Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer Program

Recreational Soccer Parent’s Handbook 2018 – 2019 Season

           Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer        2018-2019 Season  

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Decatur-DeKalb YMCA (DDY) Soccer Program. We are committed to creating an environment where kids can grow, develop, and have fun. The YMCA emphasis is on fun and learning the sport of soccer. As a parent, you can help make our YMCA Soccer program a special and successful experience. Volunteer coaches are always needed as well as team parents and field maintenance help. You can help your team with communication and organization by offering to volunteer to help your child’s team or help the soccer department. If you want to be involved in your team’s successful season, please inform your coach or the Community Sports Director.

We’re excited about the upcoming season and hope that you and your children enjoy this experience!  Please let us know if you have any special concerns, questions, or suggestions.

Thank you for participating in the DDY soccer program, we look forward to a fantastic season!


Kathleen J. Meyer-Frisbey

Kathleen Meyer-Frisbey Community Sports Director Decatur-DeKalb YMCA

Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer 2018-2019 Season

Contact List:

YMCA address:        1100 Clairemont Ave.

Decatur, GA 30030

Tel: #404-377-9622

Fax: #404-377-4604

DDY Soccer Website:

Recreational Soccer Director        Kathy Meyer-Frisbey


Academy/Select Soccer Director        Paul Wiesboeck


Soccer Staff        Meka Christian


Director of Coaching        Serkan Orsan

(Academy & Select)


Pre-Academy Director        Doug Kennedy


Referee Assignor        John Herrmann


Decatur-DeKalb YMCA

Soccer 2018-2019 Season


Sport = important socio-cultural learning environment

Benefits = health, confidence, self-image, better grades, more likely to graduate, less likely to experience an unintended pregnancy, etc.

Sport is Value Neutral: coaches/parents bring our values to sport and transmit them to children

  1. Sport must be fun. Fun = Enjoyment

We enjoy success…we don't enjoy striking out three times in a row…skill is very important to the realization of fun

  1. Winning & Losing: Must keep competition in perspective… educating your child is key…

  1. Skill is a function of repetition…trial and error…and a key to having fun

  1. Key: Help your child find a sport that is just right for him or her. Over 100 out there…

  1. You can and should coach your child…

*It's not hard to be better than a 6 year old

*Not hard to teach


  1. Lead by example…as a spectator…cheerleader…

  1. Deliver value messages over and over again…they will sink in

  1. There are many ways you can encourage your child to participate in sport without forcing it

  1. Get involved in their sport experience…

  1. Selecting coaches/teachers for your child may be the most important thing you do

Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer Club

Recreational Soccer

Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Timeline:

December 15         Early Registration: Players will receive $15 off when you register early either on-line or in

person at the YMCA registration desk in before Jan. 15th.

January 15            Regular Registration for all players either on-line or in person at the YMCA registration desk.

February 17        Late Registration: Players will have to pay a $15 late fee when you register after February 10. Late registration begins for U7 & above age groups – registration will be taken until teams are full. Special requests are not guaranteed at this time.

February 13         Parent’s Orientation – U10, U12, U14 & U16 age groups, 7:00pm at the YMCA McKoy room. Meeting is for parents whose players are new to the DDY soccer program.

February 17            Meeting for ALL U10, U12, U14 & U16 Coaches, 3:00pm at the YMCA Conference room.

February 21-22         Team rosters for U10, U12, U14 and U16 released to parents via PlayerSpace. If you do not receive an email from PlayerSpace by the following Monday, please call the Soccer office at #404-371-3316 for help.

February 24          Meeting for ALL U7 & U8 Coaches (Saturday and Sunday), 3:00 pm at the YMCA conference room.

February 24          Meeting for ALL U5 & U6 Coaches (Saturday & Sunday), 4:30 pm at the YMCA conference room.

February 25        Practice starts this week for U10 & above age groups (days & times determined by coach).

February 26        Parent’s Orientation - U7 and U8 age groups (Saturday and Sunday), 7:00pm at the YMCA McKoy room. 

February 27          Team rosters for U7 Boys, U8 Boys & U8 Girls via PlayerSpace. If you do not receive an email from PlayerSpace by the following Monday, please call the Soccer office at #404-371-3316 for help.

February 27         Parent’s Orientation – U5 and U6 age groups (Saturday and Sunday), 7:00pm at the YMCA McKoy room.

February 28-        Team rosters for U5 & U6 released via PlayerSpace. If you do not receive an email

March 1             from PlayerSpace by the following Monday, please call the Soccer office at #404-371-3316 for help.

March 2         Game schedules posted for U10 & U12 age groups at:

March 4        Practice starts this week for U5, U6, U7 Boys, and U8 Boys & Girls Saturday age groups. (Days & times determined by coach)

March 6        Sunday Soccer U5, U6, & U8 team rosters released via PlayerSpace.  If you do not receive an email from PlayerSpace by the following Friday, please call the Soccer office at #404-371-3316 for help.

March 7 & 12         Parents Orientation – U3 & U4 age groups (Saturday and Sunday), 7:00pm at the YMCA multi-purpose room.  **Need to attend one only**

March 9        First game of the season for U10, U12, U14 & U16 recreational players.

Spring 2019 Timeline Continued:

March 9        Game schedules posted for U7 & U8 Sat. age group via team webpages at PlayerSpace

March 10        Practices begins for U5, U6, and U8 Coed Sunday League.

March 10         Meeting for ALL U3 & U4 Saturday & Sunday Coaches, 1:00 pm for returning coaches, 2:30 pm for New coaches at YMCA Conference room.

March 10        Game schedules posted for U5 & U6 Sat. age groups via team webpages at PlayerSpace

March 12         Game scheduled posted for U5, U6, U8 Coed Sunday league via team webpages at PlayerSpace

March 14-15        Team rosters for U3 & U4 Saturday & Sunday released via PlayerSpace. If you do not receive an email from PlayerSpace by the following Monday, please call the Soccer office at #404-371-3316 for help.

March 16 & 17         Game schedules posted for U4 Saturday & Sunday via team webpages at PlayerSpace

March 16         First game of the season for Saturday league U5, U6, U7 Boys, and U8 Boys & Girls.

March 17        First game of the season for Sunday Soccer U5, U6, & U8 Coed age groups.

March 17          Coach’s Clinic for U3 & U4 age groups, 1:30 pm at DeKalb School of the Arts.

March 22        Premier Skills Clinic starts, ages 6 – 12 years, 6:00 – 7:15 pm at Boys & Girls Club. This is an extra program for DDYSC Rec Players who want to work on improving skills. Program coached by Academy Coaches.

March 23 & 24        First game of the season for U3 & U4 Saturday & Sunday leagues.  

March 30- April 6        Spring break – No practices or games will be held during this time unless make-up games are needed.

April 14                Registration starts for Summer Soccer.

April 13         Picture Day for U5 & U6 age groups and U8 boys & girls. Schedule to be determined. 

April 14        Picture Day for U6 & above Sunday league Age groups.  Schedule to be determined.

April 21        Easter Sunday – No practice or games will be held on this day.

April 27         Picture Day for U7 boys and all U3 & U4 age groups.  Schedule to be determined.

April 28         Picture Day for Sunday U5, U4 & U3 age groups.  Schedule to be determined.

May 11 & 12                 Conclusion of Spring Soccer season (may vary by age group)

May 15 -June 30         Early registration starts for Fall Soccer 2019. (Save $15.00 by registering early!)

May 18 & 19                 Rain date for rescheduled games due to inclement weather.

May 28-31        Academy/Select try-outs for Boys and Girls age groups 9U – 13U. Time and location to be determined.  Please visit our website at:

June 4-7         Select try-outs for Boys and Girls age groups 14U and Up.  Time and location to be determined.  Please visit our website at:

July 1                        Regular registration starts for Fall Soccer 2019.  


On-line registration is now offered for all Decatur-DeKalb YMCA soccer programs. In person registration at the Y will also be available at the membership desk. For on-line registration go to This is an on-line registration system through the Metro Atlanta YMCA. An early registration period will be offered and during that time participants will save $15.00 off the program cost for registering early. Regular registration will follow and will continue to be offered until all spaces are filled. Once an age group is filled then it will be closed and a waitlist will be provided. Players on the waitlist will be contacted to come in and register if a spot opens up on a team roster or if another team is formed.

Players are allowed to request to be placed with a specific coach or teammate on the registration form. All requests will try to be honored, if possible. Registration and requests are taken on a first come, first serve basis. During late registration, requests will not be honored. If requests for a certain coach are more than the allowed number of players per team, then returning players will be given first preference then any additional spots will be given to players based on when they registered.

The YMCA policy is to promote fun and friendship during youth sports. This is why we try to grant all wishes from players to be with a friend or on a certain coach’s team. This philosophy can sometimes accidentally cause one team to dominate over others in ability. Please be aware that this might happen and that the YMCA does not intentionally try to make this happen. Otherwise, all teams are randomly grouped together.

Refund Policy:

100% refund will be given to those that request if requested before rosters are sent out. (This will vary by age group) After rosters are sent out only a partial refund will be given to those that request one. Once games start, no refunds will be given.


Practice days and times are selected by coaches for their convenience. All coaches are volunteers and give of their time to help coach for the YMCA. Coaches select practices from set days and times, and locations. If a player can not attend practice at a certain time or on a certain day, they may request to be placed on a team that does not practice then so a conflict does not arise. Requests will try to be honored, if possible.

It is important that your child attends practices regularly. Practice is where your child will learn the skills to help them succeed in soccer and to be prepared for a game situation. If they don’t attend practice on a regular basis then they will not learn the proper skills needed and could cause them confusion during a game situation. If your child is out sick or unable to attend practice, please notify your coach in advance so they can prepare accordingly.


Games will be played on Saturdays and/or Sundays (for certain age groups) at various venues throughout the Decatur area.  Each age group for U8 and below will have a specific field that all games will be played at for the season. For U10 and U12 age groups, home games will be played at Pattillo field & Indian Creek Elementary School, and then away games will be at other local clubs in the Atlanta area.

For U14 and U16 age groups, home games will be played at Wade Walker Soccer field or Avondale Dunair and away games will be at other local clubs affiliated with Georgia Soccer. Game schedules will be provided for each age group at the beginning of the season. Changes to the game schedule will only be made if absolutely necessary. All game schedules will be posted to the YMCA website, as well as field directions.

Games Continued:

YMCA policy provides for all players to play at least 50% of each game regardless of ability. Certain circumstances might arise that will cause a child to not play their required time, i.e. injury, illness, etc. Please talk with your coach if you have any questions or a concern about your child’s playing time. Also it is important that your child attends practices regularly, so they are prepared for a game situation. If a child is absent from practices for long periods this rule will not apply due to safety reasons.

The YMCA Recreational Soccer Program does not keep track of win-loss records or individual game scores. We ask that coaches and parents do not focus on the score but on the individual progress of each player. At the YMCA everyone is a winner!


All players, U5 and above, must purchase the DDY recreation uniform. The recreation uniform will include a home and away jersey, navy/orange short, navy & orange socks, and a knapsack. The price will be $35.00 for the entire uniform. Once you purchase a uniform you do not need to purchase one again unless your child out grows the uniform.

The uniform can be purchased directly through the vendor. It is currently available for sale either online or at their store. If you purchase your uniform online you will have the option to pick it up at the store or have it shipped to your house for a small fee. You will have the option to exchange any item for a different size at the store if you purchase it online. The store is located across the street from the DeKalb Farmer’s Market:

Krown Sports 278 Laredo Drive

Decatur, GA 30030

Phone number: 404-377-8181

Store hours: Mon. – Fri.  10:00 am – 6:00 pm, & Sat. 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

U3 & U4 Saturdays and Sundays will be issued a colored jersey and matching socks. Coaches will be given matching jerseys. Jerseys and socks are included in the program cost for the U3 & U4 Saturday and Sunday programs.


All players will be required to have a soccer ball, shin guards, and a water bottle to participate in the program. Soccer cleats are optional. Please remember to bring all equipment to all practices and games.

Mandatory – Shin Guards, worn on the inside of socks, water bottle, and soccer ball. Recommended – Soccer cleats (tennis shoes may be worn), sunscreen, and bug spray.

Ball sizes –

U8 and below – size 3 ball U10 and U12 – size 4 ball U14 and above – size 5 ball

Please do not allow your children to wear any jewelry, watches, or earrings during practice or games. This is for the safety of all the players. Please mark all equipment with the player’s name so equipment doesn’t get lost

End of Season Awards:

Awards/trophies will not be issued to teams by the YMCA. If a parent or team would like to purchase trophies the YMCA will give vendor information out with a special trophy and medal of the season. The expense of the trophies/awards will be the parent’s responsibility.

Individual and Team Photographs:

The YMCA will offer individual and team photographs during the season. The Y does this as a service to the parents, players and coaches. Photos will be available for all U8 and below age groups. Photo days and times will be posted on the game schedule and emails will be sent to parents and coaches

The Y receives a donation from the photography company for its “Why it Matters” campaign each season. The campaign is the scholarship fund that allows all to participate in the youth soccer program.

Why It Matters:  (YMCA Scholarship program)

The YMCA actively seeks to identify and involve individuals and families in need. The YMCA Scholarship program is designed to help those in need and to give them a chance to participate in activities that they otherwise could not afford. The YMCA raises money during our yearly “Why It Matters” campaign to fund the scholarship program. If you would like to donate towards the scholarship program, please see Kathy Meyer-Frisbey, Community Sports Director. All monies donated to the YMCA are tax deductible.

Inclement Weather:

In the case of inclement weather the Soccer Director will make all decisions if fields will be open for play.  The following guidelines will be used:

  1. On Soccer Website – (box on upper right hand corner)
  2. Register for Field Status text alerts via the website

Thunder and Lightning Policy:

If thunder and/or lightening is detected or heard during practices or games, play will be suspended for 20 minutes. All players and spectators must leave the field during this time. Players may only return to the field for play if the thunder and/or lightening has past and can not be seen or heard.

Please do not drop off children to practice and then leave the premises when weather is questionable. If practice needs to be ended due to the weather the parent needs to be available to pick up their child.

Remember, coaches are volunteers, not paid staff.  Their time is just as valuable as ours.

                                    Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer 2018-2019 Season

Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer

Parents and Player Code of Conduct Agreement

The following Code of Conduct Agreement outlines a philosophy that is paramount to the game of soccer. Soccer is a sport which belongs to the players. While soccer games are exciting for parents and spectators, parent and spectator excitement and enthusiasm must be both positive and controlled.

Uncontrolled or abusive parental behavior is not accepted at the Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer (DDY).


When your child registers to play for a DDY Soccer team, program fees for the upcoming season (Fall or Spring) are due at the time of registration. Your child cannot participate in any practices or a game until your balance due is paid off.

All DDY Soccer team members are required to purchase and wear the designated DDY uniform.

DDY is willing and is looking for players to help them financially in order for them to participate in our soccer program. DDY will not turn anyone away according to their financial situation.

Your Player

The Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer attempts to provide the best coaching and training available for your player. Keep this in mind when encouraging your player and their teammates during a game. DDY wants and needs your enthusiasm and support for our teams, but only in a constructive manner. A parent’s duty is to encourage; not to coach or to criticize. Sideline coaching will not be tolerated.


Continuous yelling is distracting for both teams and at times can reveal the parents lack of understanding of the game. Enthusiasm, in short bursts of encouragement, is welcome and needed. Profane or abusive language will not be tolerated. Always show respect to the players and spectators of the opposing team.

Alcohol, tobacco products, illegal drugs, pets, and firearms are not permitted at any DDY organized soccer events (practices, games, meetings…etc.).

Always remember you are responsible for the conduct of all visitors you bring to any game or other organized soccer event.

The Referee

Never use foul or abusive language toward any of the referees; center or linesmen. The coach and team captain(s) are in control of the game. Each referee is just as different as the field the game is played on. Most young referees are fellow DDY players, so be patient and supportive of them, as your child may soon be in there position.  Remember: A parent has never overruled a referee and never will.

Anyone who violates this Code of Conduct Agreement is subject to immediate dismissal from a game and disciplinary action will be taken from the Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer Staff.

The Player

It is recommended that each player attend all practices and games. Should it be necessary to miss a practice or a game for illness or personal reasons, the player is responsible for informing their coach as soon as possible.

Players are expected to arrive at practices on-time and ready to take the field, shin guards and soccer shoes on. Leave all non-soccer discussion at the sideline.

Ethical behavior and respect for your opponent, the referees, spectators and all coaches is required of all DDY Soccer players.

Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer 2018-2019 Season

Soccer Field policies:

Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer program is an Alcohol and Tobacco free program. These products may not be used on any YMCA soccer fields including practice fields. If a parent has alcohol on a practice

field, it is the coach’s responsibility to ask them to leave the field. If a parent needs to smoke then they must go to the parking lot to do so.

Here are the following basic rules for all DDY Soccer Fields:

  1. No Alcohol or Tobacco allowed.
  2. No dogs or pets are allowed on the fields.
  3. Not all fields have access to restrooms. Please have your child use the bathroom before coming to practices.
  4. Some fields will have portable toilets provided by the YMCA. Please clean up after using them for the next person.
  5. Please clean up any trash or materials after games and practices, including water bottles, wrappers from snacks, coffee cups, etc.
  6. During games if your child becomes injured please contact the field supervisor for Band-Aids, ice packs, and hand sanitizer.
  7. Please contact the YMCA soccer office if you lose or leave anything on the soccer fields. Staff will pick up all belongings left on the field.

Please note the following special rules for specific fields: Columbia Seminary College Soccer field:

Emory Grove Field:

Samuel L. Jones Boys & Girls Club

United Methodist Children’s Home soccer field:

Soccer Field policies continued:

Winnona Park Elementary School field:

DeKalb School of the Arts:

Avondale Dunair Soccer Complex:

*Parents – Please be remindful that all soccer fields that DDY SC uses are fields owned by others. Please be good stewards of the YMCA and treat all fields with kindness and respect so we may continue to use the fields in the future.

**Please be advised that additional field sites or policies may be added during the season.

Decatur-DeKalb YMCA Soccer 2018-2019 Season

Directions to Fields from Decatur-DeKalb YMCA:

Avondale Dunaire Soccer Complex

690 George Luther Drive Decatur, GA 30032

  From YMCA, turn right onto Clairemont Avenue

  Travel 0.2 miles to intersection of Clairemont Avenue and Scott Boulevard

  Turn left onto Scott Boulevard/US-78 E

  Travel 2.2 miles

  Take a slight right onto US-78 E/Stone Mountain Freeway

  Travel 1.0 mile

  Take exit 2 toward Augusta/Macon; merge onto I-285

  Travel 1.7 miles

  Take exit 41 GA-10 E/Memorial Drive

  Turn left onto GA-10 E/Memorial Drive

  Travel 0.2 miles

  Turn right onto George Luther Drive

  Avondale Dunaire soccer fields will be 0.4 miles on the left.

Columbia Seminary College

701 Columbia Dr.

Decatur, GA 30030

 From the YMCA turn right onto Clairemont Ave. and go about 1 mile to the intersection of Clairemont & Commerce Dr.

  Turn left onto Commerce Dr.

 Continue on Commerce about 1 mile and you will go under the train track overpass and through a traffic light (intersection of College & Commerce).

 After passing through the light you will now be on South Columbia Dr. (Which was formerly Commerce). Continue about half a mile and you will see Columbia Seminary on the right.

 Take a right onto Inman road. Parking is located on the street and in the library parking lot. The soccer field is located behind the college – Big field is currently open.

Deepdene Park Soccer Field

Located at the corner of Ponce de Leon and Ridgecrest

  From the Decatur-DeKalb YMCA turn right onto Clairemont Ave.

  At the first intersection (Clairemont & Scott Blvd.) turn right onto Scott Blvd.

 Continue on Scott for approximately one mile to a mile and ½ and you pass under a stone train archway. About ¼ miles past the archway you will see the lone soccer field on your right. The park is located at the corner Ponce de Leon & Ridgecrest

DeKalb School of the Arts (Old Avondale High School)

1192  Claredon  Ave Avondale Estates, GA. 30032

  From YMCA, turn right onto Clairemont Avenue

  Travel 0.9 miles to Commerce Drive

DeKalb School of the Arts Continued:

  Turn left onto Commerce Drive

  Travel 0.9 miles, cross over East College. *Commerce Drive changes into South Columbia Drive.

  Continue onto South Columbia

  Travel 1.4 miles to Clarendon Avenue

  Turn left onto Clarendon Avenue

  DeKalb School of the Arts will be on the right. Park in the parking lot next to the school.

 Walk right across the front of the school on Clarendon Avenue towards the intersection of Clarendon Avenue and Berkley Road.

  Use crosswalk to cross Clarendon Avenue to the old practice baseball field.

Emory Grove Field

1887 Edinburgh Terrace NE Atlanta, GA 30307

  From the YMCA, turn left onto Clairemont Ave and head north.

  Turn Left onto N. Decatur Road

  Go 0.1 miles and turn slight right at Westminster Way NE

 The path to the soccer field is located to the right of the house at 1803 Westminster Way. (Opposite Emory Presbyterian Church)

 Take the path between the two fences and walk towards the back of the houses. You will see a tennis court and then the field is next to it.

  The field is interior to the homes on the block of Westminster Way and Edinburgh Terrace.

  Parking is available at Druid Hills High School.

Mason Mill Park

1340 – B McConnell Drive Decatur, GA 30033

  From the Decatur DeKalb YMCA turn left onto Clairemont Ave.

  Continue following Clairemont Ave. towards North Druid Hills Rd.

  Turn right onto McConnell Drive, then take a right at the cross road.  (Library is on the left)

 Follow the road down the hill and around a left hand corner. Fields are located behind Center and to the left of the tennis courts.

Samuel L. Jones Boys & Girls Club

450 Eastlake Dr.

Decatur, GA 30030

  From the YMCA take a right onto Clairemont Ave.

  At the first light turn right onto Scott Blvd. and proceed approx. one mile.

 After Scott Blvd. merges with Ponce De Leon Ave. go about ½ mile and take a left onto East Lake Rd., which turns into East Lake Dr.

 Go about 1 mile, you will pass Ridgecrest Dr., then proceed under the Marta railroad tracks, and go through the intersection of East Lake Dr. and Park Place. After passing Park Place the Boys & Girls Club will be on your left.

Wade Walker Park

5585 Rockbridge Rd,

Stone Mountain, GA 30088

  Take 78 towards Stone Mountain

  Take the Mountain Industrial Blvd./Tucker Exit

  At the top of the ramp, turn right onto Mountain Industrial Blvd.

  Follow Mountain Industrial Blvd. – it will turn into Hairston Road.

  Keep following Hairston Rd. until the intersection of Rockbridge & Hairston.

  Take a left onto Rockbridge.

 Wade Walker Park is on your right approximately 1 mile. (New YMCA is at the entrance to the Park)  Turn into the park and proceed to the first stop sign.  Take a right.

 Follow road all the way back until you see soccer fields on your left and a play ground on your right. Turn into the parking lot on the left before reaching the playground. Go up stairs to reach the soccer fields.

Winnona Park Elementary School

510 Avery Street

Decatur, GA 30030

 From the Decatur-DeKalb YMCA turn right onto Clairemont Ave. and go about 1 mile to the intersection of Clairemont & Commerce.

  Turn left onto Commerce Dr.

 Continue on Commerce about 1 mile and you will go under the railroad underpass and come to a traffic light. (Intersection of College & Commerce).

  Turn right onto E. College Ave. and go approximately .1 mile.

  Turn left onto Avery Street.

  Follow Avery St. approximately half a mile and the school will be on the left.

  Field is located behind the school.