. All technology donations will be evaluated by the Technology Dept.
  1. Evaluation Process:
  1. If purchasing new, please review above hardware specifications or please provide proposed specifications to Technology at prior to purchase. If donating slightly used equipment, submit product specs to same.
  2. Upon review and initial approval, please deliver equipment to Technology office
  3. Items will be evaluated based upon standardized district technology and good working condition.
  4. Recommendation to the School Board
  5. Upon acceptance, setup and/or Deployment to the designated classroom/school

  1. Thank you for your generosity and giving spirit to support the students of School City of Mishawaka.